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Castle Toad

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Coffee and love are really alike, once cold it'll never taste the same, even knowing that, people keep re-warming it time after time...

—'''Castle Toad'''
Castle Toad

Castle Toad in his favorite outfit.
Rank Site order
  • Super Mario Wiki - User
  • #mwchat - Chatroom Operator
  • Userpedia - User
  • #userpedia - Chatroom Operator
Species Human/Toad
Gender Male
Allies 2257, Edo, Anton, Jorge, Packy, DHS, RFM, Alex, Stoob, MG1, GF75, SMB, Paula, UltraMario, Smasher
Likes Singing, playing the violin, fun stuff, random things, long conversations, listening to people
Dislikes Swearing
Age 19

Userpedia History

Castle Toad used to edit the MarioWiki back in 2007, when even guests could edit, because he was too lazy as to make an account, and because he doubted that he could keep up the editing work making it worthy. After some time he tried editing once again, but he noticed that it was impossible, so he just kept visiting the site to catch on info about the Mario games. Then, he became less active throughout the Internet for some time. It wasn't until March 30, 2009, when he decided to become a member. He thought of it, because now he had enough time to keep editing, and to stay online; even though his edits were mostly about foreign names. He made a retirement as of October 30 2009, leaving the Mario Wiki behind, while he kept an eye in the IRC. After some time, he became a bit active again in June 2010, but it wasn't until September of the same year when he became really active again. Since that date he announced that he'll try to keep the good work on.


It was the 4th day of September 2010, when, while on chat, he suddenly received a memo, which informed him about his promotion to Chatroom Operator for #userpedia. He was promoted along with Gamefreak75.

Afterward, the 12th of the same month, he was promoted as Chatroom Operator once again, this time, for #mwchat, once again at the same time as Gamefreak75 was promoted.

Some time later, he became more active on Userpedia because he saw a lot of broken links and a big lack of images, so he thought he could help the place by fixing that, which made the staff think about promoting him to Patroller, and the 7th day of November 2010 he gained the Patroller Rank after getting word of it in a meeting.

Two weeks after that (November 21th), While he was making some artwork, Smasher101 congratulated him, which got himself confused, wondering if he accidentally uploaded the artwork which at that time he had finished, but then he was told that he was just promoted to Sysop. At first he thought it was some kind of joke, and he could not believe it until he checked by himself.

He was demoted for inactivity on April 4, 2015.


Castle Toad and 2257 fleeing from a wild Chain Chomp

He's been depicted as a too friendly person, always keeping a cheerful and optimistic attitude. He loves to cheer up his friends when they are in the need, trying always to see the bright side of the coin. He also enjoys giving advice to people that asks for it. It's really hard to make him upset, and when that happens he just keeps a serious attitude towards everything. He loves humor, and he's always in the mood for a long fun, and laughing time. He even enjoys laughing at himself.

He really enjoys editing or creating pictures, but he has a lack of creativity, so he rarely makes something for himself, so if you want him to make artwork for yourself or about something that you like or even something that you have in mind, don't hesitate and ask him about it.



Wife, really close friend, most trusted person, and a great source of advice for Castle Toad. They really enjoy chatting with each other as their chats can be from Very random to Personal stuff. Luckily for 2257, CT discovered the chatroom, which now they use to have really random chatters or deep and focused-ideas exchange. 2257 is also good advice for CT. It's also thanks to this friend that CT's grammar improved amazingly; after one year of been chatting together, 22 had the idea of swapping the help, so since certain date on, their queries have been changed, and now they both type in Spanish, so 22's vocabulary and knowledge of Spanish grew even bigger. It seems that there's nothing that can break their strong friendship but themselves. While none of them remember how they became married, they keep hidden the video of their wedding, while Jorge keeps safely the proof that says that they both are his Biological parents.


Aside of their great friendship, CT trusts, respects and admires Edofenrir, he's proud to be able to say that he's friends with the Purple dragon. They sometimes chat about anything going on or just about random topics, but CT also comes to Edofenrir when he feels sad or has a problem because he is sure Edofenrir always has an answer, a nice answer to solve whatever is troubling him. Aside of the friendship CT also admires and respects Edo's artistic side, and knows he's got a natural talent.


He is considered as one of CT's few very close friends, over the Internet, as well as in the real world. CT knows Anton is pretty mature even if most of their chats end up being totally random; they befriended each other since the first chat they had, so, from that day on they have know how to keep a good friendship.


They both are really great friends, they share the love to randomness and the fascination to whistling on the microphone to annoy Jorge, Bean and whoever else that gets to be in their Skype conversations. They always support each other no matter what.


They have been great friends since they first met, at that time he was still known as TheBlueDragon, the friendship between them grew stronger as time passed, they're bffs as Stated by MySweetLord. They share stuff, and they trust each other a lot.


Aside of being his only children, they are both nice confidants and great friends. They both enjoy talking about different topics. CT always worries when Jorge asks him something related to how 2257 and CT became his Momma and Daddy as he calls them respectively. They both usually mock each other just for fun, knowing they won't offend each other.


Since the first time they first met each other, he knew that she was a very smart and kind-hearted girl. They became friends soon, enjoying relaxing and long queries, and racing on Mario Kart Wii until they fell on a weird argument that made them split, it was all because SG wouldn't stop accusing Paula to be CT. After some time, they befriended again, but this time the relationship grew much stronger, so to this day they are great friends that likes sharing some secrets. They both enjoy sharing stuff they know or links, because most of the time it's fun or random stuff, since they both enjoy comedy, laughing and having great times.


A Human disguised as a Toad with a turquoise scheme that's able to switch between the Real World and the Mushroom Kingdom. He is one of the Toads that work as guards at Peach's Castle. He is 2257's husband, they had only one children, no one knows why they decided to name him Jorge, who made both 2257 and Castle Toad grandparents of DHS, RFM, Shroobario and Brock.

Castle Mushrooms

CT's Item

Castleshroom: Castle Toad's Favorite item is the Castleshroom, it's said that every person that eats this mushroom becomes a member of the Castillo Family. It can only be used by CT. In battle, it can increase his stats, and outside of battle is a pretty good snack for the family members, it has a Mountain Dew flavor (Jorge said), weirdly Jorge ate one time ago and a Castle appeared on his head (which seems to be the only effect on people that eats it and are not related to the family).

CT's life source

Golden Castle Mushroom: Castle Toad needs this to stay alive in the Mushroom Kingdom. Entrusted by Princess Peach, this Mushroom allows CT to keep his Toad form. It's been said that this Mushroom was hidden under the Castillo Castle. The only way to get to it is after opening a door sealed with magic, that weirdly can be opened with a special key that is under CT's domain, also he never shows it.


Castle Toad


Jorge and the Family

Castle Toad appears in Paper Jorge's Jorge and the Family appearing as the father of Jorge and the husband of 2257.

The Three Mushketeers

Castle Toad tries to audition to be in The Three Mushketeers in Issue 25 and tells the heroes that QuizmoManiac has a Shine Sprite in Issue 28. He also makes a small appearance in Issue 43.


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