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Blade Bro.

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Blade Bro. (also known as Heartphilia and Osaka) is a Sysop on Fantendo. He originally joined Fantendo in 2008 as Mariothemovie. Later that year, he joined MarioWiki, with his avatar being a Hammer Bro. with a sword, followed by many different changes of his avatar's appearance.

He was regarded as a "noob" by most of the wiki, as he was extremely unexperienced. He made poorly written Sprite Comics that usually did not make much sense. After the "ScribbleWiki incident", Blade Bro. became extremely inactive to a point of leaving.

About two years later, Blade Bro. returned to Fantendo, and created quite good quality works. Eventually, after becoming widely respected by the community of the wiki, he became a Sysop. About a month later, he got a change of his username to "Heartphilia".

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