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Cirdec profile 2.jpeg
Member of: Super Mario Wiki
Super Mario Boards
Location France
Gender Male
Likes Mario, Pokémon, many of Nintendo stuff and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
Age 25 years old

Even Animal Crossing: New Leaf needs more skill than Mario Kart 8.


Cirdec is a user on the Super Mario Wiki, Boards and Userpedia. His name is the reverse of his real life name, Cédric with the accent removed.


Super Mario Wiki

Cirdec was previously a guest who looked a lot on Super Mario Wiki for information. Then he created an account on the wiki on 17th August 2012 in order to fix some French quotes in Mario Party 9. After that he made some other edits as well and also applied once for The 'Shroom Critic Corner section. But he is generally not vey active in the Wiki.

Super Mario Boards

After creating an account on Super Mario Wiki, he discovered the wiki has a forum: Super Mario Boards. He visited it, found the forum sounded cool and he decided the 19th August 2012 to create an account on the forum. He was quite timid at the start and only cared about the Marioverse board. But over time he started to look to other boards, firstly participated a lot in forum games board and made some posts on the other boards, especially the popular one: Mindless Junk. Eventually, this forum became the first and only one he actually love. Since that he became an active user on it and met great friends. He enjoys doing Forum Games and discussing with others. Thanks to this forum, he notably discovered My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and found it was a funny show. He also discovered Mafia games, liked them and now he joins many Mafia games and he even hosted a Mario Party 9 Mafia and Legendary Pokémon Mafia. He hosted User quiz on Forum Games. At 21 July 2013 he won the Mario Kart 7 Tournament of the Mario Awards 2013.

In the year of 2014, nothing much happened until he slightly spammed his obessions of Arceus to express his feelings about the "Who would win in a battle?" fad and created a thread called "The Report Of Arceus In Battles". This paid some attention to everyone, and people felt uncomfortable about it. He continued until his girlfriend yelled to him, and he stopped. But other users made related threads to make fun of him. This fad has ended NOW.

2015, he joined a bunch of tournaments during the Mario Awards, such as Mario Kart 7 tournament, Mario Kart 8 tournament, Mario Golf: World Tour tournament, Super Smash Bros for both game systems tournament, Pokemon (6th Gen) tournament, and the most notable tournament in Mario Awards: Awards Mafia.


Lily Troof: Ace Attorney

Cirdec is portrayed as Detective Cirdec Arctan in the fiction Lily Troof: Ace Attorney. He appears on Case 2: The Classified Turnabout. He is the detective charged to investigate about the murder of Giselle Hawkins.

The Adventure For Us

Cirdec is one of the minor characters in the comic The Adventure For Us.

Super Wiki RPG: Smasher & The Colored Stars

Cirdec is set to appear as a playable character in the upcoming game Super Wiki RPG: Smasher & The Colored Stars.

Power and abilities

Cirdec has two characters, his standard is Daisy in her sport outfit with squared glasses, the other one is Blue Metal Mario. In his Daisy form he is fast, and quite all-around in other stats. In his Metal Mario form he is extremely resistant and powerful, but very slow.

Daisy form

Metal Mario form



  • In real life he do mathematics as his job.
  • He wears glasses.
  • He never left his country yet but he wishes he could travel to other countries.
  • He met his love on Super Mario Boards.
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