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I'm your Friendly Forum Dragon. Call me DragonFreak or DF or Dragon or Freak, I go by all of them.

DragonFreak's welcome

DragonFreak is a dragon-themed user on the Super Mario Boards. She is a friendly dragon who can be a little on the eccentric side.

Member of: Super Mario Boards
Species Dragon
Location Any place dragons are found
Join date November 20, 2011
Gender Female.
Aliases CharizardLover, Agumon, Candice, Smaug, Dracomon, Toothless, Hackmon, Seto Kaiba
Age 19

Early History

On a cold, windy November day on 2011 for North Hemisphere citizens of Earth, a creature called CharizardLover existed in the Mario Wiki and Mario Boards. Her love for her third favorite video game series, Mario, brought her there. Although it probably baffled everyone why go with a Pokémon name, which is her second favorite series, or a Zelda name, which is her all-time favorite video game franchise. She will later evolve into her slightly less n00bish DragonFreak.

Speaking of n00b, CharizardLover reaked of n00b. For one thing, she spent way to much time on the Board Forum Games, mostly in the Good Wishes Aren't Always Good Wishes Thread and the Control the Throne Thread, the latter of which she hates now, because people tried to "civilize it", or some junk like that. It also took her a week to have MnSG to explain to her how to resize her über huge signature size. And to make it worse, she had no idea what My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is, and he just so happened that she joined in the middle of a huge Brony fad. This made her think there was an insane number of females on the Forum, although there wasn't many, just like now at a 4. 4:1 male to female ratio. Bop 1996 warned CharizardLover to stay as far away from the Bronies possible, which she did... until she was sucked in.

As the month grew by, CharizardLover realized she can change her name once a month. And on other parts of the web, she is known as the slightly less n00bish DragonFreak, so she asked for a change, and forever was known as DragonFreak. In retrospect, it was less of a revolution and more like a name change.

DragonFreak retired from the Internet the next March or some odd month like that. Did it without warning, not knowing if people will make Mindless Junk topics naming "What happened to DragonFreak", but she didn't care.

One and a half years later, DragonFreak came back to the wonderful world of Internet, much less n00b than before, willing to join the Mario Boards once again.

The Second Coming of DragonFreak

It was a hot and humid day in July for citizens in the Northern Hemisphere of Earth. DragonFreak was drifting around, being bored. She reached into her bad memory and pulled out Mario Boards, her favorite Forum before she left the Internet. She logged on and casually posted in the Going Away/Coming Back Thread and haven't left for more than 72 hours since.

In that time, DragonFreak rekindled old friendships, forged new ones, and mourned over ones that have left. She spent less time with the Forum Games Board and more time in Mindless Junk. She also posts quite a lot on the Super Smash Bros. Board, now that she plays it. She also started playing Mafia games. She loves the playing these games. The mystery of some sort of puzzle of who's Mafia when she's Innocent or the thrill of being alive and deceiving while being a Mafia member keeps making her wanting to play more and more. In March 2014, DragonFreak was accepted into Mafia Host Guild, probably one of her proudest moments on the Forum insofar.


Mafia is a big part of DragonFreak's time on Mario Boards. She has played numerous games and hosted a few. She is part of the Mafia Host Guild.

Here are the Mafia games the she has hosted or is hosting right now:


DragonFreak is a purple quadruped dragon with yellow horns and yellow (admittedly pretty small) wings. She has flowing green hair that is similar to her brother Mr. Edo. She normally wears a light blue dress. She also is seen wearing an apron occasionally, because she loves to cook.

DragonFreak also has forms as Birdo, Charizard, and a dolphin.


DragonFreak may not be the strongest dragon there is, but she relies on her wits and surviving skills to get out of conflict. Although luck is usually not on her side. Her HP is low, but her defense is high and so is her speed.


Relationships on the Forums

DragonFreak looks up to Neptune like he is a God. Which he is.. DragonFreak views Neptune as her role model, which some people may find concerning. 9/10 things that Neptune says, at the very least, makes DragonFreak laugh. His combination of his charisma and general British-ness is great. Recently, Neptune has become DragonFreak's Rider. Neptune left the community in October 2014, and she was heartbroken to the point of crying several hours that day. DragonFreak will always remember how amazing Neptune is. Luckily he returned and resumed all previous statuses.

Edo is another purple dragon with green hair like DragonFreak. That is because they are canonically siblings. They realized that they are long lost siblings after realizing they have everything in common interest and genetics-wise. Since their realization, they have spent great time together.

Icemario11 is one of DragonFreak's favorite users. She met him on the Mario Wiki chat and started playing games of chess together. DragonFreak and Icemario have a lot of interests together, namely chess and Fire Emblem, and DragonFreak finds his pun's extremely funny. DragonFreak is not as good as puns, and was challenged to say 101 puns of the Forum, which she still has yet to complete. 89/101 done though.

Smg2daisy is a very close friend of DragonFreak's. They talk constantly and spend entire mornings and nights PMing one another. Along with Pming, they would Skype too, which is an action that usually horrifies DragonFreak. Smg2daisy is incredibly kind and always willing help, and DragonFreak enjoys those sort of people.

Baby Mario Bloops is a user who DragonFreak barely knew existed, and the exact same vice versa in her beginning. It made sense considering that they had complete different niches. But when DragonFreak came back again, she started to converse with him a lot more. They had much in common, including the love of the Zelda series and their passion of instrumental music. To this day, BMB is among DragonFreak's closest friends.

DragonFreak's Fanfiction

  • The Parallel Worlds of Japan — DragonFreak takes users on a journey through worlds of Anime/Manga/and video games that some people in Japan can freely travel through.

DragonFreak's Fanfiction Appearances

  • DragonFreak is in Toad85's CLUE: The Scottish Mario Play. It is a parody of Shakespeare's MacBeth. DragonFreak is portrayed as Lady MacJav, who is actually Lady MacBeth, which is her favorite character in Macbeth

Dragon Problem

DragonFreak is a recurring supporting character in the comic I heard you have a dragon problem?. She first appears borrowing a cookbook, Zess T.'s Cooking with RAGE, from Walkazo's library. She is later shown using the book to bake a cake (with rage) in preparation for the mayor's welcome home party, and eventually attends the party herself. At one point she swoops into action to save the cake from the battle between Walkazo, Mr. Edo and the mayor, and later joins Yoshi876 and the other party-goers in a last-ditch attack against the mayor, but they are all rebuffed. However, in the end DragonFreak does have an important hand in saving the day, as she uses a large piece of her cake to replenish Anton's mana, allowing him to summon a giant tentacle to trap the mayor and allow Walkazo to behead him using an axe powered by the hopes of the townsfolk. DragonFreak is last seen returning the cookbook to Walkazo in a first step towards rebuilding the library, which had been destroyed shortly after her earlier visit.


I am the Dragoverseer of the deadly Drassassin Dragorganization located in the Dragonation, who tend to draassassinate their targets by committing drarson, with their targets as the property getting burned.

Dragon Pun Mania

I'm Katy Perry. To prove it, you can hear me Roar, I can never decide if I'm Hot N Cold, I have this weird Teenage Dream that won't die. I like hanging out with California Gurls. And yes, at one time, I Kissed a Girl...and I like it.

DragonFreak revealing and proving she's Katy Perry

If it exists, there's a My Little Pony crossover of it. I call it Rule #131216.

DragonFreak stating the truth

Freaky Dragoninjas

Icemario whenever DragonFreak ninjas him.

I’m really getting it!

More or less DF’s thing with everything


These are all the appearances of DragonFreak:


  • Despite how overly religious the section title "The Second Coming of DragonFreak" is, DragonFreak is agnostic.
  • DragonFreak learned the word agnostic on an article on Dictionary.com, where she spent a lot of time at her Freshman year.
  • DragonFreak is transgendered, and very proud of it.
  • Charizard is DragonFreak's favorite Pokémon, which is probably why her original username was "CharizardLover".
  • The above fact is outdated and her new favorite is Flygon
  • DragonFreak has a bad memory.
  • Dragon and Freak in her username are not together. They are separate. Dragon refers to her love of fantasy and Freak refers to her personality.
  • DragonFreak's favorite Mario character is Birdo, because of the questionable transgenderness Birdo is.
  • DragonFreak's main in SSBB is Pikachu, followed by Ganondorf and Bowser.
  • DragonFreak is the second member of the MHG in existence to be accepted with only one Mafia hosted. The only other member to do that is Smasher.
  • DragonFreak loves excessive trivia.

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