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List of MarioWiki Fads and Recurring Jokes

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On the Super Mario Wiki, many fads and recurring jokes appear. Sadaharu had a knack for making popular fads. Here is a list.


Perhaps the biggest fad of all (except for Sprite Comics), Cheese is a real-world food item. It was started by Sadaharu by accident, here. After that, Saudy created a category for users that liked cheese and on the category's talk page they posted countless pictures of cheese. Paper Jorge kept yelling at them but after deleting the page, Saudy yelled at him. However, Plumber saved the text of the Cheese Craze '07, and it can still be seen today. Upon hearing the news, Wayoshi lectured Saudy strongly. However, the cheese fad did not die.

Cheese is commonly seen in a userbox made by Saudy("This user loves CHEESE!"). Cheese was once nominated for Featured Article status by Plumber, but due to the articles small size, it failed. It is commonly assumed that the reason that the cheese article was created was because of the fad, but that didn't stop it from being worthy of an article. Glowsquid once use the proposals to drive to get rid of the article, but it failed.


On the Forums, Smiddle once posted "HEAD ASPLOSION" (a reference to Homestar Runner), followed by Ax's "What?". This process repeated several times. When Smiddle left, Plumber continued in his place, though his posts were later deleted. There was later a block to long quote boxes.

Since there is no such block on the Userpedia forums, HyperToad and Ultima Bahamut once revived it on the Userpedia forums, although not all of the posts were exactly the same, as some have big text or say "wut"?

Shy Guys' Mask

On the forums, Plumber stated in the topic about "What's under a Shy Guy's Mask?" that he knew, however before he could say what it was, he was mugged and killed by a group of Shy Guys, collectively called the Shy Guy Mafia. Other users also tried to say, though they were killed and later came back as zombies. The fad led to it being in a few signatures and being mentioned randomly, until it finally ended when Plumber revealed that Wapeach's face was under their mask. He was then killed with duct tape.

Mr. _

The Mr. is an alter-ego some users have. 3Dejong and Master Crash created the fad, and it is thought that it was inspired by Super Paper Mario, which contained Mr. L, and alter-ego of Luigi. Apparently, it was popular with users and they started making them.

Known "Mr."s are: Mr. S, Mr.KT, Mr. Pi, Mr. A, Ms. A, Mr. B, Mr.KPS, Mr. 2.0, Mr SG and Mr. 101

Tails Doll

The Tails Doll is a character in the Sonic series who became popular due to its scary appearance, so it was stated if Tails Doll could be found in the Sega Saturn, it would come out of the game and kill you. The fad found its way onto the MarioWiki with the help of Sadaharu. Sadaharu used the Tails Doll as his sprites at various times and put various pictures of it on his page. Soon other users followed his steps until the fad died.

Snufit Ball



The Snufit Ball was an item used by the Snufit in Super Mario 64. An article about it was created by Kelt, but was later deleted for being too minor, but it has been brought up again many times in arguments about many other articles that don't seem to be important enough, such as Cheese, notably it has been brought up many, many times by Glowsquid, who has said things such as "LET'S RECREATE SNUFIT BALL AGGRESSIVLY" many times on both the Chatroom and on the Forum. Currently, the status of the article remains as Deleted and as part of BJAODN, while other articles that it's deletion was used against, still stand. Plumber has stated that he thinks Snufit Ball should come back, if it means that the cheese article can stay. Fly Guy 2 recreated the article many times but Jorge kept stopping him and deleting the article.

The Fad even had an Official Wiki.

LOL Cats

LOL Cats (Also known as I Love Meow) are pictures of cats found on various sites, these pictures will usually have humorous subtitles in bad grammar (the most notable one perhaps being "I can has Cheezburger?"). There are many different websites with these pictures, but under different names. LOL Cats are a big fad on the Mariowiki, And can usually be found on Userpages and as forum sigs. Recently, the fad of the cats has died in the MarioWiki however some users still continue. www.ilovemeow.com is a website of LOLCats and was made by the creator of Charlie the Unicorn, Jason Steele. However, a more "official" site can be found at icanhascheezburger.com .

Pirate Goomba

Pirate Goomba (or, most known by the line "Pirate Goomba is a Pirate Goomba") is a line used by a lot of people in the MarioWiki and is considered a fad. Back before Mario Party 8 release, Fg was creating an article about Pirate Goomba (Actually, the article was about the Captain Goomba that ruled over the generic Pirate Goombas). However, he only managed to write "Pirate Goomba is a Pirate Goomba."

The page was deleted by KPH for being too short. But then, suddenly, Glowsquid started making fun of that line and soon, other people did. It eventually lead to the banning of all stubs on the wiki, which has lead to outrage by many. Recently, Fly Guy 2 spammed by editing the Pirate Goomba page and adding the "Pirate Goomba is a pirate Goomba" line again, however was stopped by Cobold.

Shroobario once made a Pirate Goomba Wiki.


The Landmaster is a minor fad, appearing on Userpedia. It was started by Master Lucario. It began with Auramaster, followed by the Crash Master, then the Bloodmaster, and several others followed. There was a Landmaster Tortement on the old Scribble wiki Userpedia, whose page showed many of the users' Landmasters, however it was lost when Scribble Wiki crashed.

Sonic form

Sonic form is a fad which involves users having edited versions of Sonic characters as alternate forms. It is a popular fad, although some users are greatly annoyed by it, while some users appreciate it. The creation of Sonic Wiki encouraged many users to have Sonic forms.

Posh/Poſh and British Accent

Possibly one of the best-known fads, Posh was a smiley created by Uniju. He consisted of a smiley face with a top hat and monocle. However, this simple-enough joke became a phenomenon- soon, users began writing in a strange British accent called "Posh-Speak". For example, "Speak in your old voice, because it's most un-Posh indeed" becomes "Fpeak in thy old tongue, sor in be moſt un-Poſh indeed." This phrase in fact became famous because of Plumber, who became the "Great Posh Smiley".


MY GLASSES ARE TOO BIG TO TO FIT ON MY FACE, (or often abbreviated as MGATBTFOMF due to being very long) is a fad that started after a user of the same name joined the Mario Wiki. All the user ever did was edit his/her userpage with random images and text, all that were relevant to the statement: MY GLASSES ARE TOO BIG TO FIT ON MY FACE THAT IS WHY I CANNOT SEE. The most notable image was of Bowser wearing giant glasses that has since become his/her avatar. Eventually RAP blocked this user for having such an inappropriate username, but many users thought the line was very funny, and soon after it followed into a fad, including many users saying the line and having the picture of Bowser with gigantic glasses on their pages or on the forums or in signatures.

Porple, what's your opinion on ____?

Steve, what's you opinion on Captain Falcon
He's manly

Master Lucario, then Steve, then Master Lucario again, chat.

<SvS> And what do you think of kittens, Porple?
<Porplemontage> Electricity.
<SvS> Lovely.

The "Porple, what's your opinion on _____" meme

A relatively minor meme, first created by Master Lucario (ML asked Steve what his opinion on Captain Falcon was, and Steve said "he's manly." ML's response was a subdued and traumatized "ok"). Users began querying Porple about his opinion on various things, such as Obama, Biden and other things, to the point where Porple's responses devolved into nonsense (One user queried Porple on his opinion about puppies. Porple responded with "Dude, golden ninja! Thank you.").

Jorge Clones

Yet another fad about Jorge, this fad took place in chat on July 15, 2009. Toadbert101 started the fad after changing his name to Jorgetb. Soon S-Y followed by changing his name to Jorges-y. Paper Jorge began getting annoyed until he began to see that just about everyone else started changing their names to Jorgetbd, Jorgebb and many other different Jorge clones. Jorge changed it to Jorgepj to signify he was the real one. Even porplemontage himself soon changed it to PorpleJorgetage which made him receive several laughs and honors from the users. Soon, there were around 15 different Jorge clones in chat and only few people were not changing their names and joining in this fad. Those were Mario5x (who was supposedly away and could not change it), Wayoshi (who thought it was retarded and called Jorge "a young boy no one should hail"), Tabuuownsall132x2 (thought it was retarded), Boxer 502 (thought it was retarded). The fad began to die out after several Jorges had left and it was begining to be confusing who was who. After Toadbert changed it back, Wayo began thanking him for "refusing to join part of this huge stupidity" and then Toadbert told him he was actually the one who started this in the first place. Wayo, after receiving a huge shock from the news began yelling at Toadbert. An Userpedian fan game was made out of this.

Chat Overlord


  • Shortly after Scarecrow announced his candidacy, Jorge fell off of the Empire State Building in a tragic accident. Scarecrow mourned his rival, but the saddest was yet to come!
  • Toadbert soon died due to having accidentally stabbed himself on Scarecrow's sword and then accidentally being dropped into the ocean. Scarecrow attended Toadbert's funeral and eulogized him as "a really great guy, except when he's not."
  • Scarecrow did his best to make sure SMB would survive, but SMB had an illness called "Assassinationitus", which leads to many severe symptoms such as being beheaded, shot, stabbed, or drowned. SMB's ghost and Master Lucario then became candidates, and unfortunately, a packet of anti-ghost powder exploded in SMB's ghost's face and vaporized him. Master Lucario thought this was a murder, rather than an accident (he was wrong, it was an accident), and shortly after announcing that he thought Scarecrow was the one who detonated the anti-ghost powder there was a freak accident in which every nuclear weapon in existence plus the Empire State Building landed on Master Lucario at the same time.
  • However, SMB somehow came back and then died again, much to everybody's surprise (not), therefore making SMB the first person in history to die thrice (apart from Thomas Dewey and Franklin D. Roosevelt), as well as being the first dead person to write a speech, publish it, and still run for public office.
  • Totodile3456 became a candidate and died somehow in some accident too boring to talk about.
  • Awesome Face also became nominated, and promised live Rush music in the chatroom. He has not died yet. Scarecrow is a Rush fan. Connection?
  • SmartyGuy11 just joined the election. Within a day of his joining, he was murdered by Castle Toad (who revealed he was Adolf Hitler) and a group of Mega Death Nazis.
  • Jorge, the first of the candidates to die, resurrected himself by doing the Thriller dance, and the moment it crossed his mind to run for Chat Overlord again, a bomb (which had been planted inside his brain by unknown parties shortly before he died the first time) exploded, taking him with it.
  • Tucayo also joined, and his death occured when Tucky got Assassionationitus, like SMB, and was promptly beheaded.
  • Master Olurianc was asked by Totodile3456's ghost to kill Scarecrow, so he destroyed Scarecrow's life force. Scarecrow then proceeded to spontaneously combust. Oddly enough, after Scarecrow's death, none of the other candidates died. Due to all of the deaths being accidents, the two are not linked. Toto respawned the day after SvS's death.
  • Xpike approached Plumber in chat on August 12, and requested that he name Moofle Overlord. Plumber then proclaimed Moofle Overlord, which was widely seen as divine intervention by the wiki. Some candidates, however, saw it as an illegal breach of the seperation of church and state and there was talk that Plumber be excommunicated and his statement declared void.
  • As Overlord, Moofle proclaimed that the only word that rhymes with orange was door hinge. Plumber stated that door hinge was not a word, and this led to an argument. Plumber overthrew Moofle and said that "in order to end this not-so-win fad, I now proclaim myself His Blasphemy Daniel Webster, Plumber, Czar, Emperor, Autocrat and Overlord of All of MarioWiki."
  • Porplemontage challenged Plumber, who asserted that he was not only Overlord of Chat, but also Overlord of the Wiki as well. Through legislation, Plumber turned Porplemontage into a puppet and ruled from behind the throne.
  • In an attempt to get money, Plumber declared war on Fantendo, and despite controlling both sides of the war, lost somehow. This led to a death of a third of all users and led to SmartyGuy's running mate, Son of Suns, overthrowing him.
  • Son of Suns exiled most other candidates and opposition to Siberia, while Plumber fled to Fantendo. To tighten his control of MarioWiki, Son of Suns executed Porplemontage and proceeded to do many other things, but I cannot tell you them right now because there is a man from the MarioWiki State Police (MWSP) who is talking about Siberia so I gtg.
  • In Siberia, Super Mario Bros. announced that he was dropping out of the election, and is nominating Plumber to run, even though he was already deposed. Plumber accepted and stated that SMB's mustache would be his running mate, but it was arrested and shaved by the MWSP.
  • Super Luigi! Number one!'s friend Roberto announced his candidacy for Overlord. Plumber then challenged him, proclaiming him to be an "Axis of Evil and Incompetence" because his name was Rome-Berlin-Tokyo. Fearing a fascist takeover, Super-Yoshi killed Roberto, and Plumber decided to make SY his running mate.
  • Gorden killed nobody and he lost by default.
  • The candidates, the election, and the very concept of the election itself was destroyed by a well-placed bomb in the timestream, thrown by some guy who got sick of the fad.

Jackie x Fad

The Jackie X Fad is a popular fad started on 3/10/09 by a picture Palkia47 made when he was bored. He originally made the pic just to make fun of Jorge and Beanbean's names. Other users started making some too, Nerdy Guy was the first to put his on UP, others followed. TehDman was the first to use a picture that wasn't a joke on a username. More of the fad then started using random people instead of users names. It adventurously became what you see here. The fad soon ended for the day when most ideas were taken, and Jorge announced he was going to upload Friday Night Live (Which would break the chain of the Jackie X pictures). The fad is still slowly going on, but the pictures aren't being uploaded as fast as the first did.

Basically, one posts a picture of Jackie Chan next to an X and then a random object, user or real life person, meaning Jackie and "blank" are a couple. The Jackie x Fad was extremely popular for a day and got a reference in Friday Night Live. Credit to Palkia47 for creating this fad.

Homestuck Fad

The Homestuck Fad is a fad that started on the Super Mario Wiki Forums, and is still going on today. Homestuck is an online comic, that many people read after the Homestuck fad was created. During the height of the had, there were over 15 users on the forum with Homestuck related names. Many users didn't like hearing about Homestuck, so they booed and criticized it, but eventually, some of those users who booed it eventually gave it a chance, and got a Homestuck related username change. The Homestuck Fad has died out as of late however. Whoever started the fad is unknown.

Loic is Lost

See Loic.

Dangan Ronpa Fad

Dangan Ronpa is a Japanese murder mystery video game based around a group of skilled teenagers who attend a prestigious school only to find themselves trapped in a high-security prison resembling a high school run by a psychotic robot bear, with their only options for survival being either to live their lives in the prison peacefully or be granted freedom by murdering one of their fellow students without being found out. While never localized, a Something Awful user by the name of orenronen began a translated LP in November of 2011. Around the middle of May, 2012, TheGreatBlockyBoo introduced Turboo and Crocodile Dippy to this LP, and within a week and a half the trend went from five frequent readers to at least twenty fans, inspiring a name change fad on the forums to fill in the role of all 16 characters. The swift rise in popularity of the LP and the Japanese name changes have become a source of confusion for unknowing users, although it has so far managed to avoid the criticism that other entertainment trends such as My Little Pony and Homestuck have seen.