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Baby Mario Bloops

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Baby Mario Bloops
BMB pic.png
Member of: Chronologically
  • Super Mario Wiki1
  • MarioWiki Forums2
  • Userpedia3
Rank 1-Point List
  • 1: Regular User
  • 2: Mafia Hosts Guild Ambassador/Local Mod, Star Spirit
  • 3: Regular User
Species Human
Join date 3-Point List
  • 1: May 23, 2009
  • 2: August 14, 2009
  • 3: December 3, 2009
Gender Male
Allies Him, Her...So on and so forth...
Likes Music, chat, Homestuck, video games, Userpedian creations.
Dislikes Critics, flaming, vandalizing, users working for the wrong goal.
Specialty/Most Active Mario RPG Games.
Aliases Main: BMB, Bloops
Forum: Nostalgic Major, Serenade Major, Elegy Major, Major Bloops, Elegy of Emptiness, grimAuxiliatrix, The Moon, Fi, Xerneas, CryoAwakening, Ulrich, Not BMB, Henry
Age 19
Personal information Real Life Info
  • Real name: Timmy
  • Date of Birth: 9/12/1995

Baby Mario Bloops is an active user on the Super Mario Wiki who joined in late May of 2009.

MarioWiki History

Before joining the wiki

Although his account was made in 2009, Baby Mario Bloops has been a guest for quite a long time. He first stumbled upon the site in 2007 while he was looking up Super Paper Mario information, but he rarely did go to that site. Though, in early 2008, he checked the site delay, through google search for Mario Super Sluggers. Once the game came out though, he began to wonder to the other parts of the wiki. As soon as fall came, with news of a new Mario & Luigi game, BMB became addicted to it. Though, little information was flowing in, so he kept his distance for most of the next few months. Then, in january, when he checked back in the site, he was amazed about all the details he'd missed. He spent the next few months reading information about the game through the wiki, as well as reading other stuff as well.

He finally made his account later than he actually though he made it. He sometimes forget things that happened before he became a user, such as the mario calendar that used to be on the Main Page, or the first screenshots of Mario & Luigi RPG 3, which was the title then.

As a user

BMB joined in late May after some time on the wiki. Baby Mario Bloops was not very active in the first month of his yet most of it were his user page edits. Then he started to slow down a bit on the user page edits, and talked to more fellow users on the MarioWiki. Finally by late August he became to lose focus on his page, and started working on the MarioWiki. Over time, though, he became less active with users, and became more involved with the Wiki. By late December he was more involved with his projects aiding the MarioWiki than talking to users unless it was asking questions or asking for help. This continued on until February, where he stopped editing talk pages to try to get his main edits over his User talk edits. It didn't take long, and now he has well over 150 edits landsliding his User talk edits. Now, in mid-July, he has changed his ways and is now trying to re-connect with users and start working out a better balance.

MarioWiki Forums

On August 14th, 2009, BMB had joined the MarioWiki Forums, mostly for 'Shroom-related reasons. For the rest of 2009 to mid-2010, he only used it to sent Personal Messages to Ralphfan that had to do with the Fake News. His occupation on forum threads didn't start until he was urged to make a thread about his story.

Ever since the start of his first thread, he spent much of 2010 dealing with the Fan creations. The other threads were left unseen by him, until he accidently clicked on Forum games, which led him to begin a daily routine of posting in it. His main attention really shifted to the Forum games when Ralphfan invited him to take part in a mafia game.

In August 2011, BMB has been pre-occupied with the 6th Anniversary of the MarioWiki. Being on the Awards Committee and preparing things as well as hosting the first Brawl tournament that the wiki has ever had for their anniversary has really kept him on his toes. It went off with a few hitches, but still was successful.

He also has spent a share of his time in the General Discussion boards, as well as some of the other boards. He has changed his name quite often, usually dealing with music or a character. One of his favorite alaises has been Fi, a major character in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Xerneas, an upcoming character in the latest installment of Pokémon, has also been one of his more prominent nicknames.


BMB was quite addicted to mafia games once they started to blossom. Soon, as it split into a child board - he almost completely ditched the forum games and spent most of his time with Mafia Games. He was not a very big target in many of them, and he is a member of the innocent party, though he has been mafia quite a few times. He really hasn't done much to really prove as competitive, though it has been rising as he partake in more and more games. The only games that he has really proved to be a very powerful competitior was TTYD Mafia and Homestuck Mafia.

However, sometimes his competitive side has caused some commotion with other players. In some games, he lost sense of purpose of having fun and starting making it too competitive. Due to this, he damaged some feelings, and has since backed-down on his strategic part of him.

After playing in a few, he even started his own mafia games. His first game, lasting up to Night 6, was a big success, as other mafias at that time ended early on around Day 4. Do to this, he had confidence to start his next mafia game some time after his first game had ended, which was another success, ending on Day 8 this time. Immediately after, he jumped right into his third game, since he didn't want to miss out on hosting a Mario & Luigi based mafia game. That game wasn't as updated as the others as he personal dilemma's kept him off the computer for much of that period. It was still a long game, ending around Day 9. His fourth game was the longest mafia game on Mario Wiki Forums history, lasting to Night 18. For his fifth mafia, he co-hosted with Smasher, which went smoothly, even with some bumps in there. BMB decided to do another game co-hosted, but this time with New Super Mario. Both of them are able to host their 10th mafia, so they decided it would be a great idea to do it together. As he hosts mafia games, his main desire is to introduce new features that have never been used for, with Hidden Abilities and phase rotations being among some of them, as well as many roles no one else has brought to the forums.

Lately, he has been apart of the Mafia Hosts Guild. His sole motive to help the Mafia community by encouraging players to be proactive with mafia games, not be afraid to try something new, and just be optimistic with new players. He dismissed himself from the Mafia Host Guild in April of 2012, but was re-accepted back into the Guild February of 2013. In January of 2014, he was elected as Mafia Host Guild Ambassador, becoming the local mod for the Mafia board.

Mafia Games:

  • Mafia Rituals
  • Musical Mafia
  • Partner's in Time Mafia
  • Majora's Mafia
  • Awesome Mafia
  • Skyward Sword Mafia
  • Mafia, The
  • Nostalgia Mafia
  • Homestuck Mafia Disc 2: Alpha Version
  • Mafia 10.0
  • Stamina Mafia
  • BMB Mafia


Baby Mario Bloops wrote a story from 2010-2013 on Userpedia under the title: "Venture of the Wiki". In May of 2014, the story was officially cancelled. In August of 2014, the story was removed from Userpedia by BMB's consent.


The Legendary Heroes

BMB appears in PyroGuy6's The Legendary Heroes as a main hero.

During the attack on New Wikisburg, he and BabyLuigiOnFire flee to the Dark Mountains, only to find trolls have already occupied it. They hide in a tree until BabyLuigiOnFire falls, and is sent to the Whoa Zone. BMB panics, and quickly escapes to a nearby cave. Unfortunately, the trolls find him, and almost kill him, until New Super Mario and PyroGuy6 save him. BMB joins as the first legendary hero found and tells the two about BabyLuigiOnFire's disappearance. The three quickly head to 2257 and he warps himself and the group to the Whoa Zone. They find both Smoke and BabyLuigiOnFire. Smoke flees, and BabyLuigiOnFire joins the party.

In Chapter 5, Pyro, BMB, and BabyLuigiOnFire hike up a mountain in Wikisboro to find Krizzy. They are stopped by nearly impenetrable trees and are almost killed by Smoke, but Smasher leaps in and delays it. But a giant hole in the sky known as the Void appears in the sky and starts to consume everything. Smoke flees, and the blockage of trees de-root and fly off into the Void, allowing them to continue. BMB and the others rush to Krizzy`s cottage`, but before Krizzy can join them, the Void consumes the entire Wiki World.

BMB wakes up to find himself in a strange, dark building. He meets MCSoulja, but shortly after they are both captured by trolls. They are then put in a room with spiked walls closing in on them. Right about then, Porplemontage, Pyro, New Super Mario, Smasher, and BabyLuigiOnFire crash through the ceiling. They escape by crashing through the floor, and find Krizzy, making the Void close.

They soon find UltraMario3000 in Gloam Valley, and he offers to get them to Bowserpedia in his plane. They accept, but are soon shot down by Willy on Wheels and end up in the Tile Pool. The group then take a mysterious pipe back to the Whoa Zone and find another pipe there leading to the sewers of Bowserpedia. After swimming through sewer water, they find Neptune99 and Stuffwelll, who give them a clue on the next legendary hero.

The Three Mushketeers

Baby Mario Bloops made a minor appearance in TTM, during the events of Chapter 10. His tongue was the first thing to appear, eating the bloopers. As a result, Baby Mario Bloops became a blooper. He appeared the next issue as well, where Smasher was taking him to the hospital. His case of turning into a blooper was a reference to Violet turning into a blueberry from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo

Baby Mario Bloops makes a small cameo in Episode 5 of The Tonight Show.


FunkyK38 is Baby Mario Bloops best friend, every since late summer of 2009. Constantly they will message each other via talk pages, topics about band, summer, and sometimes dealing with the Mario Wiki. Yet, during their "focused" time, they had a bumpy time of friendship. But against the odds, the bond remains, and it was picked up through Yahoo Chat. Talking for hours, they will chat until one of them leaves or a fight breaking out. Even with the rough spots, their friendship stays in tact, as well as leading them to become even closer. Once a chance they would meet emerged, they made a deal to meet each other, which made her the first user he has met ever. They chat through Yahoo still, as well as have their fun moments where they both roll their eyes at each other. They also hate when they don't talk for awhile, and have much to talk about whenever they don't talk. She and him have played Brawl together, along with Gamefreak and Fawfulfury, where they would all usually win a couple battles each. Lately, she visits chat and they quickly catch up before they exit.

The status of Gamefreak and Baby Mario Bloops is a strong friendship. Although not as strong of friends as he is with FunkyK38 and Booman, they are great friends. They rarely talk on the wiki, yet their conversations have exploded on the forums and chat, both the MarioWiki and Yahoo chat. On the Forums, BMB has been very competitive with Gamefreak, mainly in Mafia games. Since they are usually on opposite sides, he understands that Gamefreak is amazing at mafia games, which would mean that taking him out will hinder the other team. When they are on the same side, they usually don't interfere with each other. Gamefreak and him have spoken on chat quite a lot, which lead BMB to start reading Homestuck. They have also battled each other on Brawl and Pokemon, with both of them usually resulting in Gamefreak winning. Though he has had some moments of glamour in Brawl, winning a few against him. Gamefreak is much like a best friend to BMB, as they do, as he knows him over many other users.

The relationship between Baby Mario Bloops and Fawfulfury65 is a very strong relationship, much like with Gamefreak and himself. Baby Mario Bloops shortly talked to her on the MarioWiki, yet it was only for help or for other matter. Yet it sparked when he needed aid with his Bisenemy project. That was the turning point as they had began there tight friendship with each other. Ever since her promotions though, he has find their relationship still in tact, but distanced. To this day, they sometimes communicate through Forums, as well as them making inside jokes for fun.

New Super Mario and BMB became good friends through the forums. Having many of the same interests and likes in video games, they became to know each other very well. Both being in the Mafia Host Guild, User Big Brother hosts, and in the Award Committee, they often discuss things to improve each other games. Whenever one of them makes a mistake, they usually try to stay optimistic, no matter what the outcome is. They have also shown to be rather competitive with each other, always trying to see who is better than the other, whether it be in their forum games, a contest they are doing, or any other shenanigans that happens to appear.

Lily and Baby Mario Bloops are one of the closest friends there could be on the forums. Rarely do they like to fight against each other in Mafias, and they constantly chat and encourage one another at whatever they are doing. As shown in a few forum games, they would sacrifice a win in order to help the other, and have shown to be very social users outside of the forums. Most of time, they like to talk about random things, but it usually ends up to him encouraging her to do something. Their relationship nowadays could not be even stronger, though it is often covered up with a lot of silly personal messages that they send, or BMB flooding her message box with a lot of PMs a day.

Nabber's relationship with Baby Mario Bloops has been quite the story. At first, Baby Mario Bloops had disliked Nabber a lot, finding him to be too critical and stubborn. After a lot of time together, they soon became really good friends, and are now one of the closest friends to BMB. However, in mafia games, they often argue over their conflicting playing styles, and often attack each other for it. Surprisingly, it does not affect their relationship, as they usually just leave any mafia drama in the games.

In recent months, Baby Mario Bloops has made a strong relationship with Reversinator. They mostly communicated in forum games and mafia games, where he realizd how proactive and involved Reversinator is. Reversinator has made it a habit to constantly PM BMB whenever he is hosting, due to the fact that he usually has a lot of behind-the-scene work when he plays in his mafia games. Without Reversinator, BMB's Mafia games probably would not be this active or entertaining, and is very gratiful to have Reversinator as a player in his games. Baby Mario Bloops also takes his friendship with Reversinator outside of the forum games and usually talk via private messaging about random questions or concerns.

Rocker has had a lot of background with Baby Mario Bloops. They often mock each other randomly, whether it be playing in games together, or just talking to each other through the private messaging system. For quite the time, Baby Mario Bloops would use Rocker as a gag for his mafia games, since Rocker would be the most rebellious in his games.

Albeit they haven't talked as much for many months, FireEevee and BMB soon became close friends on the forums and chat. They like to share fan-art of Homestuck together, and usually enjoy working together in Mafias and User Big Brother. Usually they talk for hours, or usually spam each other's private message box on the forums with lots of discussion. For a time FireEevee hated Baby Mario Bloops, but much like other things, it was only for a short time. They are great friends nowadays, and will badger each other with random stuff.


Baby Mario Bloops




<BMB> MG1, you hit the milestone; You have 2010 post on the Forums.
<MGAway> :3 , :(
<BMB> What?
<MGAway> I can't post anywhere to tell people about this, Without my count being raised to 2011
<BMB> Just send everyone private messages. :D

Baby Mario Bloops and MarioGuy1, chat

<BMB> I am not living in the computer, so.....
<NSM> I am, and i can't get out. :banghead: Uhhh!!!!!!!! Break the stupid door!
<BMB> Use your :ninja: skills NSM.
<NSM> Yay I broke it! I'm free...... Uhh another wall!
<UltraMario> XD

BMB, NSM, and UltraMario, chat

<MrConcreteDonkey>: The truth is, I'm BMB
<BMB>: I'm Smasher_101
<Smasher_101>: I'm secretly Smiley
<MrConcreteDonkey>: What about MrConcreteDonkey
<MrConcreteDonkey>: I wonder who the hell that weirdo is
<CountBonsula>: I am secretly MrConcreteDonkey

BMB, MCD, Mr Bones and Smasher, chat

<BMB>: `bottle who has the worse grammar
GameServ spins the bottle for BMB and it lands on...
<GameServ>: BMB!
<BMB>: `bottle who has the worst grammar again
GameServ spins the bottle for BMB and it lands on...
<GameServ>: BMB!
<BMB>: Now it's just being mean.

BMB using GameServ, chat

<br=clear all>

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