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I heard you have a dragon problem

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I heard you have a dragon problem
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Creator Walkazo and Mr. Edo
Debut July 18, 2014
Genre Action/Comedy
Latest Issue Chapter 50 (the end)
Rating Teen (violence, blood, harsh language)

"I heard you have a dragon problem?", or Dragon Problem for short, is a comic co-authored by Mr. Edo and Walkazo. It began in July 2014 as a casual improv project, confined to a thread on the Super Mario Boards. Initially, it was very roughly drawn with a rapid update schedule, but over time became increasingly complex, with the overall plot lines being planned ahead, more effort being put into the drawings, and both longer chapters and wait times. After a three month hiatus, the final four chapters were published in rapid succession in March 2015.

Like other entries in the Dog Edits Dog series, "Dragon Problem"'s chapters alternate between the two authors, with Mr. Edo contributing the odd-numbered chapters and Walkazo creating the even-numbered ones. As Walkazo draws her chapters by hand with permanent markers and scans them in, while Edo's are purely computer-made, the difference in graphics from chapter to chapter are particularly striking. Both artists employ a variety of styles over time and even within the same chapters, with Edo often using animated GIFs, and Walkazo occasionally using graphics tools beyond simply cleaning up her hand-drawn material. She also made a shortened version of the song "I'm Not the Breakman" by The Megas and had her brother, Pantaro, set the last few panels of Chapter 50 to it in a YouTube video, as a final flourish to end the comic.

In addition to "Dragon Problem"'s central fifty chapters, there are also numerous side-chapters, including contributions made by readers, further increasing the artistic diversity of the project. However, while many side-chapters are part of the main storyline, including some of the reader-generated material, others are strictly non-canon and merely included for fun. One of the major features of the comic is its interplay with the forum thread it was posted on, especially earlier on, where reader comments occasionally had large impacts on the course of the story when they were incorporated into the updates. In addition, everyone who posted in the thread was given at least one cameo by the end of the comic as thanks, with the majority of recurring characters also getting their roles due to their presence in the thread, although the authors often included other users and even videogame characters (and Shigeru Miyamoto) where they saw fit.


"I heard you have a dragon problem?" recounts the tale of the eccentric Mr. Edo who visits a town in the north, and the eponymous dragon problem, an angry librarian named Walkazo. While battling for dominance in a fight to the death, both must eventually come to terms with an underlying scheme tied to the fate of the entire town.


While open to fan-made followups to the comic, Mr. Edo and Walkazo have sworn off making any official sequels to Dragon Problem themselves, illustrating their point with two small one-offs in response to fan interest in the matter:



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