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Shut up, Takoyaki!

Edornofer, Chat

Member of: Super Mario Wiki from Beyond
Rank Servant of Light (a.k.a. Anti-Patroller)
Species Doppelgänger
Join date 10 November 2009, 21:34
Gender not specified
Allies Takoyaki,
Stooben Rooben (He respects everyone who admits to have a complicated name),
Alex25 (He'd like to announce his thanks for all the roses. They were delicious)
Likes Mustaches, long and unpronounceable names, blueberry muffins and puppies
Dislikes Plastik combs, the color yellow, grammar nerds, silver spoons, wearing pants, and loud music
Moves Beard Buster, Hair Havoc, Mustache Mayhem, Fatal Facial Hair of Despair
Score 300,000 edits, probably less
Age old

Edornofer is an unspeakable creature from the abysmal void and an alter-ego of Edofenrir. He once roamed free and kind of terrorized the world, until the cosmos had enough of him and sealed him in a divine cardboard box which formerly contained a hair dryer. There he spent the next millenias, living on Styrofoam leftovers, which somehow provided him with superhuman strength, but also made his voice squeaky and embarrassing. While being imprisoned, he somehow developed an inferiority complex because his imaginary friends couldn't pronounce his name correctly. This and the fact that being trapped in a space of one cubic meter sucks made him hate the world and, yeah, pretty much everything.

Originally, Edornofer was meant to be banished from the surface of the world for all eternity, but recently, he was accidentally freed from his prison by Luigifreak and Nerdy Guy. During a interview for The 'Shroom, they openly admitted that neither of them can spell Edornofer's name in the right way, which somehow caused the magical lock on the cosmic cardboard box to malfunction, thereby setting Edornofer free again. Edornofer instantly used this chance to proclaim that he is going to conquer the world, but only after he "got rid of that annoying aftertaste of synthetic material". Considering the fact that his special diet lasted over several thousand years, the world will probably be safe from his evil ambitions for a long time.

Physical Appearance

Edornofer looks just like his counterpart Edofenrir, and the only distinctions are mere details which cannot be perceived by a normal pair of eyes. People find it hard to distinguish the two and are secretly wishing that Edornofer would have some kind of outstanding appearance quirk, which unfortunately isn't the case.


Edornofer is the evil counterpart of Edofenrir, which, considering the fact that Edofenrir is partly evil, would make him partly good. He is usually a calm and nice guy, but gets easily enraged when someone tries to pronounce his name, even if he or she pronounces it right. This is because of fact that he was isolated for an insanely long time has actually made him forgot how his name is pronounced, something he tries to conceal by referring to himself as "Bob". Aside from the fact that he deeply dislikes everyone and everything, he gets along pretty well with Takoyaki, another evil alter-ego.


Edornofer is the chosen wielder of a legendary weapon. His magical sword, the Excalibeard is very powerful and causes everyone who gets sliced by it to grow uncontrollable facial hair. Additionally, Edornofer has the ability to brainwash and control everyone with a mustache, except on Wednesday afternoons. Aside from that, he is a pretty talented figure skater.


  • If you look into a mirror at midnight and try to pronounce Edornofer's name ten times, you will be cursed and start to see mustaches in places and on things they normally don't belong to.
  • If you read the last trivia and doubted even for one instance that it yields truth, a bright yellow dromedary with pink polka-dots will eat your hair while you are asleep.