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Impenting Destruction/Episode 3

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While I had a fairly calm look on my face, I was internally panicking. Nysic was strolling back to town as if he had his disguise on. Eventually, I snapped (mentally, not physically) and tapped Nysic's shoulder. He looked over at me and shrugged, and I replied by silently pointing to one of the many people on the streets. Nysic then promptly and immediately stopped in his tracks.

Nysic: "Oh, you're right. I almost forgot."

I gave a sigh of relief after that...until I realized he was just going to tie his shoe. I spotted one of the users charging towards us and ducked for dear life.


I briefly put my head up and noticed that I was not being attacked at all. Neither was Nysic, and he was still tying his shoe, too.

Nysic: "There! All done! Say, what's that noise?"

We looked behind us and saw a lot of people seemingly beating up someone else. Nysic flew up and noticed that it was a Thwomp of some sorts getting thrashed.

Nysic: "Yow, poor fella. I almost feel bad for him. Well, I think we should get going, or we'll be their next target."

Nysic and I then proceeded to leave Trollsboro, but our efforts were short lived; the bridge was broken, and the train was in New Wikisburg. (One of the leaders of the town must have checked in while we were in the desert.)

Nysic then decided to lift me up, but after a short second, he realized that I was too heavy for him to carry.

Nysic: "Well, I can't lift you up, you're just a tad too heavy for me to carry. So, I guess you could just do a leap of faith...?"


Nysic: "Oh NOW you talk."

Nex: "Wait... I've been silent this whole time?"

Nysic: "Yeah."

Nex: "Huh, I never realized that."

I also didn't realize I was slowly pacing around while talking. Before I could say anything else, I stumbled and fell off the middle of the bridge. Nysic quickly flew down to see if I was safe. I floated up just a second after due to my round body, and I was pretty okay.

Nysic: "Woah, that was a great fall. You alright?"

Nex: "Yeah, I'm fine. Well now that passing the bridge isn't much of an issue, let's swim back to shore. Er... I swim, you fly, of course."

I went ahead and tried to swim, but my arms couldn't really propel me too well.

Nex: "Hey Nysic, could you give me a hand?"

Nysic: "As I said, I can't carry y-"

Nex: "No, I mean just pushing this time."

Nysic: "Now why didn't I think of that?"

Nysic initiated our plan, and not more than 5 minutes later, we reached the port of New Wikisburg. We then climbed the ladder back up to the docks.

Nex: "Hey, thanks for the assistance."

Nysic: "No problem! So... that trip was a bust. Any ideas on where to look next?"

Nex: "Hm... say, this may seem crazy, but what if this "message" wasn't earthly?"

Nysic: "Nex, did you sleep at all last night?"

Nex: "Firstly, no, secondly, I don't really think that's it's ruled out."

Nysic: "Well, if it involves me flying to space, count me out!"

Nex: "Pfft, no. We could look for clues in the New Wikisburgian Space Center's reports."

Nysic: "So, should we go there now?

Nex: "Nah, it's late. You should go get some rest until tomorrow morning, while I stay up all night watching TV again."

Nysic: "Ah... I would do it tomorrow morning, but I kind of have something planned."

Nex: "You mean like mail duties?"

Nysic: "No, I mean like personal stuff."

I look at Nysic with shifty eyes.

Nex: "So... is it a date?"

Nysic: "Well, no. Not that either. Well, gotta fly!"

Nysic then flew off back to his house. I really couldn't trust him with the whole "not a date" thing. But alas, I had better things to worry about. I walked back to the Pipe Center to take the pipe back to my house for a good night's television.