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Beanbean Userart.PNG
Rank Retired User
Species Human
Location Leet Town
Join date February 12, 2007
Gender Male
Allies Xzelion, Plumber, Sadaharu, Argus, Shroobario, Crocodile Dippy, Paper Jorge, Hypnotoad, Toadbert101, Snack, Super-Yoshi, Uniju, RedFire Mario, DarkHero Sonic the Dark, Paula, and Tristan
Relatives Plumber, Argus, Super-Yoshi, Bottle Wizzerd, Wendel, Wendel's Mother, Moe, Larry, 'Bob.
Likes Cheese, Video Games, House of Cards, Homestuck, Monty Python, Pixar films.
Dislikes Eneru.
Moves *Jump - Jumps on a enemy's head doing 2 HP damage.
  • Bean Storm - Makes beans fly all over the place doing 11HP damage to all.
  • Bean Brain - Waves his hat at the enemy showing how much HP the enemy has left.
  • Bean Beam - Forms a Green Beam at the Enemy doing 11HP Damage. Also Poisoning them for 3 turns
  • Bean Boom - Makes a Sonic Boom
Theme(s) This
Aliases Bean, Auto, Autostralianchristmas

I'm starting to become like Max2. Crap.


Beanbean (usually referred to as Bean) is Plumber's younger brother and a chatroom regular.


Beanbean in his youth.

As a kid, Bean was afflicted Bean Fever when he ate a hippo that had consumed his brother, Wendel. Luckily, he was cured, but his skin became permanently green as a side-effect.

Beanbean joined the wiki on Febuary 12, 2007 after his older brother Plumber urged him so. Originally, he was almost blocked by Paper Jorge and Knife for thinking he was a sockpuppet of Plumber. Bean originally had green Mario sprites, due to the fact that he didn't want to use Peach sprites. At the time, Bean identified as a girl, but users were confused as to what Bean's gender was.

On April 8, 2007, Plumber accidentally revealed Bean was a girl on the forum when he used a female pronoun (e.g.: She is...) instead of what he usually said (Beanbean is...). Most users thought that this was a late April Fool's joke, or a typo, until Beanbean confirmed it. After this, Master Crash found sprites of Peach in a plumber's outfit, so Plumber got Bean to recolor his sprites to make it green.

Beanbean rarely edited when he was active, and usually received help from Plumber when coding. He is mostly well-known because he frequently visited the chatroom.


Super Mario Wiki Adventures

In Super Mario Wiki Adventures, Beanbean appears in the comic "Steve's Special Day" as one of the users celebrating Steve's birthday. In the comic "Internet Surfing", he is one of the users who are trapped (along with 3Dejong, Zach121, Purple Yoshi and 3D's Dad) in the Arrow Bros. house by Steve, who is trying to find the Arrow Bros. In "3D's Deed...ees" he cameos as one of the users partying in 3D's House.

Star Wiki RPG

Bean is a playable ally in Star Wiki RPG. He first met Starbel at Purple Yoshi's House. Starbel and the gang were asked by Purple Yoshi to train there.

The Lost Adventures

In this comic, Beanbean is first seen in Issue #2. He was asked by Wayoshi to take Great Gonzo to the medical bay. When a blob spam accosted Wayoshi, he turned evil and attacked Beanbean. In the aftermath, PLDS took care of him. In the destruction of Sysop Tower during Issue #3, Bean and PLDS are sent flying, landing in a place called Moorwood Village.

When Sysops Attack!

Bean first appears in Issue #2, wherein Master Crash decides to round up a group of users (Bean, 3Dejong,1337Yoshi, Smiddle,Lil'Boo and Dry Bones) to save Toadbert101 (Who was banished to Hailfire Peaks by a strange-acting Xzelion).The group boards Master Crash's aircraft, the Super Speeder, and they set a course for Hailfire Peaks. Somehow, Xzelion manages to get on board and destroys the Super Speeder. Luckily, Bean and the others survive, and many panels later, the party ends up in Smash Bros. Kingdom. Smash Bros Kingdom then fell from the sky, which Steve saved as well as New Wikisburg, which it would've crushed had he taken no action. Once on land again, Bean hasn't been seen again.

Wiki's End

Beanbean makes various minor appearances in Chapter 3 of Wiki's End. He is one of the few users in Porplemontage's search party, but after Steve's death, Beanbean forms his own search party with Master Crash, Geno14 and Cobold. They all travel to the MC Factory Warehouse, looking for users who were left behind but have no luck. Later, the search party goes to 1337 Town where all the other search parties reunite under Phoenix Rider's leadership. Everyone travels to Troll Castle, but Dimenchio comes and warps the party to Rogueport. After Dimenchio agrees to be good, Beanbean as well as the rest of the users, travel to Userpedia.

When Mastermind Troll turns Userpedia into the Lost World, Bean is lost and captured by Wayoshi. Wayoshi then attempts to get Bean to marry him. Paper Jorge arrives and tries to save him, but the trolls capture him in the process. Soon after, Peachycakes arrives, inadvertently creating a diversion that allows Jorge and Bean escape. However, while escaping, they fall off a cliff. Bean loses his memory for a short period of time and both fall under the impression that they are stuck in a library (a homage to "The Library" sketch written by Jason Steele). A while later, Shroobario comes along and makes them both come back to normal.

A Mariowiki Valentines Day Party

Beanbean appears in A Mariowiki Valentines Day Party, in which Wendel's Mother attacks him at the titular event. Bean refuses to help Wendel's Mother, and in a fit of rage, he impales his daughter with several spears. Wendel's Mother immediately regrets this, and discovers that Bean's soul has vanished and cannot be resurrected.
Later on, Bean is revealed to be alive, trapped in a constant cycle of reincarnation.

User Soup

Bean appears on SonicMario's User Soup as the 2nd guest in Season 1. After he discovers that Jorge cheated on him, he comes angry and eventually throws a grenade at him near the end of the episode.

Friday Night Live / The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo

The series takes place during a time Bean identified as a girl, and Crocodile Dippy (as Pokemon DP/Black Hole Sun) identified as a guy. Bean makes his series debut in Episode 2 of Friday Night Live as a nurse helping Jorge. Upon meeting Bean, Jorge develops a crush on him but is crushed in Episode 3 upon learning he has a boyfriend (Pokemon DP). The end of Episode 3 shows Jorge interrupting a date between DP and Bean. In Episode 4, Pokemon DP and Bean break up, after DP's name/sprite change to Black Hole Sun.

Episode 5 has Jorge pursuing his crush on Bean by asking him out on a date, which he hesitantly agrees to, and the date goes poorly. Episode 7 features Jorge attempting to interview Bean, while flirting with him and asking for a hug. Bean rejects Jorge's advances and leaves the set. Finally, Bean begins to return the affection by Episode 8, and Bean takes Jorge out for lunch to console him for his sysop demotion. Before the two kiss, Jorge is trapped inside a box by Porplemontage.

Bean is missing for the entirety of The Tonight Show except for a brief mention in Episode 9. In a conversation between DarkHero Sonic the Dark and Jorge, it is briefly revealed or rather, hints at what happened between the three year span of Friday Night Live and The Tonight Show. Bean and Jorge got married, and "adopted" RedFire Mario, Shroobario, DarkHero Sonic, Palkia47 and Mario5x (a reference to Jorge and the Family). The two then divorced, and DHS briefly mentions to Jorge that he is still upset over the divorce and still wants child support money.

Personality and Appearance

Beanbean's personality is random and fun-loving, like her brother Plumber, but to a more mild extent. During his preteen years, when he identified as a girl, he was a tomboy and major otaku, for a time attempting to learn Japanese. A few male users have had a virtual "crush" on her at some point, such as Crocodile Dippy and Paper Jorge. Unlike most brothers, Plumber has stated that he doesn't care about this because "he's probably never gonna meet them in person anyways" and dismisses the "crushes" as "a mistaken interpretation of platonic friendship."

Beanbean's current look is of a Princess Peach-esque human who has green skin. He wears white gloves and shoes, a black vest, a pink shirt and hat, and red pants. However, he used to have an old look where he was a green-skinned Mario with a black hat and vest, red pants, dark red sleeves and white shoes. Originally the Mario look was unshaven; later, the mustache was removed.



Bean and Plumber have always been very close, since they share similar interests and were never brought up to be competitive with one another. Plumber has a very protective instinct over his little sister, defending her against trolls and other malicious users. Due to the fact that Plumber is in college now, the two are only able to communicate online and hardly ever see each other in real life. Nonetheless, they continue to exchange humorous images, quotes, and words surrounding their current situations. On occasion, they have long-winded conversations over social networks, wherein other friends join in the fun.


Bean and Xzelion hit it off after his joining of the wiki back in March of 2007. They often had humorous exchanges in the chatroom, but once he was promoted to sysop, the pressure of his job showed in their mutual frustrations with each other. Luckily, this impasse ended, and, when Xzelion is online, the two engage in delightful conversations so as to catch up with each others' personal lives.


Many times have Bean and Uniju argued senselessly over small issues, but the two still are able to remain friendly with one another, even exchanging a joke or two on occasion. Because they both watched Naruto actively back when Uniju joined, they talked about it often before both lost interest in the manga. Once Uni introduced Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni to Bean, he became obsessed with it and harangued him with questions about the story and characters. When he began a campaign that called for the placement of Simon the Driller into Super Smash Bros. 4, he attempted to learn about this Simon child, but never realized he was from a very good anime.

Crocodile Dippy

Dippy and Bean met during the early chatroom years. After a few months of talking with each other at odd hours due to their 17-hour time difference, Bean developed a "crush" on Dippy that was originally unrequited, but then reciprocated about a week later after a memo was sent to Bean from him. This put a damper on his friendship with Jorge, who had taken a liking to her as well. Because he felt bad for Jorge, he tried to be as friendly as possible with him, successfully remaining friends through thick and thin. Occasionally, when a Shroom holiday/special issue is soon to be released, Dippy will ask Bean to write a piece for it, but most of the time he would end up flaking out instead at the last minute. Despite this, the two still talk and play games together on Steam, continuing their friendship of nearly six years. Once they were introduced to the comedic troupe, Monty Python, the two continuously quoted sketches on and off the chatroom, especially the "Deja Vu" piece, whose Youtube video had Portuguese subtitles (i.e. "ES LA MENTE).

Paper Jorge

Jorge and Bean seemed to start off on the wrong foot, when he was under the impression that he was a sockpuppet and nearly blocked his and his brother's IP address. Luckily, he refrained from doing so, and the two started up a cordial relationship. In April 2008, Bean confessed to DP in a private chat that he had romantic feelings for him. This came as bad news to Jorge, who allegedly had feelings for Bean as well. Later, after this debacle, he and Bean pursued a romantically-based relationship that lasted until Jorge entered high school, when he began to meet other girls who attended his place of education. This left him and Bean to remain friends. On Twitter, they would often have humorous yet short conversations about videogames and life, discussing recent happenings.


Helloooooooo....I got beamed by a giant ball of oil . . . I'm as slippery as an eel . . . la la la...

Bean, Chat


Bean, Chat

It's a my page, the Beanbean page, and YOU are on it, YAY!!! Ok,



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