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Final de Wiki 3

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"Seven diamonds welcome Wiki destruction."

Final de Wiki 3 (Spanish for Wiki's End 3) (pronounciation: Fee-nahl deh Week-eeh Three) is a canceled epic comic and the third in line of the End Series, taking place three years after the first Wiki's End and two years after Server's End, all three comics being made by Paper Jorge. In the story, the Dark Diamonds from the first Wiki's End return, after Agathokako, Agelakoopa and Peachycakes find six of them, they begin to plan reviving Mastermind Troll.

Porplemontage sends out several users to stop them but Paper Jorge accidentally breaks the Dark Diamond cage and releases the diamond out into the Wiki World, and Agelakoopa kills Jorge. Porple decides to start a team called Thousand Fire, a team assigned by Porple to go and collect the diamonds. Meanwhile, the trolls are also on a mission to recover the diamonds and meanwhile, in the Spanish Wikipedia, a group of Spanish trolls plan to collect the diamonds as well, as they somehow have learned the powers that the diamonds have.


Chapter Summary Issues
Extra/Prologue A promotional comic was released to advertise Final de Wiki 3. The promo originally said it would be released in Summer, but as Jorge got the first issue done early he decided to release it. The promo sets the plot, to where Agathokako and Agelakoopa begin planning.


Chapter 1: Failed Mission A group of users, Paper Jorge, Stumpers, Cobold, Purple Ninjakoopa, Beanbean and Sir Grodus are assigned by Porplemontage to recover the Dark Diamonds which can revive Mastermind Troll from the troll base. Once there, however, four of them are killed and the Dark Diamonds are released into the Wiki World. Porplemontage starts the Thousand Fire group to recover the diamonds.

Part 1
Part 2

Chapter 2: Fisherman's Blues The users reach Port Harbour in their search for the first diamond, but trouble begins.


  • Before the official confirmation of Wiki's End 3, a joke on a third Wiki's End was brought up in WTF Tales.
  • Agelakoopa in Final de Wiki 3 is based off a kid who was originally in Jorge's sixth grade class in Real Life, who wore glasses, had spiked hair and had a similar last name. Agathokako's name comes from Agathokakological, which means made up of both good and evil.
  • Chapter 2's (Final de Wiki 3) title name is based on the song Fisherman's Blues by the Waterboys.