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Users fade. The wiki remains.

A random quote from KPH
KPH Userart.PNG
Member of: Super Mario Wiki
Rank Administrator, Former Bureaucrat
Species Boo
Join date 8 December 2006

KPH2293 (formerly known as Yoshi626) is a current sysop (March 18, 2007; 15 April 2012) and former bureaucrat (May 29, 2009 — Feb 11, 2010; Aug 4 2010) of the Super Mario Wiki. He is a green Boo who wears a crown. He is known for his very quiet nature and serious demeanor, and after a long-time sysophood (March 18, 2007–March 26, 2008) he was an expected bureaucrat candidate before going into inactivity. After making a brief visit in April, he returned on May 11, 2009, later disappearing again in November leading to another demotion, and then returned again a few months later.


KPH2293 joined the Super Mario Wiki on the night of December 8, 2006. He discovered the website after WarioLoaf posted a link to it on Wookieepedia, which was the first wiki KPH joined. He quickly found a home with the MarioWiki, becoming friends with many users such as Knife (whom KPH considers his mentor).

KPH became a sysop on March 18, 2007 after the community requested more sysops as vandalism was becoming more frequent. At his apex, he was then-bureaucrat Wayoshi's right hand man and a mentor to Xzelion. Things soon fell apart, however, as Wayoshi began trolling the chatroom under the alias of Willy. KPH was one of the few users to catch on to him, and decided to retire out of a silent protest.

About a week later, KPH returned, having missed the wiki too much to continue with retirement. Shortly after, Wayoshi admitted to being Willy, and resigned. KPH was the favorite to replace him as bureaucrat, but soon went inactive, and the job eventually went to his friend and protege Xzelion. After being inactive for nearly 6 months, KPH was demoted on March 26, 2008, and did not edit for more than a year. He returned to action in May of 2009, and shortly after was promoted to bureaucrat by Stooben Rooben. However, he once again became inactive later that year.

For six years, KPH came and went, never staying for too long. But in June of 2015, KPH announced that he was "coming home" (his words) and became more active as a sysop in the community.



Master Wikians

KPH appears in Master Wikians as a recurring character who was intended to have a heavy involvement in the story before the comic was abruptly canceled. He made his debut in A Sibling Collision, in which he and YellowYoshi398 stop Paper Jorge and Super-Yoshi from entering a supposedly cursed mansion, YY stating that they will handle the investigation themselves. KPH has the ability of Mental Manipulation, allowing him to erase the memories of others and negate the abilities of other superpowered Users.

It Began With a Dream

KPH2293 made an appearance in It Began With a Dream, a story written by Marioguy1 where is one of two users to go after Porplemontage when he gets captured by the trolls along with Coincollector. He does not return from his mission and the MarioWiki users give him up for dead until they find him and Coincollector outside of Rudnicki's room listening to his plans and planning to attack him.



  • KPH's username amasses his real life initials (KPH) and his birthday (February 2, 1993, or 2/2/93). His previous name, Yoshi626, was derived from Yoshi and Stitch's codename ("Experiment 626") from the film Lilo & Stitch.
  • KPH is the first MarioWiki sysop to be promoted by someone other than Steve, and the first to be promoted by Wayoshi.

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