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A Spammers Revenge

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A Spammers Revenge
Creator Kingbowser99
Debut October 30, 2010
Genre Epic
Latest Issue Season 2, Issue 19
Rating Teen: Contains strong language and bloody Violence.

Status: It does seem like this comic is cancelled, but I promise you all that I will complete this comic someday. Someday. For now, this comic is on indefinite hiatus.

A Spammers Revenge is an Epic comic starring Willy on Wheels, Ultima Bahamut, Scarecrow von Steuben and Neptune99, costarring Fuzzipede27 and Mario Fan 123. It is planned to have 4 seasons, each with 10 comics (OMIGODOMIGOD). This comic will follow the events of Endgame.

The Comic will be updated every Saturday or Sunday, and may be updated throughout the week days if KB has the time. During the Christmas holidays, however, KB will try and constantly update the comic, hopefully uploading a whole season.


Two years after the events of Endgame, and the wiki has once again assigned Neptune99 and Scarecrow von Steuben back to the Bowserpedia Guild. Meanwhile, Mario Fan 123 and Fuzzipede27 are both on the hunt for Jakebastille. Jakebastille escapes their grasp, and they head off.

Ultima Bahamut is now retired, living on a small port by himself. Palkia47 is seen sleeping on the ground, and is revealed to be homeless. He asks to stay with Ultima, who responds with no, in the rudest possible way. Palkia is then confronted by Tabuu at the subway station.

The trolls, including Jakebastille are seen in the abandoned Plumber's Plumbing. They soon reveal their master is the infamous Willy on Wheels.

The Bowserpedia Guild is very peaceful, until it is attacked by the trolls. Neptune orders the Shroob Army to attack the trolls, only for a spacial distortion to occur, blowing them all away. Soon, Neptune and his team begin to panic.

MarioGuy1 is seen to have a team of his own, as he was since crowned the ruler of Userpedia. However, he was extremely corrupted, and SpineyMaster347, RFM and UltraMario set out to help the attacked groups.

Neptune and his group are saved by Ultima Bahamut, Master Lucario and New Super Mario. ML transports the group away, landing in the Frozen Farc. Meanwhile, Willy on Wheels launches an attack on New Wikisberg, with MF123 and Fuzzi in the middle of the battle. Mario Fan and Fuzzi manage to take out most of the trolls, while UltraMario, SpineyMaster and RFM arrive in New Wikisberg to help MF123 and Fuzzipede. They are cornered and captured by the newly corrupted Palkia47 and Tabuu.


Season 1 "Un-Natural Selection"

Season 2 "Spaceman"

Season 3 "The Flood"

Coming soon

Season 4 "You Know My Name"

Coming soon


Main Heroes

No more

  1. Ultima Bahamut - Main hero
  2. Kingbowser99
  3. Scarecrow von Steuben
  4. Fuzzipede27
  5. Mario Fan 123

Minor Heroes

No more

  1. Blue Koop
  2. Guestface
  3. SpinyMaster347
  4. Smasher 101
  5. UltraMario3000
  6. ChanServ
  7. GalacticPetey
  8. Paula
  9. RedFire Mario (Per request on chat)
  10. Master Lucario
  11. Scorpion999
  12. Mason
  13. Anton

Main Villains

No more

  1. Willy on Wheels - Main Villain
  2. Jakebastille
  3. Munchlax
  5. Tabuuownsall132x2 Villain with tragic past, if you would be so kind.
  6. New Super Mario Can I be possessed my Willy on Wheels maybe?
  7. Red Barchetta
  8. MrConcreteDonkey
  9. Marioguy1
  10. Gamefreak75
  11. Emperor Yoshi

Minor Villains

No more

  1. Mr bones
  2. Jaime
  3. Dcampbell2
  4. BronzeRayquaza Don't put me in with the trolls, for I would prefer to be a rogue-ish Dark User/Anti-Hero


Please put your name down

  1. Ridleybowser
  2. RAP
  3. Cobold
  4. Coin Collector
  5. SonicMario (I'm using the Improvised Boat scene with SM's permission)
  6. DyegoHalliwell IceMario12
  7. Edofenrir
  8. 2257
  9. Jorge
  10. SLNO
  11. SKmarioman
  12. N
  13. Uniju
  14. Brock
  15. Toadbert101
  16. MCSoulja
  17. PyroGuy6
  18. Spaceman
  19. Goomba's Shoe15
  20. Zero777
  21. CatJedi
  22. The captain of the Moonbreaker Sillogisim




  • It was originally meant to be released in August 2010, however, Neptune99's computer broke down, so he could not update the comic.
  • One of the characters, Guestface, is a reference to the Road to Endgame comic Other endings, New beginnings. Popple calls the Hangman guest Guestface.
  • Episode 3 is a homage to User Soup.
  • Episode 4 is also a homage to User Soup.
  • In Episode 7, Marioguy1 mentions the name of Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia.
  • In Episode 7, UltraMario has a flashback of Coincollector's stand up comedy, similar to that of Family Guy.
  • Episode 8 obviously relates to 1 Wiki Millenia.
  • In Episode 9, Mario Fan 123 says "Lol, I AM WIKI" after seeing the Userpedia Logo blown up. This is a reference to the canceled Scribblewiki comic "I AM WIKI", by Scarecrow von Steuben.
  • Episode 9 was the first time KB has done 3D type effects, such as landscaping certain objects like Scarecrow's statue.
  • The code in Episode 10 is Merry Christmas. If one moves the letters up once in the alphabet, it will show Merry Christmas.
  • The character "Spaceman" will not look anything like the character in the Promotional poster. For example, the Spaceman appearing in the comic will have four feet instead of two.
  • In episode 11, Jaime takes the moniker of Roberto Wolff, one of SLNO's users.
  • Episode 12's title "I need to see the Commander in Cheif" comes from a line in Elbow's song "Leaders of the free World", which Neptune considers is the best song in the world.
  • Episode 12 has a direct reference to an episode of User Soup, where SM uses Count Bonsula as an "Improvised boat". This is shown in Jakebastille's flashback.
  • Episode 13, the first official appearence of the Spaceman, shows Neptune, Blue Koop and Scarecrow all crying, while Ultima is left gawking at the monstrosity, and Master Lucario is plotting a way out.
  • In Episode 13, that is not the full length of the song. Neptune had originally hoped to have the Spaceman do the whole song, but had to cut it short after it took up too much of his time.
  • The title of Episode 14, "They have a chopper!" is a reference to Lord of the Rings, where Boromir states "They have a Cave Troll!"
  • The torpedo the Chopper uses in Episode 14 is a torpedo from the Scribblenauts series
  • In Episode 15, the monster in the distance is Wendel's Mother, to tie in with Road to Endgame
  • Episode 16 is a tribute to Suit the F**k Up, being only four panels in length. This also makes this issue the smallest issue Neptune has ever created. This, however, was shown to be a bad idea, as this issue got a poor rating from critics.
  • The name of Episode 17 is the name of a song by Elbow, named Some Riot. Also, the song at the end is indeed Some Riot, and the issue finishes off with a Rubick's Cube, which is on the cover of The Seldom Seen Kid, the album that Some Riot appeared on.
  • In Episode 17, Marioguy1 rushes in to the room saying "I'm treating you all to Graveyards and Icecreams!" Obviously, a Graveyard is a drink created especially for Userpedia, and this issue references it. This also happened in 1 Wiki Millenia in the last issue, where Neptune and Scarecrow decide to go and get Graveyards.
  • Episode 18 shows an obvious change in Neptune's sprites. He was hoping to be able to casually change the sprites without anyone seeing, but this failed, as various users in chat noticed this straight away.
  • Episode 19 is Neptunes longest issue ever, and despite being so long, it has the second to least amount of words (The first being Issue 16)
  • Episode 19 is true to it's title, as Stumpers does actually make a cameo. Neptune chooses strange names for his issue to put a small bit of comedy into it.