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Member of: Super Mario Wiki (Mariomario64)
MarioWiki Forums (Mariomario64)
Userpedia (Mariomario64)
Wikipedia (The BCT)
Rank User on all wikis mentioned above
Dry Bowser on the MW Forums
Species Human
Location Real Life: New Jersey, U.S.A.
Join date MarioWiki: December 18, 2010
Userpedia: April 23, 2011
Gender Male
Allies UltraMario3000, Smasher 101, many others from the MarioWiki, Userpedia, and chatroom.
Likes Mario, Technology Stuff (ex. Video Games), and Science
Dislikes School, Vandals
Aliases MM64
Age 12

* Mariomario64 explodes
<UltraMario> .

Mariomario64 and UltraMario in the chatroom

Mariomario64 (commonly referred to as MM64) is a user of the Super Mario Wiki, its forums, and Userpedia. He also owns the chatroom #mm64chat, although it is not very active.


Super Mario Wiki

After he became a huge fan of the Mario series in August 2010, Mariomario64 seeked information on major Mario games. He often, out of boredom, read Wikipedia articles on some of these games. When searching for these articles on Google, he also saw a result that read "Super Mario Wiki, the Mario Encyclopedia". He thought it wasn't anything major or official, so he stayed away from it, without even looking at the site itself. Sometime within the next few months, a friend of his told him about the MarioWiki, and he decided to check the site out. He stayed there as a guest for a while, and on December 18, 2010, he finally made his account. Things started out slow, but he eventually met lots of friends and is currently very active.


Mariomario64 eventually joined Userpedia on April 23, 2011. He doesn't contribute a lot here.

MarioWiki Forums

Sometime in early June, 2011, Mariomario64 decided to try out for a position in The 'Shroom. This prompted him to create a forums account. He is not very active there, but usually goes on to check his messages every day.


Mariomario64 is basically Mario with the colors of the shirt and overalls swapped. MM64 also has a 64 on his cap instead of an M.



  • In real life, Mariomario64 plays the alto saxophone. He also owns a pet guinea pig.
  • He got the idea for his appearance from his love of retro games, as it resembles Mario's classic look.

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