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Lord Tritus "Neptune" Posioden XCIX, 11th Earl of Bowserpedia

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Lord Tritus "Neptune" Posioden XCIX, 11th Earl of Bowserpedia
Neptune-ceo new.png
Rank Sysop
Species Dragon Koopa
Location Userpedia
Gender Male
Allies Hypnotoad, Scarecrow, Smasher, MCD, Mason, Red Barchetta, Edofenrir, The Goomba, Wario Bros., Bowser45, Tabuu, and many others
Likes Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Doctor Who,
Dislikes Homestuck
Theme(s) "Let's Go All The Way" by The Wondergirls
Aliases Kingbowser99, Grovyle, Winchent the Blue, War Doctor, Radagast the Brown, Dr. Death Defying, The End, Joey Tribbiani, Bane
Age 22 9th June 1995

43,974 67th Raptober 3 First Age

[00:23] <Neptune99> For short, some people call it "ASR"
[00:23] * Neptune99 sits back and drinks his tea
[00:23] <Neptune99> Wait, where did i get tea from


Lord Tritus Posioden, better known by his username Neptune, is a Dragon-Koopa Magikoopa User. He was a general in the "Bowserpedia Wars" (as they were nicknamed). On Userpedia, he spent most of his life as a simple, ordinary user, who attracted much attention for his boisterous and loud nature. Near the beginning of the 2010's, he was promoted to Patroller, by a recommendation from Tabuu, and then to Sysop by a recommendation from Anton. He is one of the oldest users on the wiki, being on the wikis since early 2007.

Neptune is a Octillionaire, and is the richest man in the whole Wiki World. He made his fortune off selling fridge magnets, but then progressing into many different branches and areas, and eventually starting up Bowserpedia Industries. He also helped map out the continent, eventually becoming the self appointed wiki cartographer. Despite his fortune, however, he always finds himself donating cash to the less fortunate. He had participated in many battles before, becoming one of the most renown generals of all time. He was appointed as the Mario Wiki's General of Defence, to help counteract the various troll attacks.

Early Life

Neptune's life was a success story. He was born Alastor Tritus Erico Jupitus Posioden III in the town of Plymouth, just off the coast of Halopedia. His mother was Alison Morgana Posioden (née Tremaine). She died in childbirth, while his father was Godric Ammestrom Posioden, and was the ruler of Plymouth. He died when Neptune was 3 years old. From that point forward, Neptune was raised by his mentor, Kalleus, in the smithing arts. He moved to the Mariowiki and was raised there for 11 years. At the age of 14, Kalleus died, which forced Neptune to take up the role as chief smithy. He earned a living for the next 5 years, until at age 19, Neptune enlisted in the Mariowiki Army. It was here that he met his long time friend and collaborator, Benjamin Palkgius, whom he had affectionately named “Packy”.

Neptune, here seen as General

It was here that Neptune learned the truth about his childhood, having learned very little beforehand. Neptune was stationed in Plymouth for about six months when he was 22, now a captain in the army. Upon searching around the town for a while, he found himself in the ruins of the mansion that he grew up in. Upon finding a painting of him as a child, with his father, Neptune knew that his destiny lied with politics. While stationed in Plymouth, a troll attack forced the Island to sink, effectively ending any sort of rule Neptune would have on the Island. After Neptune rescued several hundred citizens from the Island, he was made a Major, and eventually a General in the army.

Political Influence

Using his influence as General, Neptune found his way into the Government of the Mariowiki. Starting off as a simple adviser to the Prime Chancellor, Stephen Shinn, Neptune became one of Steve's most trusted politicians, earning a chair at his table. While at the Government, Neptune had a strong rivalry with Edward Steuben, with whom he would disagree with on several occasions.

Neptune brought into enactment the usage of Drones around the varying boroughs, and the defense systems around the Sysop Tower, which enlisted thousands of guards, and bringing around jobs for various users around the wiki. He began to become unpopular with some of the less wealthy users, however, when he suggested the enactment of the User Probationary Tax, which more or less cost people a lot of money. He used a certain percentage of this in his later plans.

Around this time, Neptune was also taken in as an apprentice wizard under a man named Mr. Moto. Due to Mr. Moto’s true identity, Neptune was also skilled under the Spamming arts, among other forbidden techniques, which would cause some trouble in the future.

Bowserpedia Wars

Neptune eventually brought about plans to the Mariowiki government about expanding their landmass out, specifically to the north, in unclaimed territory, previously held by Scribblewiki, before the Civil War broke out. Neptune established a quick colony there, naming it Bowserpedia, before immediately beginning construction on the settlements. As ruler of the country, Neptune became rather power mad, much to the disgrace of the Mariowiki Government, who, due to Neptune’s actions, decided to no longer recognise Bowserpedia as a colonisation of the Mariowiki. They also removed Neptune from his post as a politician in the government.

Despite Neptune’s actions, he was still a compotent ruler, forming the economy almost completely overnight, and the country became a dominant superpower within 10 years of being founded. They also managed to finance electric companies, and gained power through support of neighbouring nations. Neptune, however, was still upset about his sudden alienation of the country. He began construction on mass weapons of destruction, and had them squarely pointed at the Mariowiki and its supporting nations, most notably Userpedia.

Steuben had contact with a member of Bowserpedia’s government, namely Toadette 4Evur, who informed Steuben of the dangers that Neptune was posing. Steuben brought this to the attention of the Prime Chancellor, but Shinn refused to do anything on the matter, still declining to recognise Bowserpedia as a nation. In retaliation to this, Steuben formed a resistance to Bowserpedia with Toadette, and also brought in several high ranking users, specifically Pantaro Paratrooper, Paper Jorge and Lario. Steuben also disguised himself under a different name, Michael, in order to hide his identity.

Neptune enlisted his friend and ally Palkgius, who introduced Neptune to Blue Koop, a mysterious user from an unknown land, whom Palkgius met in his travels. Blue supported Neptune’s regime, and was promoted to General of the Bowserpedia Army. Meanwhile, Michael and the rest of the Anit-Bowserpedians breached Bowserpedia’s defenses, and set up camp outside the capital, away from prying eyes. Neptune learned of Toadette’s disappearance, and decided to check the capital for him.

Upon finding evidence that Toadette had joined a rebellion against him, Neptune became more and more insecure, crediting himself as Supreme Ruler Neptune. He initially sent out orders to find and arrest the attackers, but subsequent attacks drove him to an immediate death sentence to the attackers. Blue Koop, now a high ranking officer, threatened to attack the Mariowiki, prompting Palkgius to meet Toadette, and eventually joining his rebellion.

They had also hired Blue Koop with some convincing, who, along with the rest of the attackers, stormed Bowserpedia Castle one evening, and took Neptune, along with his chief followers, prisoner. However, Blue Koop had been a double agent. He broke Neptune out of his cell that he was being held in, and the two, with the support of Neptune’s allies ‘’’Wario Bros.’’’, Koopa-Troopa, Green Koopa and Blue Yoshter, managed to capture the rebellion. With their succession, Neptune adressed the rebels straightout, disowning Palkgius as a friend, before unmasking Michael as Steuben.

The unmask of Steuben led to Neptune’s surprise. Upon bringing the rebels back to the Mariowiki capital, Neptune confronted Steve Shinn, who was later revealed to be RudnickiMarioX06. Neptune, who had identified Rudnicki as Mr. Moto, his former mentor in the magical arts, discovered that Shinn was not actually involved at all with the creation of Bowserpedia, having been attacked and imprisoned months in advance.

Rudnicki knocked Neptune unconcious, while the rebels and the Bowserpedians dueled with Rudnicki. It ended when Scarecrow finally destroyed Rudnicki. It was here that Scarecrow and Neptune reconciled their differences, and Neptune apologised for his actions. The two declared a truce between the nation and its rebels. Scarecrow eventually resigned from the Mariowiki Government, in order to assist Neptune in rebuilding his nation.

The New Government

Shinn, who was rescued from his imprisonment a few months after, was ousted from power, after the Media decided to run an article on Shinn’s legitimacy as ruler after his actions to the Bowserpedia Incident. Avoiding any kind of terror through revealing the true nature of his wearabouts, an election was held, and Gavin Wayoshi was elected as Prime Chancellor of the Mariowiki. Wayoshi was a good ally to Shinn, making him a good replacement, as he shared many of Shinn’s views.

Neptune gained support for his nation again, and while he was still around for a few more months as leader, he too was eventually ousted from power.

Neptune with Grond, one of his many weapons.


Upon entering the Wiki World within the first few years of its creation, Neptune was granted Rhudar, a powerful stave, with which Neptune would be able to cast fantastic spells. Like the rest of the Udani, Neptune has this Stave equipped at all times, and never lets it out of his sight. Without it, his power is limited to Ice spells, which he specialises in. Due to this, Neptune is significantly weaker without it.


Posious is Neptune's personal Trident. He created this weapon during the first age, right before the Battle of Gorno Nem, near Hemu's Encampment. After the 40 day fight, Neptune decided to keep this weapon on hand at all times. Posious, though a bright gold, is said to turn into crystal in the direct sunlight.


Tiento is the royal sword of Bowserpedia. Originally created as a scapegoat out of a dangerous deal with some black merchants, Neptune recovered this sword at the den of some trolls. Claiming it was worth a fortune, Neptune managed to sell the sword as a means of payment for some unsavoury business that Neptune had accidentally caused while planning a quest. After retrieving the sword, he engaged in battle with the merchants, and, in their defeat, realised that the sword was not so worthless after all. He decided to keep the sword as his prize.


The Doppelbook is a rather strange book found by Neptune in a den full of giant trolls. He found the den while on a quest into the northern mountains, and stumbled into the den after tripping over a tree trunk. Entering this den, he fell onto a shelve of books, and, as he got up, managed to accidentally pick up the book, identifying it as one of twelve sacred tomes invented by the kings of the twelve countries. After a hearty battle, Neptune took this book and held it in his safe storage for further use. Upon using the book, it summons the Twin Dragons spell, which attacks the enemy from two sides at the same time.


Grond is one of Neptune's primary weapon. It takes the appearance of a large black hammer. In battle, Neptune is most often seen using said weapon. Neptune came across this weapon at a market in Userpedia, after selling some of the wares he found in a raid on a troll encampment in Bulbapedia. Said hammer was on auction for 250 gold coins. Neptune bought it for a thousand, after seeing its fine craftsmanship. Neptune usually hangs it down from his side while questing.

Scarecrow von Steuben

Neptune and Scarecrow racing in Wiki Kart: Double Dash!!

MOAR!! *Rick Roll starts playing* Scarecrow von Steuben, You've been RICK ROLLED!!!

Kingbowser99, Talking to Scarecrow on Image talk:MOAR.gif

Neptune and Scarecrow started off as enemies, and absolutely hated each other. During the Bowserpedia Wars, Scarecrow lead the Anti-Bowserpedians through the war, which lead to an even more sour relationship. However, during the Wikia years after KB had been blocked for his angry and trollish behavior, Scarecrow and KB's relationship soon grew, to the point where they became best friends. They still remain best friends towards this day.


Aww...So sweet...

Anton and Neptune met on chat. They instantly became good friends, to the point where Neptune and Anton got married, by Super Mario Bros. in #mwchat. Though it was a short, three line ceremony, it was a brilliant ceremony. Anton and Neptune soon had several children, until their mutual divorce, where Neptune soon decided to disown his children, and move on towards travelling, but not before giving Anton a heartily goodbye.


"Packy runs around in circles screaming

KB99, Then Palkia, then KB99, Then Palkia Again, Then KB99 again, Then Palkia

During his first year at the Mario Wiki, KB had made friends with many people, including Stooben Rooben. However, when Stooben had gone on a short hiatus, KB99 had met Palkia47, and they instantly became very close friends, even as far as to call each other brothers. However, their relationship soured during the Bowserpedia Wars, as Palkia rebelled against Bowserpedia and joined the anti-bowserpedians. KB and Palkia had an uneasy friend ship until Scribblewiki had ended, where they returned to being close friends with each other again.

Wario Bros.

Wario Bros. and KB didn't really know each other, but they instantly became friends after WB created some artwork for KB. During the Bowserpedia wars, WB stuck by KB through everything that the antis threw at them. When the first Bowserpedia burned down, WB created a second one, and promoted KB. He decided on a treaty and the Bowserpedia wars ended. Scribblewiki had broken down, and Wario Bros. disappeared. KB anxiously awaits his return to this day.

Blue Koop

KB99 had met Blue Koop on Bowserpedia, not knowing that he was secretly the Goomba. KB and BK instantly became friends. During the Bowserpedia Wars, BK stuck by KB, reverting spam and blocking trolls. However, just like Palkia, BK turned on KB and joined the Antis. However, BK realized how much he was hurting KB, and returned, blocking many trolls. However, KB was still upset with him, and blocked him, but left him with his bureaucrat powers. When Pantaro Paratroopa took control of the wiki, KB was stumped, and had no idea what to do next. However, BK was unblocked by PP, and BK unblocked all of the Sysops and banned all of the Trolls. KB, was still upset with what BK did, and BK revealed he was the Goomba to the whole of the Mario Wiki, and left. After the Bowserpedia wars, KB was upset with what he had done to BK, so KB decided to find him and apologize. However, BK had already left, and it was too late.

Doomship 2/Rise Up Above It

Oh look, it's the paedophile and the Nazi baby

Michael McIntyre, Live at the Apollo. Neptune has this here because he loves random quotes on his page for no rasin

One of KB99's best friends. They first met in chat, but before that RUAI was (and still is) a big fan of the comics created by Neptune99 and Scarecrow von Steuben. They quickly became friends in chat, often joking around & generally having fun (regardless of whether other users think of it as noobish or not). RUAI regards him as a great spriter. In #userpedia, both of them tend to start random humorous discussions or battles with other users, the biggest of which being the Great User Battle of Chat on 16 November 2010. RUAI often hangs out in #dreamland, one of many chatrooms currently owned by Neptune99.


Early photo of Neptune and UltraMario, for some reason, fighting.

UltraMario3000 is one of KB's newest friends. Sources indicate they had met in chat, and became good friends. Neptune99 trusts UltraMario, the way Stan Laurel trusted Oliver Harvey, or how Adolf Hitler trusted Joseph Stalin. Neptune decided that UM can have full access to his rights. For instance, if UltraMario created a picture of Neptune99, he would not need Neptune's permission to upload, and UltraMario may use Neptune99 in as many comics as he likes (As long as Neptune is informed of his appearance).


MrConcreteDonkey is one of Neptune's friends that he hangs around with in chat. According to Neurario's stats of Userpedia, MCD and Neptune talk the most to each other. This is probably due to a conversation Neptune started about a Legend of Zelda Movie, and they kept on suggesting Nicolas Cage for every role.

MCD is also one of the two Bureaucrats at Bowserpedia, the other being Smasher 101.

Smasher 101

[01:25] <Stuffwell> Derpy_Hooves who do you love
[01:25] <Derpy_Hooves> i love you, derpy
[01:25] <Stuffwell> Gay for yourself?
[01:25] <Derpy_Hooves> smasher is gay
[01:26] <Stuffwell> OH! OH! OH!
[01:26] <SonicMario> oooohhhh
[01:26] <tb> hydroxide
[01:26] <SonicMario> Burn

Neptune99 is Stuffwell, with the Bot Derpy_Hooves, SonicMario and Toadbert, #Paperchat. Smasher_101 was quite pissed after this

Smasher 101 is currently one of Neptune's best friends on the wiki. Neptune and MCD ofter hang around with Smasher in the Chatroom, making jokes, including the joke that he might be gay, though both Neptune and Smasher know this is not true. Neptune, Smasher and MCD were at one point the only three patrollers on Userpedia.

Master Lucario

Despite not knowing eachother very well, Neptune has a lot of respect for Master Lucario. He sees Master Lucario as the "cool guy" who's not afraid to be nice to the nerds. Master Lucario has signed up for most of KB's comics, such as 1 Wiki Millenia and A Spammers Revenge. Though ML has actually been really inactive lately, Neptune has high hopes that he will one day return from his short retirement.

Super Mario Bros.

Though these two have had minor disputes in the past, Neptune has high respect for Super Mario Bros.. Though he has had his doubts about SMB in the past, Neptune has come to respect SMB's decisions for the wiki, and supports him in everything that he does. Through time, Neptune and SMB have become allies, if not friends.

- Please don't think that you cannot add fiction here, in fact it would really help if you could add any more fiction that I may have left out.


Sysop Story created by Paper Jorge

Kingbowser99 appears in Sysop Story as a sysop and assistant of Porplemontage. He is referred by the sysops as "Uncle" for being old and wise yet very kind.

The 8 Royal's Rescue by Gull23

KB99 stars in The 8 Royal's Rescue series as a main character, working alone.

The Three Mushketeers, and Anton the Fifth Mushketeer by Mason

Neptune had signed up for the role of the Third Mushketeer in The Three Mushketeers after Gupdoo3 had been killed in the comic. Neptune was signed up, and appeared in Issue 25, after Mason and Solar Blaze were auditioning people to be the next Mushketeer.

Neptune appeared again in Anton the 5th Mushketeer, and, unlike in TTM, where he was the Tritagonist, has been promoted to the Deuteragonist, after Mason lost his mind, and posed a threat to the Macadamia Realm. His character in this is the same as his character in TTM: Normally calm, and, like Solar, thinks of Mason as a bit of an idiot.

Neptune is revealed to be living with the title character Anton in his house. He is also shown to have seen defeat by Hot Wheels Packaging.

Trolls Island by Count Bonsula

Neptune99 in Trolls Island

Neptune99 appeared in Trolls Island as a minor hero, where he appeared to have gotten lost with MrConcreteDonkey and Smasher 101 in a forest somewhere. Later in the comic, the main heroes see a bulitin board showing a missing persons list, with Neptune, MCD and Smasher on the list. Neptune later appeared in the same forest, with Tabuu this time, and has not appeared since.

Road to Endgame series

The Road to Endgame series is the name Kingbowser99 has given to the series that Scarecrow von Steuben created of the same name that crosses over six comics. KB, Scarecrow and Ultima Bahamut have all starred in this series, along with some other users.

Rudniki MarioWiki X06 created by Katana

KB99 appeared in Rudnicki Mariowiki X06 as the Guild Master of Bowserpedia Guild, and a major protagonist.

Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges created by Ultima Bahamut

KB99 appeared in Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges as a minor antagonist, one of the users who have been corrupted by H4xor Yoshi. In this comic, it is revealed that KB can duplicate himself

1 Wiki Millenia created by Kingbowser99

KB99 appeared in 1 Wiki Millenia as a major protagonist along side Scarecrow von Steuben and Time Q, going to the future. In this comic, it is revealed that KB and Scarecrow lost their jobs at the Bowserpedia Guild, and a re-assigned as paper boys, due to an incident in the last comic.

Wiki Crisis: Part Zero created by Scarecrow von Steuben

KB99 starred in Wiki Crisis 2: Part Zero as a minor character.

Endgame created by Scarecrow von Steuben

KB99 appeared in Endgame as a minor protagonist.

A Spammers Revenge created by Kingbowser99

KB99 will be appearing in A Spammers Revenge as a major protagonist. He has been revealed to be re-assigned to the new Bowserpedia Guild - a nuclear protection base.


Userpedia Party

Neptune's Emblem from Userpedia Party

Neptune appears in Userpedia Party, where he is a main character. He has two costumes, his Kingbowser99 form, and Stuffwell. Gnunu also appears in the Bowserpedia Guild (Which also belongs to Neptune99).

UltraMario & Super Luigi Series

Neptune99 will appear in all three of the UltraMario & Super Luigi Series games as the Bowser character. However, not much has been confirmed yet.


Extinction: Rise of the Mutants by Zero777

Triton from Extinction: Rise of the Mutants

Neptune appears in Chapter 5 of Extinction: Rise of the Mutants. His mutant name is Triton. He was first seen fighting Zero and almost causing the room to collapse. He is usually used as a juggernaut or a powerhouse, but his rolling ability does need a bit work on. He participated in defending the Sysop Tower from a zombie horde and on the assault of the Zero Corps. Tower, which proves that he needs to work on his rolling ability as he has a bit of trouble on stopping. He carried a wounded GalacticPetey for a while until he set him on the operating table for him to be healed. He then participated in the underground city of the Greases raid, his rolling ability did came in handy at that time for smashing down obstacles.

User Soup by SonicMario

Neptune's appearance on the show

Neptune99 appeared in every season ending of User Soup. Usually he would be mentioned in some episodes for his outstanding exploits on the wiki, such as his comics 1 Wiki Millenia, Silence, and A Spammers Revenge.

Neptune also made his special guest appearance in Episode 58, where he comically appeared, and punched Palkia47 (whose birthday it was that day). Neptune returned in the series finale, where he asked if Palkia was around again, however SonicMario forbid him from punching Palkia twice in one series.

New Sherlock Mario by New Super Mario

Neptune99 first appeared in Book 2 of New Sherlock Mario as a Ghost. He was first mentioned in Chapter 7, where he was mentioned as being the ghost that stole Rocker64's guitar. He appeared again in Chapter 9, where he stood among the other ghosts in the haunted house. He was sucked up into the custom made Poltergust3000 that GalladeBlades threw together in Chapter 11, and in Chapter 12, it appears as if he has reverted back to being a human. In Issue 15, a dog started to bite Neptune99, and it was claimed that it had vampiric fangs.

He is set to appear in Book 3 of New Sherlock Mario. What role he will play in this is not yet known.

"Venture of the Wiki: The Judgement Trials" by Baby Mario Bloops

Neptune has been in talks with BMB to appear in the latest installment of Venture of the Wiki, but so far, nothing has been confirmed.


Poochy99 is KB99's dog. It takes the form of a Poochy, and also takes the colour toning of KB99. This is KB99's most trusted pal, as he has been with Poochy99 ever since birth. KB99 was sadly punished for having an animal considered "Below" Koopas. Poochy's comic debut is in 1 Wiki Millenia in the very last episode, out for a walk with Stuffwell.


Originally a sockpuppet, Stuffwell is now KB99's Trusted partner (and a suitcase at that). KB has used him as a sockpuppet in chat, and states that he only wanted a trusted pal.(Excluding Poochy99, as he is fanon). Stuffwell's comic debut is in 1 Wiki Millenia in the very last issue. He plays a minor role, as Toto causes havoc down town. He is seen taking Poochy99 for a walk.

Loners are Freaks - Neptune doesn't know love, and he never will. The Power of Friendship - Though he doesn't know love, Neptune is still very fortunate with friends. The Fellowship Has Ended - Most of his best friends on the wiki, such as Scarecrow, Ultima Bahamut, Green Koopa, Blue Koop and others have all retired from the wiki. Though he has some newer friends, he'll always miss his old ones. And maybe this trope is here because he really likes Lord of the Rings. Who knows. Rightful King Returns - Played straight in the Mythology of Penitus, when Neptune returns to Bowserpedia, and claims his rightful place as King of Bowserpedia. Time Skip - From the battle of Gorno Nem's end, marking the second age, after Neptune helped build many different cities around the world, he left for 400 years, gaining knowledge of the wiki world. Not much is known about what he did during that time, aside from, you know, gaining knowledge.

  • Later on, when Neptune returns to Bowserpedia, and finds it under attack by the armies of the Mario Party Wiki, it is revealed that he made "actions" towards the wiki that prompted them to attack, possibly during this 400 year time sequence.
Took A Level In Badass - During the Road to Endgame series, Neptune starts out as a cowardly character, but somewhat redeems himself near the end. He's still a f*cking coward, however. Apocalyptic Log - Neptune is currently producing a wiki which chronicles the events of the Wiki world, and, knowing Neptune, will most likely end in an apocalyptical event.

[21:11] <Neptune99> `bottle If landing on Smasher, i get op
[21:11] * GameServ spins the bottle for Neptune99 and it lands on...
[21:11] <GameServ> Smasher!
[21:11] <Neptune99> Result?

Neptune99, #paperchat. The result he got was a de-op

[20:22] <Neptune99> he won't do anything, but he'll still think Doomship is real
[20:23] <Neptune99> ...
[20:23] <Neptune99> [20:22] <Neptune99> he won't do anything, but he'll still think Doomship is real
[20:23] <Neptune99> what the fuck did i just say xD
[20:23] <CountBonsula> what the hell
[20:23] <CountBonsula> iT ALL MAKES SENSE
[20:23] <CountBonsula> That's why we've been mistaking people for Doomship
[20:23] <Neptune99> that's going as a quote on my page
[20:23] <CountBonsula> because he isn't REAL!!!

Neptune99 and Countbonsula, messing around, after Neptune, for some reason, said that Porplemontage will still think Doomship is real

[17:22] <KP_Shadow> *gurgle**
[17:23] <Neptune99> KP you remind me of a certain Gurkin i once ate
[17:23] <Stelios7> lol...
[17:23] <Neptune99> It was extremely strange and it gave me a headache
[17:23] <UilTeam> lol
[17:23] <Stelios7> Uil had a bad gherkin once called Elty.
[17:23] <Stelios7> Neptune
[17:23] <Neptune99> Not to mention the fungus growing on the side

Neptune99, KP Shadow, Stelios7 and Uilteam, #Fantendo

[13:04] <UilTeam> `eightball Is haylo the best greeting in the world?
[13:04] <GameServ> UilTeam: It would take a disturbed person to even ask.
[13:04] <UilTeam> >:|
[13:05] <Neptune99> `eightball ANSWER HIS GODDAMN QUESTION DAMMIT
[13:05] <GameServ> Neptune99: Sometime in the near future.
[13:05] <Neptune99> `eightball ANSWER IT!!
[13:05] <UilTeam> `eightball are you mean?
[13:05] <GameServ> UilTeam: Yes, yes, yes, and yes again.
[13:05] <GameServ> Neptune99: You wish.
[13:05] <UilTeam> lol
[13:05] <Neptune99> `eightball ANSWER. IT. NOW!!
[13:05] <GameServ> Neptune99: Maybe.
[13:05] <UilTeam> `eightball IS GAMESERV EVIL?
[13:05] <GameServ> UilTeam: No way.
[13:05] <Neptune99> `eightball ANSWER HIS DAMN QUESTION
[13:05] <GameServ> Neptune99: Definitely.
[13:06] <UilTeam> lol
[13:06] <Neptune99> So...
[13:06] <Neptune99> `eightball Is haylo the best greeting in the world?
[13:06] <GameServ> Neptune99: It would take a disturbed person to even ask.
[13:06] <Neptune99> MOTHER OF-

Neptune and UilTeam's argument against GameServ, Fantendo

[20:25] <Neptune99> `spin is gey
[20:25] * GameServ spins the bottle for Neptune99 and it lands on...
[20:25] <GameServ> Neptune99!

Neptune99, Chat

[22:26] *** UserGuest has joined #userpedia

[22:27] <Neptune99> HELLOOOOOO

[22:27] *** UserGuest has left #userpedia

[22:27] <Neptune99> OH SCREW YOU

[22:27] <Smasher_101> owned

Neptune99 and Smasher

[19:52] <Neptune_Claus|ASR> `spin is secretly in love with Bean

[19:52] * GameServ spins the bottle for Neptune_Claus|ASR and it lands on...

[19:52] <GameServ> Neptune_Claus|ASR!

[19:52] <MrChristmasDonkey> ohsh

[19:52] <Jorge> ...

[19:52] <Neptune_Claus|ASR> ohsh

[19:52] <FireEevee> ...lol

[19:52] <MrChristmasDonkey> ...

[19:52] <CountBonsula|Trollsisland> ...

[19:52] <FireEevee> XD

Neptune99, #paperchat

Dang advertisments-messin' up my computer!


I'm gonna go Mr. T on you if you don't stop this.

Kingbowser99, Talking to Grapes, whom he thought was a troll

copy and paste? this to 10 videos or your mum will die within the next 4 hours.//.*<"

"You're a sick Bastard, you know that?

A Youtube Spammer and Kingbowser99, Youtube

<Kingbowser99> Perfect Kirby = Michael Jackson xD

<Totodile3456> Michael Jackson = Prof. Oak

<Neptune99> Prof. Oak = That Monster from Cloverfield

Neptune99 and Totodile3456, Chat


  • GF75|Sleep is flung into the air.
KB99 and Gamefreak75, Chat

Neptune99 (Normal Form).

Neptune99 (Giant Form)



  • He was the creator of the worst article at the Mariowiki.
  • He shares his birthday with Matt Bellamy, Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman, as well as his birthday being the same day as Charles Dickens died.
  • He suffers from Autistic Spectrum Disorder, along with other Users.
  • He, according to User Soup is one of the few users to have ever completed a comic. Others include Paper Jorge, Snack and some others.
  • He lives in England, along with SmartyGuy11, MrConcreteDonkey, SiFi, The Doom & Darkness Duo and Clear Discoherency.
  • Despite being known as The 99 Shrowser, Neptune had no known images of this form.
    • However, Neptune has explained that he would resemble a Dry Bowser.
    • Also, it may resemble a Shrowser (Due to the name, and the fact that KB is inventing sprites to go with the Shrowser appearance in the UltraMario & Super Luigi Series).
  • Neptune99 has three different forms for his Dark Bowser form, listed below. There is no real clear form to this, but it appears that according to the first seen image of Neptune99 (the first seen sprites) seems to be with black eyebrows.
    • Him with Black Eyebrows
    • Him with White Eyebrows
    • Him with No Eyebrows.
  • Neptune thinks that Link is hot.
  • According to Mason, Neptune's favorite colour is butter.
  • His favorite day is 22nd of November, as that is National "Smasher Shut up" Day.
  • This page is the most popular page on the wiki (minus the Main Page and the Sprites page), beating Crocodile Dippy's page by almost 2,000 points.

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