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The Chatroom is a place of instant communication. It is supported by the IRC Applet installed into different places and is hosted by the DarkMyst server owned by Ryan. There has been quite a history of the chatroom, and it has evolved a lot since it was started in October 2006. Today, it serves as the official channel for many users, with individual user channels branching off. There are around 10,000 people chatting on Darkmyst each day, with the regular attendance of #mwchat and #userpedia being between 15 and 25 users with varying activity throughout the day. See also: User Chats.


MarioWiki Chatroom

Early Days

In its early days, that chatroom was very wild, and unordered, located solely in the Forum, where only forum members could use it. Since back then no one knew how to install ChanServ and such things, users were free to talk about anything they wanted, and cursed freely. Porn and other mature content was often spoken about in the chatroom, until younger users started to come into the chat. Most users, such as Plumber and RAP, spammed to their hearts content.

When no one was in the chat, the first person who joined #mariowiki at that time became the Operator, or op of that channel. However, no one knew that, so the chat was unaffected. After Isyou had been a chat op (being in the room first) for an entire day, Wayoshi forced him to op him, having discovered what ops were capable of. Being oped, Wayoshi decided to test some operator powers he had read on Wikipedia. The first command he tried out was the /kick command, which was tested on Plumber. However, Plumber had just read how to join a channel on Wikipedia, so he joined quickly thereafter. Wayoshi also told users of the /nick and /me commands, something he regretted, as many changed their nicks to random things. Wayoshi decided that as long as there were no impersonations, this was okay.

The Age of Order

Wayoshi later decided to register the channel with ChanServ. This revolutionized the chatroom, as Wayoshi had the power to kick, and even ban other users. Knowing that Plumber knew how to join after a kick, Wayoshi tested the /ban command on him. Many new rules were also forged, stopping the antics of spammers. Porplemontage later made it so any visitor to the forum could access the chat. Later that day, the chat was moved to the wiki, and several new users joined it, and several new rules were created. Sysops and Patrollers were allowed operator status, and were allowed to kick any users who did not have a nickname of their user name.

The Willy Attacks

Growing increasingly stressful, in Summer 2007, Wayoshi spammed, cursed, and spoke of porn in the chatroom under the alias of Willy, targeting users such as Beanbean or Max2. The only ones who knew this were WarioLoaf, Knife, and HK-47, though they told no one. Willy attacked the chatroom often, harassing others, and saying dirty things. The Fantendo chatroom was often used as a refuge during these dark times. KPH2293 and Xzelion eventually caught onto Wayoshi. After KPH2293 retired out as a silent protest, Wayoshi stopped the attacks, although KPH's true intentions were to subtly let Wayoshi know that he was onto him (he was never actually going to retire). However, Wayoshi soon cracked and admitted he was Willy. Forced by HK-47 to either retire and resign or be blocked for treason, Wayoshi resigned. He gave a full confession, and most forgave him for the crimes he did.


The chatroom became even stricter after the Willy attacks. It was quite common to be banned for days for saying a small outburst of Spam or flames. Back-up ops were also created, which is how many users (such as Pokemon DP) became patrollers and eventually sysops. DP made many more back-up ops, and was criticized because most of them were his friends. When Wayoshi became a sysop again, he was not allowed to regain his op title. Wayoshi and Ghost Jam are the only sysops to have this restriction.

The Fall of #Mariowiki

In mid-February of 2010, it was de-affiliated with the Wiki after a debate that arose following the ban of a user that eventually led to discussion by the sysops over whether the opinions of the chatroom's staff had drifted so far from that of the forum and wiki's that it may as well not even be affiliated with the wiki. After a heated debate, the Administrators chose to hand over control of the chat to Uniju. The wiki's new official chatroom became #mwchat, while the original #mariowiki is no longer affiliated in any way and is effectively led by Uniju. Most of the initial operators of #mwchat were MarioWiki staff members, though Turboo, SonicMario and Master Lucario also were given power based on past success as ops.

The Dawn of a New Era

With #mwchat as the new official off-topic channel, #mwikitalk as the official on-topic channel, #mwshroom the official 'Shroom channel, and #mwikiawards the official awards ceremony discussion channel, the chatroom community became more controlled and at ease. Along with some old operators from #mariowiki retaining their status, several new faces were added to the team bringing a new outlook on moderating, leading to less abuse. There was relative calm up until an update to Darkmyst in the summer of 2011. A host of new commands and features became available, but also had the unfortunate consequence of changing a majority of hostnames. This rendered the ban list void, leaving the operators with a tough decision: reban as many people as possible, or to begin with a fresh slate. The decision ended with starting anew as everyone tried to relearn the commands.


While focus in the past has shifted back and forth between #mariowiki and #userpedia as the most popular channel every few months, the new #mwchat has taken over much of the activity. #mwikitalk is no longer being used as the official on-topic channel due to a lack of activity as well as #mwchat being used for both on- and off-topic discussion anyways, and was made into a private channel for operators to discuss issues. More steps towards order have been made with the creation of an FAQ, rewriting of rules, and the creation of a centralized board for the staff of the Wiki, Forum, Chatroom, and 'Shroom to allow for better cooperation and discussion of site-wide issues.


These are some of the other channels that appear on the DarkMyst server and relate to Userpedia.

MarioWiki Chatrooms

Owner Anton
Category Official Chatroom

#mwchat is the Mario Wiki's official off-topic channel and the place where people using the MarioWiki IRC Client first wind up. Rarely used for its first few months, the channel was initially registered by multiple users, most notably Ralphfan, as a rebellion against #mariowiki operators. Over time, the rebellion ceased and Noahp89 took control of the channel. In December of 2009, Super Mario Bros. became the founder of the channel, which then descended into inactivity. Starting in late July 2010, the channel began to become more active, thanks to some advertising by its founder. Now used for both on- and off-topic discussion, #mwchat serves as the central hub of the MW chat community, with user channels branching off. With SMB's retirement and nick becoming unregistered, ownership has transferred to Anton.

#mariowiki as of August 2010.
Owner Uniju
Category Unaffiliated Chatroom

#MarioWiki, despite its name, is not officially affiliated with the Wiki anymore. The #mariowiki chatroom is ruled by one god in three parts; the Father, the Son, the Daughter (for one week), and the Holy Incoming.

Owner _2257
Category Staff Chatroom

#Mwikistaff is the Mariowiki's special admins only chatroom. It is set to restrict all users with a power level below fifty and is where the ops congregate to talk about different things to do with the wiki. The chatroom was initially used as a medium to discuss wiki-related things. However, it is only used by a few admins, and due to complaints from admins who don't visit #mwikistaff, the wiki-related discussions were somewhat reduced in order to keep no one out of the loop. Nowadays the chatroom is mainly used by admins to talk about casual things and/or wiki matters that are small enough to not require endorsement from a large portion of the administrative staff.

Admins who visit #mwikistaff every day are Cobold, Edofenrir, Gamefreak75, and 2257. Other users like Lindsay151, Stooben Rooben, Super Mario Bros., Tucayo, and the resigned Sysop My Bloody Valentine drop by more or less frequently. Other users frequently try to access the chatroom, but are repelled instantly and just slam against the front door. Despite being relatively small, #mwikistaff has its own in-jokes and fads the regulars know about. Center of #mwikistaff is the Agonizing Masterpiece, a rustic wooden table said to be crafted in ancient times that is more important than the lives of all admins combined. The guardian deity and mascot of #mwikistaff is Poochy the dog.

Owner _2257
Category Official Chatroom

#mwikitalk was originally the stricter on-topic version of #mariowiki, and then #mwchat after the move. In April 2012, it was decided that #mwikitalk is redundant and no longer serves its function as wiki-oriented conversations all take place in #mwchat anyways. It is still a registered channel, but is now an op-only channel for discussing issues in #mwchat.

Owner formerly Super Mario Bros.
Category Official Chatroom

#mwshroom is the mariowiki's official channel for all things to do with The 'Shroom. It is used to discuss all of the wiki's 'Shroom-related topics. It is currently unregistered.

Owner Turboo
Category Official Chatroom

#mwikiawards is mariowiki's official awards ceremony discussion channel. In here, the Awards Committee meetings are held, along with the ceremony's chat party.

Userpedia Chatrooms

Owner Anton
Category Official Chatroom

#Userpedia is a chatroom about Userpedia, and used to generally have the highest amount of chatters in the room out of all of the MarioWiki-related chatrooms. As time went on, activity shifted back and forth between #mariowiki/#mwchat and #userpedia, with #userpedia currently being a mostly inactive channel. As of 18th November 2012, Super Mario Bros. no longer is the channels' owner, and ownership has been shifted over to Anton.

Owner Anton
Category Staff Chatroom

#Upmeetings was a staff-only channel used for regularly scheduled discussions about progress and problems in Userpedia. As of 18th November 2012, Super Mario Bros. no longer is the channels' owner, and ownership has been shifted over to Anton. As of the 100th scheduled meeting, any issues are discussed on the forum, leaving the channel for emergency meetups.

Owner Anton
Category Staff Chatroom

#Upstaff is Userpedia's staff-only channel, providing a place for admins to discuss the wiki, forum, chat, or any other facet of Userpedia. As of 18th November 2012, Super Mario Bros. no longer is the channels' owner, and ownership has been shifted over to Anton.

Owner _2257
Category Staff Chatroom

#Upops is almost exactly the same as #upstaff except that this chatroom was founded by MG1 who then gave over control to St00b after he made the access list. The point of this channel is to allow all ops of #userpedia and admins of Userpedia to discuss the goings on of the chatroom.



Owner Shroobario
Category Official Chatroom

#Fantendo is the chatroom located on Fantendo. The applet doesn't allow for colored fonts (other than changing the text color), but, unlike the Mariowiki and Userpedia applets, it is unrestricted.


  • In Server's End, the chat had major role. In it, the chat gets a Netsplit and users in chat are sent to two different, separate dimensions. The comic was canceled however.