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CLUE: The Scottish Mario Play

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CLUE: The Scottish Mario Play
Creator Toad85
Debut June 12, 2014
Genre Drama
Latest Issue Act 2, Scene 3
Rating T

Classic Literature Userpedia Edition: The Scottish Mario Play is a new story written by Toad85, written in play form. It is a parody of the Shakespearean play MacBeth, featuring local users in the characters' roles.


In this tale of violence and blind ambition, a Scottish general named MacJav is confronted by three witches who portend that he will become king. Tragedy ensues as he is slowly consumed by his own arrogance, and turns against his closest friends in a mad grab for power. The guilt-stricken MacJav becomes a tyrannical ruler and scourges the kingdom for his own ends. Meanwhile, his few surviving foes plot to take back the throne and end the cycle of violence once and for all.

List of Scenes

Act I

Act II


In Order of First Appearance

Yet to appear