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Not to be confused with MrConcreteDonkey, similarly abbreviated to MCS.

Like a bad neighbor, State Farm ain't there!

Nicolas, making a point in the chatroom.

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Donkey Kong - MarioWiki Forums
Administrator - Nintendogs Wiki Patroller - Wikihow

Species Human that can shapeshift
Location Florida
Join date March 14, 2008 *, October 7, 2010 **
Gender Male
Allies BabyLuigiOnFire, Brock, Caf77, Edofenrir, Fawfulfury65, Hypnotoad, Koopayoshi, Mario7727, Mason, MrConcreteDonkey, N, Neptune99, New Super Mario, Paper Yoshi, Red Barchetta, Smasher 101, Solar Blaze, Super Mario Bros., UltraMario3000, Und3D, Uniju, SLNO, YoshiEgg, and just about everyone else.
Likes Video games, Rock Band, Mario, Metroid, Tekken, Flamin' Hot Cheetos, Slurpees, Mac and Cheese, pianos/keyboards, drumming, Cave Johnson, Legos, his many crushes, the iPhone
Dislikes Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black, Twilight, today's crappy music, Guitar Hero, school
Aliases MCS, MC, Nicolas, MC3DSoulja, TheRockBandFreak, Nega-Man, Raoul ÇaRoule, Figment
Age 13
Personal information Birthday: July 21

MCSoulja (also known as Nicolas or MCS) is a former user of Userpedia and the MarioWiki. He used to be quite active, but eventually decided to give up. His appearance is a Luigi that garbs an orange hat that says "N" on it and black overalls. He also has shapeshifting powers, which can be activated by drinking a Slurpee from 7-Eleven. He also owns the chat #souljachat. He is currently blocked on both the MarioWiki and Userpedia, the latter in which he was blocked shortly after he planned to retire.



Nicolas found MarioWiki back in 2008 when he searched up Mario enemy names on Google. He made an account, but did not really use it much until 2010. Then, he befriended many, many users, such as Fawfulfury65, DaisyRox02, BabyLuigiOnFire, and many more. He became well-known amongst the MarioWiki community for his frequent editing, and even topped the Edit Count for the wiki, appearing in the Top 10! He mainly worked on redirects, image categorizing, uploading images, and even created a Gallery template!

The Sad Misfortunate Day On The MarioWiki Chatroom

However, throughout all of his hard work he put into the wiki, he received several warnings for silly mistakes he made. One day in the chatroom, several people took it too far by calling Nicolas a name he didn't like to be called, and Nicolas got infuriated. He couldn't control his anger and posted a long insult onto Fuzzy's talk page, making him mad, and giving Nicolas his final warning. Nicolas was bewildered. He knew he had another chance, but Gamefreak didn't give him another chance, and blocked him immediately. Nicolas calmed down, since he saw the block was only till December, but then Tucayo moved it to indefinite, then Knife moved it to infinite in January. What is the difference, you say? I don't know, you'll have to ask my therapist.


Nicolas' emblem

Nicolas stumbled across Userpedia after Fuzzipede told him about how he could do image categories. However, SMB told him that the wiki is in a "bad state" and he should stop working on the image categories. However, Nicolas misread the message, and continued to work on image categories. The admins gave him one last chance, but blocked him. After another month, he got unblocked and came back to the wiki, and started spell checking people's fanfics. He didn't know this was bad, and Red Barchetta, a good friend of his, blocked him until Valentine's Day. This alerted Nicolas that although Red Barchetta was his friend, he knew he cared about him and was doing this for a good cause, since Valentine's Day is obviously a day for love. As soon as Valentine's Day came around the corner, Nicolas stopped editing the LyricWiki as much as he used to (which is the site he worked on while he was blocked) and remembered that Valentine's Day was the day he gets unblocked.

Name Change

In late March, Nicolas requested a name change. He decided that since he never went by Mileycyrussoulja anymore, he should change it; it sounds better to him, and it doesn't make users assume that he is a girl by his username, which several did.


User Soup

MCSoulja is briefly mentioned in episode 62 of User Soup, where they reference Super Wiki Story, a story that GalacticPetey previously made but got deleted.

Brawl of the Wiki

MCSoulja appears in issues 1, 2, 4, 10, 11, and 12 of the Brawl of the Wiki comics as one of the main heroes. He appears with UltraMario, telling SK that he landed in the MarioWiki. When SK asks how he got there, MCS doesn't know, and suggests he asks someone. He later appears in issue 10 with many other users, when they tell SK they've been attacked by Peachycakes. In issue 12, he appears in 8-bit Island with the rest of the gang.

The Legendary Heroes

MCSoulja appears in The Legendary Heroes as a minor hero. BMB meets him in Chapter 6 inside the Void. They are both suddenly captured by trolls and placed in a room with spiked walls closing in on them. Soon, Pyro, NSM, Porplemontage, Smasher, and BabyLuigiOnFire crash through the ceiling, and they all escape. When the Void closes, MCSoulja is not with the group anymore. He is planned to make more appearances, though.

The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo

In The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo, he makes an appearance in Episode 8. In said episode, he participates in playing Jeopardy against RedFire Mario and Wilson the Headcrab. Ultimately, he loses the game to Wilson.

Funny chat discussions

<MCSoulja> SLNO, you're so awesome we all know you. Even people who dont know you know you.


<SexyEspeon> =spin is awesome
* GameServ spins the bottle for SexyEspeon and it lands on...
<GameServ> Smasher_101!
<MCSoulja> =spin is awesomER
* GameServ spins the bottle for MCSoulja and it lands on...
<GameServ> MCSoulja!

MCS, embracing his awesomeness.

<Caf772000> Master of matter!!!
<Caf772000> I CONTROL ALL MATTER!!!!
<Caf772000> No seriously, I can turn solids into liquids.
<Caf772000> With a magnifying glass and the SUN!!!
<MCsoulja> WHATCHA!
<MCsoulja> *WHAPAH!
<UltraMario> ...

Caf and his matter powers and MCSoulja going all George Lopez on them, Sabes que.

<SouljaLowRider> Yo Caf!
<SouljaLowRider> Wanna hop in my low rider? It's a little higher.
<Caf772000> What
<SouljaLowRider> Do you not get it?
<SouljaLowRider> Do you know the song Low Rider by War?
<SouljaLowRider> You ruined it, man.
<Caf772000> I'm just gonna be quiet, cause I don't wanna get kicked or banned.
<SouljaLowRider> Um... ok. But i mean, all my friends know the low rider, so I'm surprised.
<Caf772000> No, I don't know the song.
<SouljaLowRider> :O

Caf disrespecting the low rider.

<Caf77> It jus- where did you come from?
<MCSoulja> The low rider.
<Caf77> No, really.
<MCSoulja> No, I just came from the low rider. Seriously.
<MCSoulja> And it's a little higher.
<MCSoulja> And this is NOT going on my userpage

The low rider joke, getting really old.

<Uniju> if state farm is really like a good neighbor
<Uniju> do they
<Uniju> bring you over fresh vegetables from their farm
<MCSoulja> Sure!
<MCSoulja> Anything you want and more.
<MCSoulja> I just wished the jingle worked for me. It works for my friend. He got an Xbox with it.
<Uniju> will they bring me tomatoes
<MCSoulja> Yes, Uniju, note I said "Any thing you want and more"
<Uniju> worst fruit ever
<MCSoulja> Well if you don't want tomatoes, don't ask State Farm for them.
<MCSoulja> You guys are terrible neighbors.
<arachnidsGrip> We're not your neighbours
<arachnidsGrip> Sorry to tell you this
<MCSoulja> Well, I beg to differ.
<MCSoulja> Associates, comrades, what?
<arachnidsGrip> Co-workers
<Uniju> I'd hate to be neighbors with any of you bozos

MCS, striking up a convo about pizza, tomatoes, and the fact that State Farm is never there.

<MCSoulja> =spin the following person is the most epic being in the entire galaxy, universe, and earth itself.
* GameServ spins the bottle for MCSoulja and it lands on...
<GameServ> MCSoulja!
<MCSoulja> .....

MCSoulja, proving that GameServ is psychic

<N> =spin is gonna die in 3....2....1....
* GameServ spins the bottle for N and it lands on...
<GameServ> UltraMario!
<N> :D
<MCSoulja> =spin this person just stepped in dog poo
* GameServ spins the bottle for MCSoulja and it lands on...
<GameServ> UltraMario!
<MCSoulja> Wow UM
<MCSoulja> U just stepped and dog poop and died
<MCSoulja> That sucks

UM about to face his horrible, stinky fate.

<tb> let me get my ass kick boots
<MCSoulja> I'll lock them on coordinates that are away from Gamefreak and Smasher, since they are composed of epic materials.
<MCSoulja> That way the ass kick boots will not hit them.
<Sackboy> xD

MCS, securely locking the ass kick boots on the proper coordinates.

<MCSoulja> Your middle name is .?
<Neurario> Red . Barchetta
<Red_Barchetta> B)
<MCSoulja> Actually its Ben
<MCSoulja> Whats your last name, Kenobi?


<FireEevee> `spin what is red
* GameServ spins the bottle for FireEevee and it lands on...
<GameServ> Red_Barchetta!
<MCSoulja> WHOA
<Red_Barchetta> ...
<SLNO> ...
<MCSoulja> `spin lives in barchettas
* GameServ spins the bottle for MCSoulja and it lands on...
<GameServ> Red_Barchetta!
<MCSoulja> WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Red_Barchetta> HAHAHAHAHA
<MCSoulja> I swear, GS is psychic or something. Maybe he's some creeper and not a bot.

GameServ's psychic, yet creepist self.

<Sackboy> bye guts
<MCSoulja> GUTS
<Sackboy> uh
<Sackboy> ignore that
<MCSoulja> Dont call us gut, you intestine

Smasher, insulting our inner organs.


Ooh, parents are fighting. Lemme get some front row seats and popcorn.

MCSoulja on chat


MCS, while trying to anticipate the release of the 3DS.

I always hate putting my sig in articles. They always try to force me to do math problems. CANT YOU UNDERSTAND I HATE MATH? Imbeciles.

MCSoulja, commenting on how stupid math is

Type in Paper Jorge in Google or Google Images. You'll be mesmerized.

MCSoulja, talking about Jorge's popularity

Don't worry, about a thing, 'cause every little thing is gonna be alright.

MCSoulja, taking Bob Marley, one of the best reggae musicians ever's word.


MCSoulja likes to make Cave Johnson references every time someone says something about burning houses down.





  • Nicolas is an only child.
  • Although he is of Italian descent, he can also speak English and a little German, but he cannot speak fluent Italian, only a few words and numbers.
  • He is almost positive he has OCD.
  • His YouTube channel has over 9,500 subscribers, and he has subscribed to over 50000 people until they put a restriction on how many people you can subscribe. He was also in the top ten users with the most subscriptions for a short time.
  • His birthday, along with Caf's and Smasher's, results in an incidental combo: July 7th, 14th, and 21st, the 21st being Nicolas' birthday.
  • He is over-obsessed with Rock Band, having all the instruments: (except Pro drums and two extra harmony microphones) guitar/bass, microphone, drums, Pro guitar/Pro bass, and keyboard. He is also a member of the Rock Band forums, and is up-to-date on the latest DLC, and even tends to check his phone at school for the updates.
  • He got the idea for his original username (Mileycyrussoulja) by combining two terrible teen singers.
  • His original idea for his artwork was a Luigi with teal overalls and a purple hat. After he got unblocked, he changed his mind to something better.
  • MCS is also one of the fastest posters on the MarioWiki forums, bypassing users such as Lario and Smiddle (who had over 9000 posts) in only two months. He is currently over 10,000 posts, and is the 4th top poster on the MarioWiki forums
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