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Rank User
Species Toad
Allies UltraMario
Likes anything that isn't killing people
Dislikes Trolling and Spamming
Theme(s) [[1]]
Aliases Ninja Toad, Ninja Toad5
Age 14

MapleWarrior is a user who is not the best at Wikis and is kinda meek on editing, but is a common chatter in the chatroom. He owns a hospital which is currently under construction, and currently lives in the Fungus Forest in his hospital. He is pictured as a Toad with a big brain but with a lack of social skills who wears a vest with a tie and has crosses instead of the circles most Toads have. He is a respected pharmacist who sells a lot of strange antidotes and poisons. His default weapon is a big syringe which is filled with poison.


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