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Dawn of Shadow

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Dawn of Shadow
Creator Vicarious
Debut July 27, 2009
Genre Action
Latest Issue Issue 2
Rating T for Teen

Note: Dawn of Shadow is on Hiatus.

Dawn of Shadow used to be a canceled comic. It is about Willy on Wheels trying to revive Mastermind Troll and destroy the wiki.


It was a normal day in New Wikisburg, the sun shining, the cool breeze, and everyone was lining up to watch the fight between champions Yoshario and Master Lucario. But (not even 5 minutes into the match, the TV and the lights went off. When they came back on, Everyone saw bombs inside the stadium and hurried out. The only users who survived this were the fighters. Yoshario has gotten hit by a part of the stadium, while the host died of explosion radioactivity.


Name Summary Comic
Chapter 1:
The First Attack
It seemed like a normal day, or so they thought...

Bad Prolouge
Episode 1
Episode 2

Chapter 2:
When someone you trusted changes...

Episode 3
Episode 4