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Mario Players Wiki

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Mario Players Wiki was a Wikia Wiki owned by Maria Thalia 01. The wiki was originally the Wikia Userpedia but it was taken over by Maria and many changes were made to it. It is usually spammed by users from Mario Wiki.


After the Fall of Scribblewiki, users were looking for a new server to host a new Userpedia in. Several users tried Referata but it was discovered that Referata had very limited image space and so Walkazo decided to ban sprite comics from being posted in Referata as it took too much space. Users were mad at this and Shroobario decided to move Userpedia to Wikia and several users stayed there for some time despite several complaints from users as they disliked the Wikia server.

Neurario's real life friend decided to help out Userpedia by hosting a new Userpedia on his server. The users moved to this new Adriels server where the new Userpedia still remains. Meanwhile, the Userpedia Wikia was abandoned until later around the time of the Jaime Hack Incident. Maria began taking over the wiki, and since it was inactive and abandoned, Wikia admins gave her the rights to the place and she successfully took over it, changing its logo, name and various other things. When users found out they began spamming the wiki. Among the users who spammed were Master Lucario, KingAbra, and several Winged Yoshis. In the end, Wikia admins finally shut down the wiki and now the link to the site has been replaced with a notice stating "Closed Wiki".

Meanwhile, the Userpedia at referata was taken over by Maria[1] and although it is not under the name "Mario Players Wiki", it is still in war with users spamming it and Maria making up crazy stories of it all.