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DyegoHalliwell IceMario12

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DyegoHalliwell IceMario12
Member of: Super Mario Wiki, Userpedia
Rank User
Species Human
Location Chile
Join date January 24th, 2011
Gender Male
Likes Shakira, Charmed, WoWP, SwaC, Glee, The Big Bang Theory, The Simpsons, Shrek film series
Age 13

DyegoHalliwell IceMario12 is a user from the Super Mario Wiki, better known in the forums as DHalliwell. He has joined Userpedia on January 24th of 2011. He currently writes the Fake Characters section of Fake News in The 'Shroom, with MrConcreteDonkey.


Joining the Wiki

As he has just claimed, he doesn't remember when he joined the Super Mario Wiki, although he knows why. At first, he wanted to add the real name of two of Mario's powers, but then, he discovered The 'Shroom. He read the past archives of it, and enjoyed a lot the Fake News. Not so long after that, he read once and once again the sign ups, and decided to apply to Fake Characters. Days after, he got a mistaken message, but lucky for him, he had already the real message sent.

Joining the Forum

Because of some personal issues on the wiki (don't knowing on what article edit) he became a not-that-active user on the Super Mario Wiki, but instead, he discovered the forum, at the same time that the signed up for Fake Characters, and started to post almost daily, laughing a lot with the jokes of the users on the games.

The 'Shroom

He started to write for the Shroom from September 2010 issue onwards, along with MrConcreteDonkey. He's always doing his best, both in the image editing and the characters info. Although there's just a few opinions about the Fake Characters section, all of them are good. Quoting Marioguy1's opinion: "Dyego...and MCD are some of the best things that happened for that sub-section."

Fake Music and Firing

After finding out he was going to be totally off of the Shroom in September, Dyego signed up for Fake Music, in which he worked for two issues. Later, he was really late for Issue L of The 'Shroom, and due to a random situation that showed up, the team and Edo decided to fire him from both Fake Music and Fake Characters.

Joining Userpedia

IceMario's Emblem from Userpedia Party

After being curious of this wiki, he joined it, and some days later asked for some comic appearances.

Creating Comics

A not-so-long time after joining the wiki, and signing up for comics, he came up with an idea for a new comic, which he called Hacked Again.

Cancellation of Hacked Again

A lot of problems come out with the Sun of February, including people starting to not-know why the guests were evil, the lose of Photoshop, and constant problems with the Issues plots, resulted on the permanent cancellation of his only created comic, Hacked Again. There's a dirty rumor out there, that come out with the Moon of March, that the comic will reborn in Story form.

Writing Stories

Revival of Hacked Again

After many issues with two illusionary comebacks for Hacked Again, which eventually ended on the mentioned cancellation, the author finally found out a new plot and name for the story that will bring back the dead comic to life. It's a story named MarioWikian Chronicles, which is about the possible end of the wiki planned, this time, by Mastermind Troll, although his intentions are much more darker than the revenge on the wiki.


3D Form


Drawings Form


Comic Form

Mario & Luigi Form


Attacks/Moves, M&L

DHIceMario Sprite-Cryokinesis.png

Comic Appearances

Hacked Again

He is set to appear on his own comic, as a main hero. Although he doesn't appear on Issue #0, he is mentioned by MrConcreteDonkey, as a normal user who had catched many trolls.

Struck by Evil

He is set to appear on New Super Mario's comic Struck by Evil as a minor villain.

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