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Brayds2006 Photo 1.jpg
Rank User
Species Human
Location Leet Town
Gender Male
Allies Neurario, Paper Jorge
  • 15 (Real Life)
  • 23 (Wiki World)

you BONK Roll'd me :(

Brayds2006, after being Misled about LFNW

Brayds2006, known to some as B is a Human User. He arrived here back in 2007 during the Golden Shroom Age and has stayed ever since. His appearance is a Luigi without his mustache, green overalls and a blue shirt, similar to Toadbert101, and with a blue B on his hat instead of an L. If rumors are true, Brayds will live for over 1000 years, fighting against Cerberus in the year 3001.


Brayds arrived at Userpedia in 2007 during the Wiki's original form. He wasn't too active on the Wiki in those days. Soon after he lost interest and left. When he decided to come back in early 2008 he found the Wiki abandoned. After a few minutes of frantic searching he found the Scribblewiki Userpedia. He was more active in the wiki from that point on. In July of 2008 he created The B Files, a comic following his escapades and adventures. He then made a comic called A Day in 3-Lives of..., a mockumentary following the lives of a different User each episode. He has some other ideas for comics, which he might make. He made a third comic, titled Race to The Start. In fact, he had plans for a forth Comic, tentatively named "The Nighttime Express", but this was canceled before the release of the first issue. Most of his time on Userpedia is spent in the chat, usually in #paperchat and #userpedia, if anything. He made episodes of The B Files until Early 2010. He then full-semi-retired from the wiki full-time on or around the 18th February.


Brayds's major comic appearances are as the title Character in The B Files and as a Main character in Hobo and a Time Machine.

In The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo, he appears in all episodes. Originally hired as the co-host, his role is replaced by SonicMario in Episode 2, and he gets branded as "the technician". He hosts the show in Episode 3, while Jorge is away, and in Episode 6, Brayds builds an untested time machine. Paper Jorge and Brayds decide to test the time machine live on the show, and it takes them to the past to revisit Friday Night Live and User Soup, and then takes them to the present time, accidentally releasing Cerberus from the future into present time.

He has had cameos in:
Friday Night Live
A Day in 3-Lives of...


Random Fail Comic
Another Random Comic
TV Bloopers #1
The Old FNL Studio <br=clear all>

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