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Koopa-Paratroopa as Nega-Mario
Species Koopa, Dragon, Human
Join date October 2008
Gender Male
Allies Stooben Rooben,DHS, RedFire Mario, 1337Yoshi, Neurario, Totodile3456, Palkia47, Koopa-Troopa, 3Dejong , KP Shadow, Hemu
Aliases KPT, Nega-Mario, Super Turtwig, KP, Solid Koopa, Retro64

Dood, I am awesomer than you. You shalt now address me as Lord Turtwig.

Koopa-Paratroopa, to his brother Maruigi

Koopa-Paratroopa is a semi-notable user who joined Userpedia because he had lots of creativity and 3Dejong showed him it. He made friends with a few users, and quite often tries to be helpful and make good comics, but he almost always messes up or quits before he starts. He is most notable for owning the largest toy store in the Wiki, Turtwig's Toyz.


KPT normally assumes the form of Koopa-Paratroopa, who resembles Black Ninjakoopa from Paper Mario, but with wings. Other times, and always while in the Negative Zone, he becomes Nega-Mario, who resembles Mario with a black hat and overalls with red undershirt (which is similar to the Flying Mario Powerup from Super Mario Galaxy). However, due to him perfecting the Pokemonifier 2000, he now prefers to be in the form of a Shiny Poochyena, but with all his intelligence from KPT form. He has finally gotten rid of Nega-Mario form and now becomes Retro64, a 2.5D Link from Legend of Zelda, with a purple tunic.


Koopa-Paratroopa was originally born as a dragon named Azreal. His dad had created a dimension called the Negative Zone for KPT upon his death, but KPT grew bored of the bleak area. He transformed himself into a plumber to avoid suspicion, opened a hole to another dimension and fell into the Super Mario Wiki. He found Userpedia on a boring day and decided to live there after seeing the friendly users and job opportunities. He made a home in Leet Town, but moved to the Turtdome after it was created. He lives with his brother Maruigi and three pets:Flare the Luma, Hamtaro the hamster and an unnamed Turtwig. He then created Turtwig's Toyz so he could share his love of toys and video games with the world. Now, in addition to Turtwig'z Toyz, every week he hosts his own game show on TV, Turtwig's Destruction Roulette. As Retro64, he now spends his free time playing N64. He's also a member of the The Xephyr Board where he's a Moderator of his own board the Turtwig Mart.


KPT's forms
His new form

KPT has multiple forms,including

  • A black Para-Ninjakoopa
  • A white Shy Guy called Snow Guy
  • A red and green Yoshi called Rojoshi
  • And a green and red Lucario called Vercario.


KPT is a self-proclaimed "Poke-Nerd" and often talks about Pokémon, Mario, or root beer in Chat. He is a shy Koopa who is afraid of getting reprimanded and tries to be friends with many people. When he sees someone he hates, however, he will stop at nothing to get rid of them. When he does, he shifts to an uncaring, evil personality that plays with his prey before killing it and switching back to his normal happy-go-luckiness. He calls that personality switch his "dark side". Also, when switching forms, he also switches personalities again. Koopa-Paratroopa is the comical, somewhat idiotic happy-go-lucky Koopa like his brother Koopa-Troopa. Nega-Mario is the more serious from who is often more violent. In Retro64 form, he's still comical, but gets even more serious than Nega-Mario, and most times he'll let his magical Bitsword do the talking.


Having a larger IQ than most Koopas due to his extensive book reading, KPT often tries to make inventions by mixing things in his house. His most notable inventions are:

  • A "stealth suit" that takes the form of a black ninja suit and makes the user invisible while stationary
  • A gun that clones whatever it hits
  • A sniper rifle with lasers that can cut through steel
  • A machine that temporarily turns Users into Pokémon


Koopa appears in his own comic, The Impossible Heist. He makes a team of users called Team Turtwig to retrieve the orbs.he is in all Turtwig's Toyz video games, such as Super Turtwig Kart.


KPT is an avid Pokémon Trainer and holds four Pokémon with him always:

  • Turtwig, who is his main battler with his Leaf Storms
  • Infernape, another battler who relies on attacks like Close Combat
  • Max, a baby Lugia who is is main sweeper
  • And Blissey, a Pokémon who is usually only used for healing KPT's others or catching other Pokémon.




  • His favorite food is Oreos.
  • KPT believes that all Grotles are evil.
  • He has a habit of breaking the Fourth Wall in games.
  • Koopa plays guitar in Real Life and has made theme songs for himself, Hamtaro, and Turtwig.
  • Many of his alternate forms have Spanish words in their names, (Rojoshi, Verdecario, etc.).
Nega-Mario taking a break and riding a Yoshi in Pwnzplace.


I accidentally sued Sonic instead of Shadow...oops.

  • used..lol
Koopa-Paratroopa, talking to DHS in query

<KPT> ..... [07:51] <KPT> the chat died

[07:51] <KPT> noes



[07:52] <KPT> ..Ah well, I'm gonna turn this into my personal Pokemon arena

[07:52] * KPT redesigns chat so Eevee and Turtwig designs are everywhere

[07:52] <KPT> YAY! All better!

KPT when the chat is dead

[16:43] <PIDGEH> gtfo

[16:43] <IceEevee{toto}> SEE

[16:43] <KPT> YAY PIDGEY.

[16:43] <IceEevee{toto}> I TOLD YOU IT WAS EPIC

[16:43] <PIDGEH> it?

[16:43] <PIDGEH> i'm a she :(

[16:43] <KPT> 4th best Pokemon ever in my book.

[16:44] <KPT> my list goes like this:

[16:44] <KPT> 1.Turtwig

[16:44] <KPT> 2.Charmander

[16:44] <KPT> 3.Magikarp

[16:44] <PIDGEH> YES

[16:44] <KPT> 4.Pidgey


[16:44] <IceEevee{toto}> pidgeh is a cow

[16:44] <PIDGEH> moo

[16:44] <KPT> 5.Milotic or Dragonite.

[16:44] * KPT attempts to catch Pidgey

[16:44] <PIDGEH> :)

[16:44] * KPT 's Master Ball fails

[16:45] <PIDGEH> SEE

[16:45] <IceEevee{toto}> toto


[16:45] <KPT> Darnit.

[16:45] <IceEevee{toto}> yes i am

[16:45] <KPT> True.

KPT and Toto having a random conversation in totochat

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