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Member of: Chronologically
  • Kirby Wikia1
  • Super Mario Wiki2
  • MarioWiki Forums3
  • Userpedia4
Rank 5-Point List
  • 1: User
  • 2: User
  • 3: User
  • 4: User
Species Kirby
Join date 5-Point List
  • 1: Unknown
  • 2: Unknown
  • 3: Unknown
  • 4: October 8, 2010
Gender Male
Allies Anybody who isn't a troll, a spammer or a flamer.
Likes Any type of video game, any type of music, any type of food, any type of book, swimming
Dislikes People who try to be popular but become an ass in the process, hackers
Moves Inhale, Copy, Spit, Slide, Fly
Theme(s) "Creep" -- Radiohead
Specialty/Most Active Information gathering, articles, navigation templates
Aliases Reversinator, ReverS, Destroya Elite, Anubis, ShadowMan.EXE

Time Turner, formerly known as GreenDisaster and previously Reversinator, is a User on the MarioWiki and Userpedia. He is a silver Kirby. Due to his newbiness, many wouldn't know what to describe him as. He used to be an extremely active member, making multiple edits every day. But recently he has gone inactive and hasn't made any edits in over a month. He gets along with most users, but doesn't have any real good friends.


A new beginning

While making a fanfic on GameFAQs titled "Kirby RPG 3", he decided to search around for other Kirby-related things. As such, he found the Kirby wikia. Due to Kirby being one of his favorite series, he energetically jumped in. The sysops who were there regarded him as one of the many noobs out there. His edits were either undid or edited, so he never lived up to his full potential. Until he came across the Paint Roller article.

Project after project after project

Reversinator noticed that while a list of the paintings Paint Roller drew existed for Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, there wasn't one for Kirby: Canvas Curse. Speedily, he whipped up a small list, which was later undid due to the fact that it barely scratched the surface of those paintings. With the help of two users, EmptyStar and Starman125, he created a full list. And due to the fact that there were many characters he had never seen before, he was tutored on the past on the Kirby series just by looking at images. After that point, he started many projects, including adding sprites of enemies, adding glitches, revamping levels and putting in missing trophies for SSBB, all of which made him a very popular user.

The chapter ends

After this editing spree, he decided to check out other wikias and found the Mario Wikia, which was in very poor shape. The next day, he decided to head back to this wikia through a search engine, and accidentally stumbled upon the Super Mario Wiki. He was amazed by the massive amount of detail, so he created an account under his previous username and started editing. But when one good thing starts, another must end. His attention to the Kirby Wikia quickly diverted to the Super Mario Wiki, and soon stopped editing there. His edits varied from minor to medium, but never anything major.

Solo Guy

While randomly searching through articles, he came across the list of microgames in WarioWare: Twisted!, which he soon realized that very few microgames on this list existed. So he decided to get to work and create the related articles. As he did this, he soon realized that the collectible items of this game needed articles too, and so did the collectible items microgames of WarioWare: Touched!. He decided to first work on WarioWare: Twisted!-related articles first. He saw nobody who wished to participate in this project, so he did it alone.

The 'Shroom

After creating a few articles, Reversinator noticed The 'Shroom. He saw the page to sign up, and eagerly searched through it. He saw that many jobs in the "Fun Stuff" section needed somebody, so he decided to try out for a job in that section. He eventually settled for "Guess Who?", where the job holder is supposed to give a brief description of a character and everyone else is supposed to find out who it is. He sent it to the current director of The 'Shroom, Tucayo, who cheerfully accepted his form. Filled with glee, he couldn't wait for the next issue to be released. But the anticipation didn't stop him from editing articles as usual, and so he went back to creating articles.


In March 2012, Reversinator requested a name change to GreenDisaster. After his username was changed, GreenDisaster became active again, and helped fight against vandals. Due to this boost in activity, he has over 10,000 edits on the wiki. He has also helped with collaborations in the Wiki Collaborations board on the forums.


GreenDisaster started off bright and excited, and he still is. He loves to talk with other people, but doesn't make a habit of it. He sometimes questions somebody's reasoning if they delete one of his articles or undo one of his edits.

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