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Blooper Shroom

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Blooper Shroom
BlooperShroom Artwork.PNG
A light blue mushroom with eyes and tentacles that resemble a Blooper. It has a very repulsive taste.
First Appearance The Three Mushketeers - #40.
Latest Appearance Same as above.

Effect on the User

Gives the user the ability to breathe underwater until resurfacing.


A Blooper Shroom is a light blue Mushroom with the appearance of a Blooper. It can give whoever eats it the ability to breathe underwater but the effects typically to wear off once the consumer resurfaces to dry land.

BlooperShroom Sprites.PNG
Blooper Shroom sprites in three styles. No
permission required and no credit required
for Mason. Credit GoombaX for the M&L
styled one which uses his sprite as a base.

Blooper Shrooms are often found in seaside shops and usually cost around 60 coins. They are known to cause mild heart attacks to a staggeringly low 2% of the population. Strangely, these heart attacks are almost never fatal.

If the creature attempting to eat the Blooper Shroom is a living fireball (such as a Podoboo, Lava Bubble or Ember) the Blooper Shroom will surround the creature with an impenetrable air bubble. This however, does not make the consumer impervious to attacks.