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Bodacious Legends of Ambiguous Hilarity

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Bodacious Legends of Ambiguous Hilarity
Creator Edofenrir
Debut September, 2010
Genre Adventure/Parody
Latest Issue -
Rating Teen

<MrConcreteDonkey> The whole universe revolves around Edo at a desk writing BLAH and sipping coffee."
"<MrConcreteDonkey> When he spills it, a black hole is created.

What people say about BLAH when they think the author isn't listening, Chat

Bodacious Legends of Ambiguous Hilarity, or BLAH for short, is a short comic drawn by Edofenrir. It spans over four pages describing the creation of the Mario Wiki at the hands of divinity. From there it was supposed to branch off into a cliched story centering on six chosen heroes fighting the forces of the enigmatic villain Mr. Human. You know, basically like a thousand other stories. It never got that far however and was canceled in January 2011. That is a good thing that should be celebrated, because the story structure was kind of flat anyway.

Bodacious Legends of Ambiguous Hilarity is a monochrome, hand-drawn comic, composed of raw and unpolished sketches. This means a lot of crude and untidy outlines. Going along with this theme, Edofenrir wanted to express his contempt for rulers as drawing-aids, which means skew lines are to be expected.

It has a somewhat less egocentric spiritual successor in Tales from the Moon. More tea too!