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Link the Sailor

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Link the Sailor, Blastoise, or The Macaroni Man. Whichever you prefer.

i once put on my homework OMG THE MACARONI MAN. the teacher new who it was

Link the Sailor, Chat

Link the Sailor (also known as Blastoise and The Macaroni Man) is a User who many refer to as a noob. He has made a lot of edits, but mostly minor and on his own pages. He prefers to spend his time in the chatroom were he likes to talk to Palkia47, Boozooka, RedFire Mario, Gyroid X, FireKirby, and KingAbra. He does not like it when people cuss in the chatroom, so his life dream is to become an Operator, or better yet, a Sysop, so he can kick people who cuss. He is a member of the maintenance committee and constantly patrols the wiki putting categories on pages, editing spelling errors, marking pages as stubs or unmarking pages that are not stubs. He has seen a real lack of people who actually follow/enforce the chatroom rules. He also has a obsession with macaroni and randomness. He owns a ship known as the S.S. Dreamer and a Ocean known as The Ocean of Dreams.


Link the Sailor has multiple forms these being;

Fire LTS

Has control over fire. Can shoot fireballs from sword.


Has control over ice. Can shoot icicles form sword.

Lightning LTS

Has control over lightning/ electricity/ plasma. Can shoot lightning from sword.

Grass LTS

Has control over plants. Can shoot poisonous seeds from sword.

Rock LTS

Has control over rocks/earth. Can shoot rocks from sword.


LTS has a compliment of 6 Pokémon (including his second-in-command, Master Gallade). They are...

Master Gallade

Link's second-in-command, he is a Gallade with the moves False Swipe, Psychic, Leaf Blade, and Night Slash.


He is an Infernape, Link's strongest Pokémon, with the moves Flamethrower, Cut, Rock Climb, and Close Combat.


He is an Umbreon with the moves Bite, Faint Attack, Iron Tail, and Shadow Ball.


He is a Togekiss with the moves Fly, Yawn, Aura Sphere, and Sky Attack.


He is a Luxray with the moves Thunder Fang, Spark, Strength, and Crunch.


A Gyarados, she is the only female Pokémon on LTS's team. Her attacks are Surf, Waterfall, Ice Fang, and Rock Smash.


Currently being rewritten

Coming to the Wiki

He found the wiki through his brother, Peachycakes 3.14. His brother went on all the time and Link saw him on a couple times, but he called the wiki stupid or retarded. This all changed when he went to the Toon Zelda Wiki, were he met some people who told him about Userpedia. He went there, and was instantly hooked. He goes through phases were he either hates the wiki or loves it.


Link the Sailor



Link the Sailor, chat

Rap: Get a Life

Link the Sailor, Chat (Referring to RAP's tendency to compress each and every one of Userpedia's articles)


Link the Sailor, RL

I don't believe lies

Link the Sailor, RL

Cheezeballs! >:(

Never compare Cheezeballs to something bad.

LTS and His Friend, RL

Crap happens, live with it.

Link the Sailor, RL

BTW FK, friends don't kill friends randomly. I'm sorry, its just not done.

Blastoise, Chat


LTS, Chat

Hay sup.

"Hay" is definitely not up

KingAbra and Link the Sailor, Chat

[18:26] <KingAbra> sup

[18:26] <KingAbra> :D

[18:26] *** Guest173 is now known as Link_the_Sailor

[18:27] <Link_the_Sailor> technically speaking, many things are up KA

Link the Sailor and KingAbra, Chat

Your names Blastoise now, mkay?

Totodile3456, Chat

APPLES DO NOT FALL DOWN!!! Oh wait.. yes they do

Link the Sailor, RL (While playing I wanna be the guy)

[13:59] <LTS> ded yeah nowz tetz mestr ess gee hetts hurripl gremmers?

LTS, chat.

Sailor Productions

Sailor Productions is a comic making company headed by Link the Sailor. It currently has two comics, a game, and a story.





Though tough and brutal on the battle field, he is tender at heart, and sad since he has only a few friends on the wiki.


Green Wonder



The Blue Dragon



  • All nice users
  • Sysops


  • Trolls
  • Mean users


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