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Rank User
Species Moose
Join date July 22, 2008
Gender Male
Allies Shroobario, Plumber, Mcoolister, Cobweb, CAPS LOCK LORD, King Mario, Max2, ChaosNinji, 1337Yoshi, Negative Squad, Xzelion, KP Blue, RedFire Mario, The Missing Link, DHS, Super-Yoshi, Scarecrow von Steuben, Toadbert101, Smiley The Hun, Paper Jorge, Tabuuownsall132x2
Likes Gorillaz (the band)
Aliases Henry, Henry the Moose, HdM, Mr. H, CAPS LOCK APPRENTICE, CAPS LOCK WAFFLE, Mr. Random
Age 14* 25**

Henrydamoose is a Bureaucrat on Fantendo. He joined Userpedia and the Super Mario Wiki after hearing about it from Shroobario and Plumber. He is a moose with the ability to walk. He is also on the MarioWiki and Fantendo chatrooms fairly often, trying to strike up an interesting conversation at he best of his abilities. Henry also claims to be extremely fond of a virtual alternative/trip-hop band called Gorillaz.


Henry joined on July 22, 2008 at some time between 6:00pm and 8:00pm. He was greeted by the users he met on the Super Mario Wiki Chatroom. Recently, most of the time he spends in chat is talking to Jorge, Super-Yoshi, and his other acquaintances of which he likes to talk to.

Relationships with other users

Write your relationship with me or something....


Groden is one of Henry's closest friends. They actually started their friendship over a misunderstanding of words. For a while, Groden and Henry had a very huge rivalry, which included tons of flaming. However, they told everyone in chat that they were faking it. The reason is still unknown.

Paper Jorge

They became friends over a chat incident. On March 28 at nightly hours, during a conversation, Henry asked Jorge if he loved him. Jorge, knowing it was a joke, said yes. Henry then print-screened the chat and circled the conversation with a red circle in Paint. However, most users said it was "phail" because he was using Internet Explorer. Now Jorge and Henry usually joke about it, saying "I <3 u Henry or Jorge" everytime one of them comes on or at random moments. The two "broke up" recently though.


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