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BananaYoshi is BaseballYoshi24's long lost cousin. The name BananaYoshi was first used by Superchao in a Mafia game's QuickTopic, and soon spread to other users, starting with MrConcreteDonkey. He used to be just another name for BaseballYoshi, until he made his first appearance in New Super Mario's New Sherlock Mario Series in Book 1. His physical appearance is a Yellow Yoshi with a baseball cap. The baseball cap has a picture of a banana on it.


Cousins of BananaYoshi

More Cousins Coming Soon!!!!!


LemonYoshi is a funky Soccer player. He plays Goalie for his local team New Wikisburg Cougars.


AppleYoshi is a Fat stay at home Video Gamer. His Favorite Game is Yoshi's Island


BlueBerryYoshi is a tiny Tennis player for his local team New Wikisburg Cougars.


OrangeYoshi is a stupid, 2 teeth yoshi. He's dark orange, and thinks he's like the real orange yoshi.


BlackBerryYoshi is a black color that's an all star basketball point guard for New Wikisburg Cougars.

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