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KP Shadow

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KP Shadow
Member of: Super Mario Wiki, Userpedia, Fantendo
Rank Mario Wiki - Banned

Userpedia - User

Fantendo - User

Species Human
Gender Male
Allies Hemu, Tabuuownsall132x2, Yoshario, Boozooka, Grapes, Castle Toad, Max2, Glaive, Henrydamoose
Likes Video Games, The Megas, The Protomen, Atop the Fourth Wall, Mega Man, Homestuck, Sculpting
Dislikes People who still haven't gotten over what he's done in the past, people who can't take a joke.
Aliases Kip Shades, KP Blue
Age 16

<KP_Shadow> I'm trippin' out, man
MrConcreteDonkey socks dr seuss in the snout
<KP_Shadow> I can taste the colors!

KP Shadow and MrConcreteDonkey, #userpedia
KP's original design
KP Shadow (also known as KP Blue or simply KP) is a user. He is a user on Fantendo, Mario Wiki, and Userpedia, as well as former a Bureaucrat on Usertendo.


He first created an account on Mario Wiki as KP Shadow, changed his username to Dark Toad, created a sockpuppet called Informant after losing his password, and changed the sockpuppet's username to KP Blue. He then tried to become director of The 'Shroom, only to fail. He continued being on the Mario Wiki, and found Userpedia. Soon he began getting on Sysops' nerves there, by making KP Clones, among other things. He eventually got blocked, which he tried to evade using different IP addresses. His block ended, and he started trying to prove his worthiness to the sysops, though he defeated this purpose by flaming users such as Toadette 4evur because they did not like his actions.

Soon, Crypt Raider blocked him, both for the flaming and for evading his ban. KP Blue began to beg Crypt Raider for more chances, offering to send rare Nintendo merchandise or as desperate enough to make a game about Crypt Raider or name one of his Chao in Sonic Adventure DX after Crypt. He began sockpuppeting to evade, but it ended up getting him blocked forever. KP Blue says he is planning to come back, and "start a new order" on Userpedia. He's became so desperate, he even claimed to time travel.

KP eventually returned, having reformed. However, due to a recent accident on Usertendo in which he wrote a rape story about Toto, he was blocked from Userpedia. He was also blocked on Fantendo for deliberately ignoring Plumber's statement not to advertise Usertendo there. However, he was later unblocked on Userpedia after a majority of sysops agreed that he reformed and that he deserved another chance.


KP Shadow also once created a sockpuppet named Homer and proceeded to spam InfectedShroom's talk page with it by saying "i am a troll" and "I am Evil Homer! I am Evil Homer!" He later apologized on Glowsquid's talk page by saying "I decided that we needed a Troll based on Homer Simpson from the animated sitcom, 'The Simpsons' to use for comics on Userpedia. Since there were no trolls named Homer, I decided to create an account called Homer. It was just a harmless prank. Please Don't block me!!!"


KP has made various appearances on the chat. He became infamous for sexually harassing Toto there, and a Userpedian vigilante group called the Winged Yoshis took up the hobby of tormenting him in revenge. KP was put on trial by the Winged Yoshis at #courtroom and #trial, and was convicted of "stalking, harassing, and being annoying". He was then banned from all chatrooms except #superchat and #metal, as well as #mwikitalk.

Second Block and Return

KP returned briefly to Userpedia when it moved to Adriels, and was allowed to stay despite his previous blocks on the former Userpedias. However, he wrote what was misinterpreted as a rape story about Totodile3456 on Usertendo, and when he went further to constantly mention his "fondness" for her, which eventually resulted in his block from Userpedia, and what was thought to be the last time many would see him.

After his block on Userpedia-Adriels, he often appeared in the Fantendo chatroom and acted overall mature. Some of the administrator's decided to unblock him because of the way he behaved in the chatroom. For the most part, his behavior has improved very much since he was unblocked, although he sometimes makes comments in the chatroom that result in a kick (although this type of behavior has decreased over time).

He was promoted to Sysop on Fantendo in Spring 2012, and was promptly demoted within a couple of hours.


Silver Fang

A Christmas present from Tabuu, it is a scythe with a power equivalent to a tenth of that of the Golden Fang. It has yet to actually be used.


KP Shadow



KP Shadow, Multiple occasions.

Wait, if normal users can move pages then I have the power to move this page!!
But that's NORMAL users.

KP Shadow and 1337Yoshi

<Kabuto{KP_Blue}> If someone were to offer me the choice of a million dollars, or a date with Toto, which do you think I'd choose?
<Ultima_Bahamut> The date.
<Kabuto{KP_Blue}> Actually, I'd pick the cash
<KingAbra> Kyle is a nice guy. He's not a stalker, and he loves Toto.
<Kabuto{KP_Blue}> Another reason why I'd choose the cash
<Kabuto{KP_Blue}> I'd probably end up in a fistfight with Kyle.
<KingAbra> Kyle would win.

KP, Ultima Bahamut, and KingAbra, chat

KP you're kind, funny, smart, determined and deep
as in you're a KINDa unFUNNY SMARTass who's DETERMINED to drive everybody off the DEEP end

Kingdra (Toto) sort of flaming KP, chat

Wanna go spam UnMario WIki
Crack is whack

FlyGuy2, KP, then KP Again, in query



  • He was the 7000th person to access the Userpedia Adriels main page
  • He has created Userpdia Adriels' 1000th article on two separate occasions, both of which being references to older fads in the MarioWiki community.

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