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Late Night with Tabuu and Mason

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Late Night with Tabuu and Mason
Creator Tabuu and Mason
Debut February 15th, 2012
Genre Talk Show
Latest Issue Season 1, Episode 5
Rating T for Teen

User Soup ended. Why don't you settle for us?

the show's slogan

Late Night with Tabuu and Mason is a talk/news/review/skit show in which the hosts engage in witty banter, talk about news around the wiki, review fictions and comics, interview other users, and, on occasion, do random skits. It's a tribute to User Soup.


Season 1


  • The images in Episode 1 are incorrectly prefixed "LNMT" instead of "LNTM."

Sprite Credits

  • Stage: "Made by S_Y! Tonberry 2k ripped the Bowser Throne Room curtains, and Rogultgot ripped the Yoshi Theatre."
  • SonicMario: SonicMario
  • Mason the Magikoopa: Edited by Slamman12 and Mason the Magikoopa
  • Tabuu: Ripped by Grim, edited by Stooben Rooben
  • Most sprites: Edited by Mason the Magikoopa
  • Scarecrow: Edited by Henrydamoose
  • Recliner and Trumpet: Ripped by Barubary from Scribblenauts.
  • Anton{Hypnotoad} sprites: Ripped by megamario1234, Mageker, and Croshi. Edited by Mr bones and Master Crash.
  • Neurario sprites Charizard, Lava, Neptune99
  • Thwomp sprite: Mageker
  • Various items and small sprites: The Shyguy Kingdom