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Bloc Partier

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Bloc Partier
Bloc Partier.png
Rank Mario Wiki Patroller
Species Magikoopa
Join date November 27, 2007
Gender Male
Aliases BP, Bloc, Partier, IS, InfectedShroom, Infecto

In fact, a Shroom.


Bloc Partier (previously known as Magibones, Infected, The Shroom, InfectedShroom, or just IS) is an undead Magikoopa, who looks like a Dry Bones dressed in Magikoopa clothes. He wears a tan-colored robe/hat and is a former Sysop at the MarioWiki. His ego is quite large.


Bloc Partier was once a very complex species named the Nsider. He enjoyed his home, the Nintendo Nsider Forums for quite a while. But then an evil entity known as NOA_ANDY decided to trick everyone to going out of the beautiful forums and then closed the gates behind them, locking everyone out. He then proceeded to laugh at the homeless Nsiders, until they finally went away. While most Nsiders devolved and became Nsider2's, some decided to go to better places. Bloc Partier toughed out the days until he finally found a city... The beautiful MarioWiki! Since then, he has stayed there. And he was tempted by the evil reincarnation of NOA_ANDY, NOA_TECH_JANE, to go to the "new" Nsider, the dreaded techforums, where losers spammed and idiots ruled. But he stayed at the Wiki.

He did make friends at the Nsider Forums, though, such as Fly Guy 2. They are both good friends, but Bloc Partier still considers Fly Guy a trouble-maker, even though he is really funny most of the time. He also found another old Nsider who had not devolved: Paper Jorge. They also became friends. Another good friend of his, Glitchman, did not go to the Nsider Forums. He met Glitchman by getting angry at him, but now they are good friends.

Bloc Partier is a big fan of Pikmin and really loves Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Kart Wii. He also has an unnatural obsession with the band Radiohead. He will often quote Radiohead, and will always say they are awesome. He also likes the band Muse, much like Time Q. He made a cameo appearance in Wiki's End.


  • He appears in the first issue of History of a Wiki, a short-lived comic series that has been presumed to be canceled.
  • He has a cameo in The Glitches in Life, in the second issue. He takes Glitchman on a tour of Princess Toadstool's Castle (as it appears in SMRPG). As he is giving him the tour, he doesn't notice that all the treasure was stolen and the Chancellor was tied up, but when they go into his room, he notices that his flower vase is missing. This comic was made back when Bloc Partier was called InfectedShroom.
  • He, alongside Glitchman, makes a minor cameo in Master Wikians, in the Chapter, A Frosty Foe. He can be seen in The 'Shroom HQ as MarioBros777 walks in, attempting to kill a bug after Glitchman pointed it out. His only line was "KILL IT!".

Sig Wars

Lately, Bloc Partier and Stooben Rooben have been having an ongoing dispute over who has the biggest signature. So far, Stooben has made a 30-line signature and BP has made a 21-line signature. They are not really fighting, as it is a friendly argument.

RapidRocker on His Sockpuppets, Who Took Over Recentchanges

Bloc Partier helped in the taking-down of Murzon's plan to spam Userpedia. Bloc Partier was a spy at Clear Discoherency's (previously RapidRocker) new Userpedia, where he was known as RapidRocker on His Sockpuppets, Who Took Over Recentchanges (sometimes shortened to RRoHSWTOR). Murzon took a liking to the fake troll, and told him many plans. Bloc Partier warned Userpedia, and Murzon was blocked before he could do any damage. To this day, Murzon is simply disappointed that Bloc Partier was a spy, and does not hate him.



  • Bloc Partier is actually a clone of another user: Infecto. He was much stronger than Infecto, however, and Bloc Partier reduced Infecto to a pathetic redirect page.
  • Bloc Partier is one of the few users who almost never appear on Whosonline.
  • Once, BlueYoshter tried to eat Bloc Partier but then she spit him back out. BlueYoshter has said that Bloc tastes great, and tastes like chocolate.

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