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Fawfulthegreat Artwork 2017 - M&L Style.png
Rank User
Species Human, Beanish, Jester
Location Userpedia, Userpedia Forum, MarioWiki, MarioBoards, YouTube, VGBoxArt, GameFAQs, DeviantART, Mario RPG Universe
Gender Male
Likes Fawful, Dimentio, Antasma, Mario RPG's, Mario series/characters in general, SpongeBob SquarePants, The Brave Little Toaster series, A Troll in Central Park, Wreck-it Ralph, Despicable Me, The Lion King, Monsters Inc., The Lorax, cartoons in general, food, Internet
Dislikes Pink Gold Peach, Toad, Daisy's fanbase, Olives, Paper Mario: Sticker Star, lack of original characters in newer RPGs, negative opinions on Super Paper Mario especially when finding Sticker Star favorable
Aliases FTG, Fawful, Fawfulfan64, Lord Spongeful, King Antasma, His Excellency Lord Fawfulthegreat64 of the Beanbean Realm, Dimentio, Super Dimentio, Dimentio64, Greatdimentio, Fawful&Dimentio, Spongebobmariofan64, Paper Fawful, Mariomaster64, Hyper Fawful, DarkFawful, ExcellencyLordFawful, Mariobobluigipants, Wittgenstein, Stanley the Troll, Fresh Bowser, Squidward Tentacles, Air Conditioner, Monster, King Candy, The Once-ler, Slushy the Slushball
Age 27
Personal information Real Life Name: James Denham
State: New York
Country: United States

“I'd love to see Toads cannibalizing each other.”
Fawfulthegreat64, Super Mario Boards

Fawfulthegreat64 is a User of the MarioWiki and its forum. He can also be found on YouTube under the same name, as well as DeviantART and GameFAQs, among other places. He is notable for being a huge fan of Mario RPGs and their characters, often obsessively.

Early life

He was born January 10, 1995. As a young child, he watched Barney, and later SpongeBob and The Brave Little Toaster, among others. His first Mario game was Super Mario Advance 2, though it was Super Mario 64 (also his first 3D or console game) that sparked his interest in the series the most. He has since become obsessed with the series, most notably the RPGs starting with Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

Joining the Internet

One of his first online discoveries was the bogus theories regarding Luigi in Super Mario 64. FTG's first known account on the Internet was on MyCheats under the name Mariomaster64. Still being very young, most submissions were not of quality. For example, one claimed that Luigi's Flying form in Super Mario Galaxy was Mr. L.

Later, he registered for an account on VGBoxArt as Dimentio64. Once again, his submissions were not of quality, and even worse, he refused to take criticism. He would later improve his submissions after learning Photoshop at an older age.

Super Mario Wiki

FTG frequently visited the Super Mario Wiki, mostly to get character artwork for his low-quality custom box arts. On November 8th, 2011, he registered for an account on the wiki, under the name Fawfulfan64. This would later be changed to his current identity of Fawfulthegreat64, which started with his YouTube account of this name. FTG's first few edits to the wiki were minor details on the Fawful article as well as a lot of speculation and adding Fawful to the list of Super Mario villains without realizing it was only for the main series. Among his later contributions to the wiki are creating the articles for Antasma and Dreambert (although his lack of knowledge on wiki formatting led to the accidental labeling of Antasma as a featured article).

Super Mario Boards

He was unaware that the Super Mario Boards were linked to the Wiki until a time after he registered there. He registered on the forum under the name Fawful, with intentions to simply add his two-bits on the Paper Mario: Sticker Star thread and then leave. However, he grew attached to the forum, and got to know many of the members of the community. His first two years on the Boards were active, though often he stubbornly refused to end an argument, eventually leading to a ban.


Mario Awards XI

At the 2017 Mario Awards, specifically the Fail Awards IX, he appeared as the presenter of F9- Worst Direction of Series. In his first and so far only sprite comic, he wakes up from a nightmare about being trapped in poorly designed games only to find that his path to the awards ceremony is also blocked by bad game design. Here he demonstrates an ability to possess others with his hat, an ability copied from Super Mario Odyssey, and also unknown if he retains it in the future.

He also appears in several other users' presentations, including Lakituthequick's M8- Favorite Art Style comic and MrConcreteDonkey's F13- Worst Mario Party Minigame comic.

Current Name origin

The name Fawfulthegreat64 originated on YouTube. When he discovered that his computer had Windows Movie Maker, he made more low quality content, much like for VGBoxArt. To share this on the Internet, he created a YouTube account. Since many of his videos centered around Fawful, who he was a big fan of, he tried names such as "LordFawful," "GreatFawful," and others, which were all taken. He finally settled on "Fawfulthegreat," and chose the number 64 to go at the end, because Super Mario 64 was what sparked his Mario interest. Thus, "Fawfulthegreat64" was born. He has since switched to Adobe Premiere and actual effort for most of his videos.

Current Status

He was permabanned on the Super Mario Boards on April 25th, 2015 after instigating and feeding repeated arguments and immaturely attacking users over their opinions. However, on January 20th, 2017 his permaban was lifted after a kind request from Mcmadness, a notable friend and rival. Currently he checks in almost every day, though not as frequently as before the ban.

Physical Appearance

His design has frequently changed over the years. His MarioMaster64 and Dimentio64 identities were not accompanied by sufficient visual representation but were given designs in 2013. Fawfulthegreat64 started out as a blue-colored Fawful with a purple and black cloak with red glasses and buttons. This also has a Dark Fawful variation. In 2014 he designed a form wearing black overalls and a purple shirt and cap, reminiscent of Waluigi, though this design wasn't heavily used or finalized until 2015. It was updated again in 2016 to have green skin (like the official character of Fawful), a belt based on that of Mr. L, and prominent yellow diamonds on the overalls and hat inspired by Super Dimentio.

In 2017, his design was again changed. He now wears a purple coat and pants, a white vest, a blue bow tie and a large top hat based on Count Bleck's hat. The Super Dimentio-esque diamond is kept on the hat as well as integrated into the bow tie.


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