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Rank MarioWiki: Sysop
MarioWiki Forums: Local Moderator, Wiki Sysop, 'Shroom Core Staff, Poll Committee, #mwchat Operator, Awards Committee, Dry Bowser
Userpedia: Bureaucrat, Sysop
Userpedia Forums: Global Moderator, Assistant Administrator, Chatroom Operator, Disconnected Core Staff, Disconnected Judge, Wiki 'Crat, Wiki Sysop, The Lost Adventures
Species Robot
Allies Super Mario Bros. (Best), SolarBlaze, 2257, Ralphfan, Edofenrir, Tucayo, RAP, Gamefreak75
Likes Editing, smileys, Koopalings
Dislikes Insensitivity, hiatus
Theme(s) Don't know the name (credit to Tabuu for finding it :D)
Aliases MG1 (Chat), Marioguy (Shorter Name), MG (By some lazy people who won't type the 1), MG2, MG3, MG4, MG1000, twinArmageddons
Age 18

[00:18] <MG1> Nighty nigh...
[00:18] * MG1 Falls asleap on Alex's back
[00:18] *** Alex25 has quit (Exit: Throws a grenade at Boxer)
[00:18] * MG1 Falls to the ground
[00:19] <SMB> lol

Marioguy1, Alex25, and Super Paper Mario Bros.; Chat

Marioguy1 is a former Sysop on the Super Mario Wiki, a former Steward and Bureaucrat of Userpedia, and a former Global Moderator on its respective Forum. He was made the co-director of The 'Shroom's Pipe Plaza Team by Super Mario Bros.. He actively edits wikis and is a constant visitor to the Chatroom and forums. He has his own chatroom, #marioguychat, where the access list is full of his best friends and his other nicknames.



Introduction to Wikis

In November 2008, Marioguy1 was browsing the LEGO Star Wars (the video game) page on Wikipedia's external links section when he found a link to Wookiepedia. Marioguy1 quickly begun to like reading articles on Wookiepedia and eventually in December 2008, he decided to make an account; Ventress112. On Wookiepedia, Ventress112 was a very n00bish user who made horrible articles. Eventually Marioguy1 convinced one of his comrades from school to make an account and Generalgrievous112 was born.


Ventress and Grievous were both horrible editors at that time and were told, multiple times, how to edit. Eventually they decided to go on the same computer at their school and Graestan, an admin on Wookiepedia, checkusered them at that time. Finding them with the same IP Address, he blocked them both.

Neither Ventress nor Grievous took blocking well and both protested multiple times about it. Eventually Grievous went as far as to troll Graestan on multiple wikias, getting them blocked globally on wikia. Eventually Ventress made an appeal to the Wikia Staff and got unblocked and then grievous created a sockpuppet which was never blocked.

Post-Block Actions

Ventress then went on to create two wikias (in real life and koala wikias) and administrate several others, Mars Mission Wikia, Webkinz Wikia and LEGO Batman Wikia. Finally, Ventress retired from Wikia and made his way to Bulbapedia where he joined under the name "Pokemonguy1"

Later on, Ventress112 returned to Wikia and edited for a few months before disappearing off to the Super Mario Wiki. Ventress still makes occasional appearances on the wikis that he administrates.


Problems with Policies

Pokemonguy1 begun editing Bulbapedia after a short 1-month period of editing the Pokémon Wikia. He decided he wanted a better wiki and left wikia, eventually joining Bulbapedia on the 19th of February, 2009. Pokemonguy1 had learned a lot of wikicoding in his three-month time at Wikia and was a moderate editor on Bulbapedia though he did not know much about their policies. He got into numerous arguments with the admins before finally settling down for their policies. Pokemonguy1 was making occasional edits on Bulbapedia when he finally quit and went back to Wikia.

Super Mario Wiki

Return to Wikia and Joining the Super Mario Wiki

Pokemonguy1 eventually left Bulbapedia and Ventress112 became more active on Wikia, mainly administrating the wikis that he was an administrator of. He remained on Wikia for a while before discovering the Mario Wikia. While browsing through Mario Wikia histories, he found an argument between the Mario Wikia admins and several users of the Super Mario Wiki. He decided to see more of this Super Mario Wiki and created an account under the name "Marioguy1" as a play off of his Bulbapedia username, Pokemonguy1.

However, after creating an account, Marioguy1 did not become immediately active. Around late July, 2009, Marioguy1 started editing the Super Mario Wiki.

Editing the Super Mario Wiki

One of Marioguy1's first edits was asking Super Mario Bros. to move several articles about Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games which SMB then did. At first Marioguy1 believed SMB to be a sysop but quickly found out that wasn't true. They soon became great friends and corresponded often on their talk pages as Marioguy1 gradually made more edits.

Eventually Marioguy1 dropped his headstrong attitude and begun going with the policies of the wiki and making many good edits. He now edits the wiki daily, editing mostly the main and MarioWiki namespaces and has over 7,000 edits.

Forum and Chatroom Discoveries

Pretty soon, around the time of the Mario Awards III, Marioguy1 discovered the forums and chatroom though they were still a mystery to him. He then became an operator of SMB's channel, #trial. SMB later introduced Marioguy1 to Ralphfan who MG1 immediately liked, even though he thought he was a bot who automatically posted sports scores at first. Marioguy1 visited chat a lot and edited the MarioWiki and begun to like most of the admins.

More Chatroom and Discovering Userpedia

One day Super Mario Bros. put a message on Marioguy1's talk page telling him about Userpedia. Marioguy1 clicked the link and found the website very interesting, eventually making an account and editing. He also found Userpedia's chat applet, which he found much better than the one on the MarioWiki, and begun using it a lot more.

Later on, Marioguy1 discovered the Mibbit applet and currently uses that one in chat.

The 'Shroom

Marioguy1 had been a fan and avid reader of the 'shroom for a long time before he finally decided to sign up for his first position in the 1-month-old Pipe Plaza. He signed up for the section "Featured" in November, 2009, and about a day later, he was asked by Super Mario Bros. and Tucayo, in chat, to be a co-director of the Pipe Plaza. Marioguy1 accepted and has been a member of the Core Staff ever since.

In June, 2010, Marioguy1 signed up for his second position, Fading into Obscurity in the Main 'shroom team. Once again in September 2010, Marioguy1 applied for a non-existent position, Character Reviews and was hired for it.


Marioguy1 was later asked to join the Awards Committee for the Mario Awards IV by both Ralphfan and Stooben Rooben in March 2010 and agreed. He attended every meeting of the awards and is presenting the award A13, Favorite Koopaling. Later, in July 2010, Marioguy1 was asked to join the new found Poll Committee and accepted that as well.


Joining the Wiki

Marioguy1 joined Userpedia after being given a link to it by Super Mario Bros.. He edited the Wiki a lot, mainly adding information of the many administrators of the Super Mario Wiki after quizzing it out from them on talk pages and in forum memos. He also improved the pages on the different DarkMyst services.

2 Hours of Restoration (Sysophood) and Patrollerhood!

On October 4th 2009, Marioguy1 was promoted to the rank sysop on Userpedia for two or so hours due to Jorge hacking Tabuuownsall132x2's account. Marioguy1 found out about his promotion via chat and immediately began restoring pages nuked by Jorge/Tabuu. Due to his past experiences on other wikis, he knew how to restore and restored a grand total of 50 pages, 535 revisions. He was later demoted to a regular user by Stooben Rooben. A few weeks later, the administrators of Userpedia agreed to bring the Patroller ranking back and decided to promote Marioguy1 for his dedication and activity, as well as his brief experience as a Sysop.

The Disconnected

Marioguy1 soon noticed The Disconnected project on Userpedia which was similar to The 'Shroom and asked Super Mario Bros. what it was. SMB told him it was the inactive Disconnected project and they worked together to bring it back to life with Super Mario Bros. as the director and Marioguy1 as the sub-director. Later on when SMB was demoted from Patroller and went on a hiatus from Userpedia, he gave over the status of director to Marioguy1 who later reinforced it on SMB to force him to come back to the site.

Marioguy1 remained the sub-director of The Disconnected and has been the sub-director since. He once considered running for the position of director in the election but decided not to.


A while after Tabuu's hack, Stooben Rooben gave over his Steward powers to Scarecrow who kept them for around a month and then passed them over to Marioguy1 when he went inactive. Marioguy1 was the steward of Userpedia for about two months before Stooben Rooben replaced him due to a need for a more proactive steward. After that incident, Marioguy1 remained a Bureaucrat of Userpedia.


Marioguy1 has joined numerous other wiki's such as Yoshario's Animal Crossing Wiki where he hasn't done much editing. He also joined Jorge's B-KWiki and was promoted to Sysop when Maria Thalia attacked the wiki with numerous sockpuppets. He tried to stop her but eventually got 2257 to install the Nuke function on the wiki and then he got to deploy the Nukes and end the battle.

Marioguy1 also joined the NIWA forums with the nickname "Nintendoguy1". Nintendoguy1 post occasionally in the community boards. Another forum which Marioguy1 joined is the Xephyr Boards. He joined to be able to play a game of Mafia which he never actually played (even though he was the second-last innocent alive). He also has his own board, a sub-board of SMB's - "The board with the creative name involving MG1".


Marioguy1 is a very dedicated user and works very hard on helping any user who asks him for it. He has helped multiple users in the past and has so far provided a very logical insight into all proposals and questions. He tries to look at all sides of things and then make an extremely long paragraph describing it all. He is very strict when talking to users that aren't his friends and has developed multiple personalities, they are shown by how he talks to different people and on different wikis.


It Began With a Dream

Marioguy1 appeared as a minor character and author of the story It Began With a Dream. In it he and Super Mario Bros. went together on a mission to save Ralphfan from the trolls. Ralphfan was lost so MG1 and SMB figured out Rudnicki's, under the influence of the Mastermind Troll, master plan to take over the mind of everyone in the wiki world and turn them into trolls. Then MG1 deactivated the machine and returned just in time to almost get destroyed by the Mastermind Troll and be saved by Porplemontage.

A Spammers Revenge

Marioguy1 stars in A Spammers Revenge as a major villain, and the ruler of Userpedia. He is not actually working with the trolls, but allows the trolls to attack Userpedia.

His first appearance in the comic was issue 7, where he proved to be an extremely corrupt sysop of Userpedia. He got into an argument with RFM after RFM told MG about the massive attack, but MG1 was just happy that Jimmy Wales was still alive. He later appeared in the unpopular Issue 16 (The issue was deemed unpopular after users criticized the length of the issue, being only four panels in length) and caught New Super Mario spamming. However, he just turned to NSM and said "Don't get any spam on my clothes", a phrase that even puzzled NSM himself.

The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo

In The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo, he appears in Episode 4, trying to assist Master Crash in fighting Wayoshi and Captain Collision. Before being able to reach the fight, however, he is attacked by WaddleDoo. After his and Master Crash's defeat, both of them observe Blocky successfully take down Wayoshi and Captain Collision from a rooftop.



  • ralphfan slaps MG1 around a bit with a large trout
    * MG1 slaps ralphfan around a bit with a large trout
    * Albercrombie slaps ralphfan around a bit with a large trout
    * MG1 slaps ralphfan around a bit with Albercrombie
    * Grapes slaps MG1 around a bit with a large whale
    * ralphfan slaps Grapes around a bit with a large brick
    * MG1 slaps ralphfan with his hand
    * ralphfan punches MG1 like a real man
    * MG1 owws...
MG1, Ralphfan, Grapes and Albercrombie; Chat

  • KP_Shadow punches SMB in the head
    * Uniju's_Maid{Togepi} punches KP_Shadow
    * MG1 punches MG1
    * MG1 dies
    * MG1 rises from the dead and punches ralphfan in the MG1
    * MG1 owws...
MG1, SMB, Ugozima, KP Shadow and Ralphfan; chat

<SMB>: Mods board should only be visible to me, Uniju, and Stooben.
<MG1>: Mod boards are for SMB, St00b and uniju
<MG1>: Um...per SMB
<SMB>: Per MG1.

MG1 and SMB talking to Tabuu, #userpedia

<MG1>: `lovecalc MG1 SMB
<SMB>: The probability of MG1 and SMB having a successful relationship is 426 percent.
<MG1>: :P
<SMB>: Okay then
<MG1>: That was as friends...

MG1 and SMB, awkward


  • Marioguy1 has become an editor on 20 wikis in total, a Bureaucrat on five, an admin on two and a rollback on one.
  • Marioguy1 was the last of the three users that were promoted temporarily to stop Jorge/Tabuu (Tucayo, Fleep and him) to be demoted after the restoration was complete.
  • On December 12th, 2009 Marioguy1 and Edofenrir had the exact same edit count (5,015) on the MarioWiki.
    • Interestingly, both were online at that time and in the Chatroom.
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