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Maria Thalia 01

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Maria Thalia 01's artwork for Spirit Lies, as drawn by Edofenrir.

Maria Thalia 01, (also known Pokémon Trainer Elvira) is a manipulative troll and supporter of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics who impersonated RudnickiMarioX06 and hacked the MarioWiki forums. Maria first appeared during The Battle for Userpedia Wikia, in which she first talked to Scarecrow von Steuben about her desire of taking over the world, also claiming to be a 10-year old girl who would take over the world with Champi, her mushroom, and using her notepad. She was laughed at, and later attacked Userpedia Wikia during the spam of Sonic Rocks under Royal Spanish names.

Her first public appearance in chatroom was when she asked for help to Neurario.*

* However her very first conversation with Neurario as Elvira was in January, when she wished to use avatar on the forums but didn't know how, so he (Neural Impulse Unit by the time) explained her how to do it.

"Rudnicki" Identity

Maria appeared pretending to be Rudnicki, having allied with Sonic Rocks. Complications arose regarding Sonic Rocks' true loyalties- neither the MarioWikians or Rudnicki could figure out his true allegiance, as it appeared he was using his sockpuppets as "allies" to Rudnicki while he is using his guest I.P. to insult Rudnicki heavily. This led to a confrontation between Mr. Guy (who had become disillusioned with Sonic Rocks), Rudnicki, Cobweb, Maria Thalia and several of Sonic Rocks' sockpuppets. The flaming IP was revealed to be Alex25, but not before Alex heavily swore at Cube Game and Mr. Guy. He revealed that he did this only to fight Rudnicki without becoming a target of him, and the flaming was simply a cover-up so he would not be suspected.

"Maria Thalia" Identity

Maria attacked Userpedia, pretending to be Rudnicki's girlfriend "Maria Thalia", and spammed the site for banning him, and came with mad theories that she would rule the world and give the power to Rudnicki. Scarecrow Von Steuben told her that she was a deluded troll, she after that came saying she was a Spanish Noble/Queen and trying to fool the users under various sockpuppets (about 50).

"Elvira" Identity

Maria joined Userpedia as Pokémon Trainer Elvira, pretending to hate trolls, and was welcomed by DryGuy. Soon afterward, a troll named Maria Thalia of Bourbon XVI - later revealed to be a sockpuppet of Elvira's - began flaming her, asking DryGuy to block Elvira, thinking he was a sysop. Elvira went inactive for a short period of time, but later Rudnicki himself came back to spam Userpedia. Elvira, along with Scarecrow von Steuben and many other users, spent days reverting spam and flaming Rudnicki.

Elvira took advantage of the Wikia staff and took over Userpedia Wikia as its only active sysop, trying to make users join the Wikia version instead of the Adriels one. This lead to heavy criticism from Scarecrow, KingAbra, and Ultima Bahamut. Elvira-Thalia began to take credit for various other things that had helped the wiki (actually done by Bahamut, Abra, Steuben, Kingbowser99, and other users) and 1337Yoshi demoted Elvira-Thalia back to the rank of a normal user for lying. Elvira fled, trying to get Cube Game to help her, but Bahamut removed Elvira-Thalia's pleas due to her trying to get more power again.

Once, Elvira-Thalia came into the chatroom. She accused some users, including SmartyGuy11 and Totodile3456, of supporting X06 and being rapists (she even told some users that Xpike is paying 5 bucks to get users to have sex with them), which is not true, and started flaming them, but she was heavily flamed, especially by Toto and, eventually, everybody got bored of flaming and getting flamed, and promptly ignored her. She also claimed in queries that Americans are racist and that giving badly thought reasons to support this, SmartyGuy11 posted their query posts in public chat for everyone to see, she continued to flame him even more as result.

On April 11, 2009, the Winged Yoshis attacked her Userpedia. Many people flamed her for revenge for her being such a mean person. Master Lucario made an article called "Elvira is a b**ch", but she deleted it, and thanked him for it. The database was then locked, so the Wikia Staff could check it, preventing anyone from editing it.

On April 13th Elvira-Thalia began spamming numerous articles on Userpedia, Neurario reverted all the spam and blocked Elvira-Thalia, but just hours later she continued to spam and create Sockpuppets. Users such as Totodile3456, Phailure, Super Luigi! Number one!, and partially SmartyGuy11 reverted the spam and flamed her. S-Y eventually came along and blocked her again, Elvira-Thalia soon came on chat and was heavily criticized for spamming and started claiming she was "the goodness in humanity", SmartyGuy however proved that she was wrong by pointing out how racist she was. She later spammed Userpedia for a third time that day (impersonating Cobweb), but was once again stopped, just before the "account request" wiki feature went online, stopping her future spam attempts.

"Stooben" Identity

Maria guessed Stooben Rooben's password ('lemonface' at the time) of the chatroom and used his account to promote a poll about demoting ops like Xpike. After many users asked things that only the real Stooben knew, Maria got caught and blocked on Userpedia before she could destroy the wiki. That password worked for most of Stooben's accounts except for his MarioWiki Account.

Maria returned to #stoobchat and demoted most ops except for Neurario, who quickly came and used a blacklist script for IRC that would autoblock Maria in every room Neurario was in, with the reason.

After being demoted and blocked from chatroom, the fake Stooben headed to the forums and almost wiped out it. The attack was so serious that users called Porplemontage's mobile in real life.

First Defeat

Maria, claiming that she had been hacked by Rudnicki, was given an account by Neurario on Userpedia. Tired of fighting, she confessed the truth: she had been manipulating them all along, and she was in fact both Rudnicki and Maria. She pretended to leave for Uncyclopedia, however, this was proven to be false. She once again attempted to troll the MarioWiki under the identity of "Stooby".

Return/Yahoo Answers Attack

Maria Thalia attacked the chatroom #mariowiki by spamming repeatedly and creating many sockpuppets. After being blocked countless times, she had the idea of linking Yahoo Answers users to the chatroom with offensive names. This idea worked until middle July, when Turboo banned with details each IP from Yahoo,avoiding banning innocent users. Maria continued to spam the chatroom, but much less in the second half of 2009.
Eventually she stopped the chatroom attacks and befriended SMB.

B-K Wiki Attack

Maria Thalia attacked Paper Jorge's B-K wiki the day after Super Mario Bros. went inactive and came back because SMB was demoted. SMB and Marioguy1 desperately reverted vandalism while waiting for someone to come save them. Eventually, 2257 uploaded nuke and Marioguy1 nuked all of the pages after blocking all of Maria's many sockpuppets.

Image Uploading Abuses

By the end of November, Maria attacked the Wiki with probably 2000+ images. One of the attacks was so enormous, the sysops took 5 hours to delete the vandalism, however, the Wiki was protected by Porplemontage.


Maria reappeared in December of 2009, under the name of Boomix saying she has reformed.


It Began With a Dream

Maria Thalia appeared in Marioguy1's story It Began With a Dream as one of the three main antagonists (along with WarioLoaf and Rudnicki). She was Rudnicki's second-in-command and led all of rudnicki's armies across the new MarioWiki to attack the resistance. She first made her appearance when all of the trolls announced their existence but only made one appearance in battle. This was in the battle at the MarioWiki resistance's main base where they defeated Cobold and 2257. She proceeded up to Cobold's room to destroy him when 2257 and Stooben Rooben tried to stop her. She blasted Stooben Rooben through the wall and had a quick battle with Twentytwofiftysevem which ended in 2257's defeat. In a rage, Cobold sucked both of the two users (himself and her), along with everything else in the room, into Trollsboro. It was not, however, mentioned that Maria Thalia ever got back from Trollsboro.

Spirit Lies

Maria Thalia appears as an antagonist in Stooben Rooben's upcoming game Spirit Lies. She is known to be a boss character, although not much else has been revealed at this point.


Maria makes a small appearance along with Smoke in the comic Changes made by D.C.. Maria and Smoke approach D.C. as she returned to the wiki after one year or so and ordered her to give them everything she had. However, both trolls were fooled, since instead of anything valuable, they're given candy.

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