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EVERYONE I KNOW IS GOING EMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hemu being odd

Hemu is awesome and stuff
Rank MW:Retired, UP:Insignificant Wretch, Fantendo:That One Guy Who Argues And Deletes Your Game
Gender Male
Allies Stooben Rooben, Ultima Bahamut, GreenKoopa, Mcoolister, BowserJrLover, Totodile3456, ChaosNinji, Xterra, Inuyasha Zero, SvS
Relatives Cookio(Brother(Wiki)/Himself(RL) H Poke (Brother(Wiki)/Himself(RL))
Likes Video Games, Computers, Making Negative Versions of Songs, cookies
Dislikes Sports, non-anime/manga
Age Real Life: 12, Wiki Age: millions of years old

Hemu is an Indian user on the Super Mario Wiki who lives in America. He has the ability to shape-shift, but his base form depends on which Wiki he is on. He is friends with Stooben Rooben, occasionally asking him questions. He twice received a block for flaming.


The Beginning that Hemu is to lazy to expand on

999,997 years before the start of the Wiki, Hemu lived for 12 years then died in strange yet unknown way. Historians believe it was in a wildfire, but Hemu killed everyone that discovered the truth, but then decided he didn't care anymore and it was found out it was arson. Hemu then went to MarioWiki, and he became bored. He then went to Userpedia. Then he went to Chat and stayed there most of the time. He then left the wiki world for brawl hack sites and such. He then returned, and got bored with Userpedia, and decided to stay on Fantendo. but eventually he stayed on both sites. Yay.

The Fateful Day

During September and October, Hemu got frustrated with RedYoshi and his n00bishness on Fantendo, So Hemu commented on a blog post, saying he of all people shouldn't say who is a n00b and who isn't, eventually leading to him to make a blog post asking if he should leave or go, Hemu and Sorastitch(desperate times called for desperate measures) both told RY to go, and on Sunday October 3, 2009, when RedYoshi went on Fantendo, decided that he had enough of Hemu calling him a n00b(At least he was being truthful, unlike those who call him a n00b in chat and never mention it) and Blocked Hemu. Hemu then went to chat, and tried to tell Shrooby, however he wasn't there, so he went into #userpedia and waited for Glaive. Glaive arrived rather quickly, and noticed Hemu's nick("Hemuisbannedyay") and asked "banned?" and Hemu told him the story. Glaive saw how stupid the ban was, and told Cobweb to come on Fantendo and demote RY, and un-ban Hemu (and promote Henry, but Henry told that, so this not important), Cobweb did, and RY decided to Retire(but then he came back :(). Crane, Hemu, Glaive and Henry rejoiced. later that day, upon Shroobario's return, He and Cobweb discussed Hemu's promotion, which they both agreed and Hemu was promoted to Sysop, Also #fantendo reached the highest amount of users, which Hemu considers his celebration. And then he typed this up the next day, with way too many brackets(you probably guessed that(hey look it's more brackets(and brackets inside brackets))).


Hemu was considered for promotion a few times on Userpedia, but was never promoted, due to being slightly inactive, until November 1st, a day after Halloween, where Paint It Black promoted him. He also formed a sysop squad with DG and JR. Oh yeah, and now he resigned from Fantendo, and isn't a sysop in UP, and then became some emo Neku recolor, so life goes on.

However, Hemu was soon re-promoted on 1 April 2010 due to a blog that Super Mario Bros. set up; which requested Hemu being re-promoted (which a majority of those who voiced their opinions supported).



Hemu was brought up a Hindu, not a very ardent Hindu, but a Hindu. Once he entered Elementary school, he met another kid who was Hindu, and from then, started to learn more about the religion. When he was 8 years old, Hemu heard the story of Adam and Eve, and questioned it, seeing how it went against what Science told was true. At 10 years old Hemu finally stopped being truly Hindu, questioning Religion altogether, but problems with other children made him drop his questions altogether. Two years later, Users like Black Hole Sun and Master Lucario made him remember his doubts, and at this point he decided that the religious belief is pointless. Hemu is into hearing about the stories and tales of Religion, but gets largely uninterested with the Abrahamic Religious tales, due to the fact that they're mostly about Humans with Divine Powers, very few creatures. Hemu also wonders why Christians and Muslims hate each other, because they believe the same things, just believe it differently. Also he thinks people shouldn't call those old religions mythology, because those tales are as much of a myth as the ones of the present-day religions.


Hemu wasn't too into music, mostly due to the fact that his dad is into boring Indian music, and Hemu didn't hear much, but when he started going on the Internet, he heard more and more of it, and became interested in it.


Hemu's Family

His dad is a Fantendo user named Fillet-O-Fish, and a bunch of people are his family. He got married to someone and had JesseRoo and his sister Cookie. He then divorced her and married someone else and then later Paper Yoshi's GF. He's now single and adopted a Fantendo user named YoshiEgg, and his twin brother Tedworth.



why do older peoples come on this late at night
because we are going to take over the world and we hold our meetings this late at night
o crap i shouldn't have said that

Hemu, then BHS the next two times, Chatroom late at night


Hemu and Plumber in a never ending conversation

`spin will kill jorge
***GameServ spins the bottle for Hemu and it lands on...

Hemu messing around with GameServ in #userpedia

`spin hates packy
***GameServ spins the bottle for Hemu and it lands on...
...im emo

Hemu then GameServ, and then Packy

      • PalkiaGG2 is now known as Palkia47
        me tis very scared
        so leave fatass
        Palkia47 left the room.
Packy, then Hemu twice, then packy again

Packy come back
Palkia47 has entered the room.
hi there amigos

Hemu and Packy in chat

  • insertnamehere* entered the room.
    oh wait
    wrong person
numerous people and Hemu

!lovecalc FK Toto
The probability of FK and Toto having a successful relationship is 2 percent.

Hemu and Yoshios bot

`eightball What are you, a magic eight ball?
Shroobario: No.`eightball
are you sure
Hemu: Never.
`eightball really?
Hemu: Yes, yes, yes, and yes again.

Hemu and Gammy and Shrb

`eightball is shrooby mentally challenged
Hemu: We won't go there

Hemu and Gammy


Add yourself. flaming is welcomed (but will be deleted).


Hemu and Shroobario started out as just people who knew each other on IRC, eventually the two grow to become very close friends. After Hemu found out that Shrooby is the same Religion as him, Hemu started to hang out with Shrooby in #fantendo more.

Clear Discoherency

CD is definitely Hemu's best Friend in the Wiki World. The two first met on IRC back when CD was known as InuyashaZero, Hemu talked to CD often, and after finding out he was RapidRocker, Hemu realised he and CD were similar. Since CD and Hemu are close friends, CD and Hemu have heard each other's voices(via Voice Chat), and even have each others emails. Hemu has even seen what CD looks like in Real Life.

SvS-GV-Cobweb Trio

Scarecrow von Steuben

SvS and Hemu didn't get of to the best start, after Hemu's RL friend joined, SvS accused Hemu of sockpuppeting, which caused both Hemu and his friends to flame SvS. After Hemu got banned, he used his IP to edit(he sockpuppeted pretending to be his sister), and after he edited the RapidRocker page, SvS accused him of being RapidRocker. Hemu now not as easily angered, went to chat and asked Crypt Raider to tell SvS to stop the accusation, and ended up giving him a warning on his birthday. Hemu later felt sorry for this and made SvS a pixel Art. After Hemu returned from his long Inactivity, SvS was glad to see Hemu back and welcomed him back.


Cobweb and Hemu didn't get of to a good start either. Cobweb, didn't like Hemu's grammar, so Hemu and Cobweb didn't get along. Cobweb however, asked Hemu to be the first person Interviewed. After that Cobweb started coming to chat, Hemu and Cobweb became good friends. Hemu was saddened when Cobweb said he would leave Fantendo.


Unlike his brothers, Glaive and Hemu got along particularly well from the start. Hemu and Glaive are good friends.


RedFire Mario

RedFire_Mario: Hemu: :o

RedFire Mario in chat on multiple occasions

Of the two brothers, Hemu was better friends with RFM at first, often talking to him on chat or asking him to be in his game and whatnot. Later however they started to talk less, but they were still good friends.

DarkHero Sonic the Dark

Link Jorge and Jedi Hemu

DHS, referring to RL Pics of Hemu and Jorge

At first DHS and Hemu were friends, but they didn't talk much, usually hemu asked DHS things through RFM. Later however he and DHS started talking more, and they became more and more friendly.


Hemu Has Many Pets


Cookiezard is Hemu's Pet Charizard who is actually part of Hemu's soul, recently Cookiezard has went to Bulbapedia and taken Hemu's place there

Wyler, Prowler and Bouncé

Wyler, Prowler and Bouncé are two of Hemu's Heartless pets. Wyler is a Wyvern (the Heartless not the dragon), Prowler is Bouncywild and Bouncé is a Bouncywild. Prowler and Bouncé always seem to ride Wyler and pull pranks on people. Wyler is often used as a mount for Hemu and his pets.

Sham and Zombone

Sham and Zombone are also Heartless. Sham is a Shaman (the Heartless not the Native Amrican Medicine Man or a Person who can control ghosts) and Zombone is a Living Bone (a Heartless not a Skeleton). Sham is always riding Zombone.

Screwy and Boomer

Screwy and Boomer are also Heartless. Screwy is a Screwdiver(not Screwdriver) and Boomer is a Misslediver.They two are best friends.


Bemo is Hemu's Behemoth Heartless. He is a giant thus his name.


Hooky is Hemu's Hookbat Heartless. He is very small and often roams around and comes back only at night

Draco and Twi

Draco and Twi are Nobodys. Draco is a Dragoon (the Heartless not the job class in final Fantasy or a cavalry man)and Twi is a Twilight Thorn. They are major powerhouses and are even stronger when Twi rides Draco and uses' Draco's Lance

Mogo and Choco

Mogo is a Moogle who always carries a book, and Choco is a Racing Chocobo. Mogo is very weak and his only attack is to hit people with his Encyclopedia, Dictionary, Thesarus or whatver book he has. Mogo often rides Choco to get an upper hand as Choco is a mount and doesn't have any tactical thinking but can fight with his beak and Mogo has no fighting ability whatsoever but has a very tactical mind.


Baha is a Bahamut.


Fen is a Fenrir.


Cacto is a Cactuar.


Phoebe is a Phoenix .


Bonetail is a dragon Hemu found in his Neighborhood (his Cemetery).


Wracktail is a Robot Dragon that Hemu biomechanically engineered.


Oxnard is a Hamster that accidentally fell from Hamtaro world.


Mecha Exor

After Hemu found Exor nearly dead he re-bio-mechanically engineered him. He is now bigger and can shoot lasers.


Akiame means "Autumn Rain". Akiame was a sword that Hemu got on his birthday from SSG. It is his newest Sword. Autumn Rain is also the name of the sword Sergeant Tashigi (from One Piece) uses.


Saifogeo is a Energy Sword. Saifogeo was is also the name of a Spell that Tia (from Zatch Bell!) uses.


Futsu-no-Mitama is an ancient japanese relic that supposedly belonged to a japanese sword god. It is a stone sword so it's only used to channel energy not to fight. Yoh Asakura (from Shaman King) uses this sword in a compound oversoul.

Kitetsu XIII

Kitetsu XIII is the first sword Hemu got. Kitetsu swords are excellent swords but the wielders die because the swords are bewitched. It is based of Kitetsu III used by Roronoa Zolo (from One Piece).


Kaku-No-Fuyu is a powerful sword that was forged by Biggoron. It was twin forged with Genshi Bakudan. Kaku-No-Fuyu means "Nuclear Winter" in japanese. It is based of Yubashiri used by Roronoa Zolo (from One Piece).

Genshi Bakudan

Genshi Bakudan is a powerful sword that was forged by Biggoron. It was twin forged with Kaku-no-Fuyu. Genshi Bakudan means "Atomic Bomb" in japanese. It is based of Yubashiri used by Roronoa Zolo (from One Piece).


Onmitsu-no-Majutsu is a magic sword that once lay in a heavenly place. Hemu stole it and uses it to fight. Normally heavenly swords don't work unless the sword has chosen a user. Onmitsu-no-Majutsu means Secret Magic in japanese.

Kyofusho Osore

Kyofusho Osore is a magic sword that once lay in a cursed place. Hemu stole it and uses it to fight. Normally cursed swords would kill their user but Hemu is already dead. Kyofusho Osore means "Fear of Fear".



  • He used to have a tendency to call YellowYoshi398 "your sysopness" and "sir", out of respect.
  • He used to have a tendency to call Uniju "Uni-san", out of respect, but now that he converted to Unijuism, he calls Uniju, "Uni-Kami"
  • His first and last initials happen to be HK.
  • His favorite video game character is Klonoa but however many users on Mariowiki haven't heard of him
  • Hemu is the only docile Unijuist, as others often argue with other users.
  • Hemu couldn't breathe through his nose or smell until he was twelve.
  • Hemu used to play Piano, and recorder, he currently plays guitar, and euphonium, and is planning on playing drums.
  • The name you see here is his name in real life.
    • The name Cookio was a portmanteau (or however you spell that) of Cookie and Mario (yeah he was a n00b back then).
    • The name H Poke was something made by SSG for Hemu's Glitch form or something.
    • The name Kamehameha comes from DBZ and from Hawaii, he used them both, go figure.
    • The name Renzoku Kikou Dan is a move from DBZ, it's a romaji of ????? which means Continuous Qigong Bullets, but english people call it Continuous Energy Bullets, how lame.
    • The name Alexandria Nessa Bethany the Fourth came from Cleverbot, the most awesome sapient robot you'll ever live to know.
    • The name Renegade of Funk comes from some song by the Soulsonic Force, named Renegades of Funk, but it's also a RATM song(cover, not one of those songs where a million people have the same name for a song but they're all different).
    • Red Sector Ω is named after the greek letter Ω and the Rush song Red Sector A.

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