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I agree

GalacticPetey's infamous catchphrase on the Mario Wiki Forum
GalacticPetey Petey Form.png
Member of: Super Mario Wiki, Userpedia, Super Mario Boards
Species N/A
Join date June 5th, 2009
Gender Male
Allies Anyone who's not a complete asshole.
Likes Godzilla, Petey Piranha, The Legend of Zelda, Dragon Ball Z, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Super Smash Bros., Bruce Springsteen
Aliases GP, Petey, GalPt, Mario freak
Age 16

GalacticPetey, also known as GP and Petey, is a user on Mario Wiki, Userpedia, and Super Mario Boards. He is known for his possibly unhealthily obsession with DBZ and kaiju.

Physical Appearance

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Troll's Island (comic)

GalacticPetey has a minor part in Trolls' Island. A Petey Piranha look-alike is seen in a flashback, minding his own business. This could possibly be GalacticPetey. He is seen on Trolls Island randomly saying saying "GODZILLA IS AWESOME! GODZILLA IS AWESOME!" over and over again. It happened due to a curse cast by the troll Maria. However, when when UltraMario and FireBabyLuigi are free from the curse, GalacticPetey still repeats it. In a movie theater later in the comic, he seen still repeating it.

A Spammers Revenge

GalacticPetey makes a small appearance in A Spammers Revenge. He is in a lab with Paula and reports that the nukes are jammed and they have to be released. He is then shown reacting to the troll attack and is not seen again. It was revealed by KB99 that he was a nuclear scientist. Neptune99 has revealed that GP will appear again with Smasher 101 and Paula later on in the Second season.

The Three Mushketeers

GalacticPetey appeared in The Three Mushketeers by Mason. He was mentioned by New Super Mario in Issue 28 and actually appeared in Issue 42, trying to take his underwater Christmas tree down. The heroes came they tell him to hand over the Shine Sprite, and GalacticPetey refused because he needed it to turn all the ocean into Coca-Cola. Mason remarked by accidentally calling him Petey Piranha, which made him yell. He fought with them until Issue 47, and made a small appearance in Issue 71, as prisoner.

New Sherlock Mario Book 1: The Case of the Toxic Donut

GalacticPetey appears in New Sherlock Mario Book 1: The Case of the Toxic Donut by New Super Mario. He is one of the suspects thought to have been behind Mason's murder. He is proven innocent.

Extinction: Rise of the Mutants

GalacticPetey appears as a non-mutant in Extinction: Rise of the Mutants created by Zero777. GalacticPetey would have become a mutant if not for his ability to resist radiation. Not surprising do to the fact that his Godzilla form feeds off radiation to become stronger. He first appears in chapter 8 along with many other non-mutants. He is very relieved when he finds out Zero is alive. He fights the Planks by going Godzilla form, but is defeated. He loses much blood. He is rushed to a medical area and is healed. In chapter 12, GP explains where he was during the nuclear explosion. When the group is confronted by the Greases, GP's anger breaks do to him not wanting to almost die again. He grabs a rocket and throws it down to try to destroy the Greases. He end up opening a huge hole in the ground which he falls into. He was captured by the greases and forced to fight their giant worm monster. GP won and joined back up with the group.

Adventure of SK

GalacticPetey appears as a main character in Adventure of SK by SKMarioman. He is a user that lives 200 years in the future. His world is in crisis and he goes back in time to prevent the horror that he knows as life. This role is similar to Silver the Hedgehog from Sonic and Trunks from Dragon Ball Z. When he goes to the past, he confronts and attacks Skmarioman, believing he is the reason his world is a living hell. He begins to question how Sk is capable of destroying the world, and if the fate of the world is worth killing people for. During the final battle, he takes on a form similar to a Super Saiyan and helps win the battle.

Project Aviate

GalacticPetey appears as a minor character under the name of Vincent “Galactic” Peters in Tabuu'a Project Aviate. Here, GP is a writer for the newspaper The Wiki Ambassador.

CLUE: The Scottish Mario Play

In Toad85's parody of Macbeth, GalacticPetey plays the role of Kind Duncan, referred to as "King Dunczilla". The story follows the sma e basic plot as the original Shakespeare play, having GP as the king at the beginning of the book before being killed by a power seeking MacJav. In CLUE, "Dunczilla" is an awful king who can only speak in roars.


GalacticPetey has a minor role as one of the guests that Mr. Person has invited for lunch. He is quite shocked when he finds Nabber dead in a closet.

I Heard You Have a Dragon Problem?

GalacticPetey is one of many users to cameo in Edo and Walkazo's collaboration comic I Heard You Have a Dragon Problem?. He is one of the many users at Town Hall when the battle erupts. After nearly being crushed by the giant Mario which he dubs "Mariozilla," he decides to flee the town with a few others. He is seen still watching the fight from afar in Chapter 47.

User Brawl

GalacticPetey in User Brawl

GalacticPetey also appears in the October 2009 User Brawl in The 'Shroom. He was a slow, heavy fighter. He came in 4th place, losing to Baby Mario Bloops, Mario64fanatic, and Luigifreak.

Moves used in User Brawl

  • B neutral- Goop Spit
  • B side- Head Sling
  • B up- Fly
  • B down- Body Slam
  • Final Smash- Piranha Plant Invasion

The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo

GalacticPetey, appearing as an unedited Petey Piranha, appears in The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo. He appears exclusively in Episode 4, where he is hired to become a part of the show's official band, along with Lakituthequick and PyroGuy. Due to poor planning on their part, they end up naming their band "We'll think of a band name later stfu", and then perform a cover of the song "Call Me Maybe" prompting Paper Jorge to kick them off his show.



  • In Episode 4 of Adventure of SK, because SKmarioman didn't have a sprite sheet that included goop at the time, GP throws a Big Steelie at SKmarioman instead.
  • GP was only a cheep-cheep on the forum for a couple hours.

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