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Lily Troof: Ace Attorney

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Story logo made by Lily


This is the upcoming fiction by Lily. It stars a new young defence attorney named Lily Troof (Last name is a pun on truth as is Phoenix Wright's is a pun on right) The story will contain 5 cases, each of which will be split into chapters, it will contain both users OC's and extras that Lily herself adds into the story due to the high demand of users needed for the story to flow.


Coming soon.


Title Character

Rival Prosecutor


  • Angie Kagamine (Mariobros 2)



  • Detective Cirdec Arctan (Cirdec)

Other significant characters


Other Prosectuors

  • Barry Riles (Yoshimonsta)
  • Cutter Trout (Superchao)


  • FireEevee (FireEevee)
  • Matthew Matthews (Epic Nitwit)
  • Jesse Quincy (Lakituthequick)
  • John Wattson III (Snifit on Stilts)

Chapters and Cases

Case 1: Turnabout Meet Up

Case 2: The Classified Turnabout

Artwork and related pieces