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CAPS LOCK LORD and Xzelion, Forums

CAPS LOCK LORD (Swedish: HERREN ÖVER VERSALLÅSET), originally known on Super Mario Wiki as Smiddle, and also known as Über Waffle King, and Andy Rubberbandy on Userpedia, is a retired user. He briefly produced a parody comic called Oh No, Not Another Comic!, for which four issues were released. He stopped making the comics when an older Userpedia crashed, which was where the comics were hosted, resulting to the permanent loss of the comics. Another reason was that he was not satisfied with his own work. He also started the waffle and caffeine minor fads on MarioWiki, and together with Xzelion, the "What? HEAD ASPLOSION" fad. He has a transportation device called the 1337-Pod, which can also be used as a shield, due to his sprites originally being based on Lakitu (although he gradually changed them to a Luigi base). When it's not used, it's shrunk down to a red orb lying in his pocket. He has a friend named FobollPonta who has appeared only in the chatroom.


  • His first name, Smiddle, comes from a large distortion of his surname. It was original developed by his friends as the nickname "Smidde," which Smiddle used as his username on certain websites until Detstar misspelled it as "Smiddle", which he preferred.
  • CAPS_LOCK_LORD was a name Smiddle made up in chat while being bored. He was inspired by Plumber, "H-y-p-h-e-n-l-o-r-d" at that time. Plumber typed a hyphen after every single letter, annoying Smiddle. He decided to be even more annoying by typing in all caps. A long time after that, he got tired of people who claimed he was nick abusing, so he let his wiki name get changed to CAPS LOCK LORD to end this. Inspired by one of Plumber's names held for only a short moment, "D", the original intent was to immediately have his name changed back to "Smiddle", but he kept the name CAPS LOCK LORD.


When Sysops Attack!

Smiddle is a main character in When Sysops Attack!, and first appeared in Issue 2, where he was part of a team Master Crash rounded up to rescue Toadbert101 (Along with Bean, 1337Yoshi, Lil'Boo, Dry Bones and 3Dejong). They boarded Master Crash's Super Speeder and headed for Hailfire Peaks. Somehow, the possessed Xzelion managed to get on board, unnoticed. He caused the ship to blow up in an effort to get rid of the users, but they all escaped and waffle-surfed to a beach below. Soon they landed, and Smiddle got picked up by a Waffle that was still flying. Bean, 1337 and Lilboo chased after him, but soon Smiddle flew up high in the sky. He soon landed on Wikipedia, and entered. He then got an idea to link jump to the Mario Wiki again. He soon found a wikipedian and used his Link Pod to teleport to the keyboard article. From there, he took a keyboard off of an image and used it to type in the search box, where he then when to the Editthis homepage, list of editthis wiki's and finally to the old Userpedia. However, he was spotted by Vandals and got blasted away in their cannon. While flying, Smiddle remembered he was an admin here and got the idea to just ban them. He returned to the Wiki, saw Ghost Jam and got his 1337 Pod and decided to catch a train and see the Sysops with Xluidi, Uniju, Super Yoshi10, Princess Birdo, Wiggy, Paul and Betapaw11, after they discussed what they wanted, The Sysops teleported them all away (except Uniju and Super Yoshi10).

Wiki's End

Smiddle is a very minor character in Wiki's End only appearing in Chapter 3 where he joins Paper Jorge's search party, to look for users who got left behind when the wiki was closing. However, Paper Jorge's search party (RAP, Fg and Smiddle, as well as Jorge himself) was not able to find any survivors. Although they are attacked by Toa Waluigi, Dry Bones (amnesia) and Steve (also amnesia) rescues them.

Friday Night Live

Smiddle, or CAPS LOCK LORD, makes a cameo appearance in Friday Night Live, appearing as a minor character in the audience in most episodes. He receives a major appearance fighting the UnMario Gangsters in Episode 3, pranking the audience and Jorge with ketchup in Episode 4, and assisting Doshi in finding a Jorge replacement in Episode 5.

The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo

Smiddle returns as an audience member in all episodes for the sequel to Friday Night Live, The Tonight Show. His only major role is in Episode 4, being carried by GDawg186 (the Chain Chomp UnMario Gangster).


  • He is Swedish.
  • His favourite bands are AC/DC and Led Zeppelin.


“ Dare to be stupid! ”
— Smiddle

“ You, sir, roffle my waffles. ”
— Smiddle

— Smiddle

“ Remember, kids, don't do caffeine, or you'll end up like 3Dejong! ”
— Smiddle

“ Guys... I have to tell you something. I'm getting my lollerskates today. A roflcopter will drop them off. ”
— Smiddle

“ If thy poshism voluntarily halted, my prerequisites would be fulfilled. ”
— Smiddle

— Smiddle, Legends of the Fallenstar

“ Dummmmmmy can't be beat!"
"Get a life. ”
— RapidRocker and Smiddle, Fantendo

— CAPS LOCK LORD, chatroom

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