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Max2 in a happy state.

Max2 (also originally known as Maxlover2) is a banned user on MarioWiki and Userpedia. Max2 started out as a good user who sometimes made mistakes and got into flame wars but later got angry at users and started flaming them. Soon, his dog in real life died which lead him to begin spamming the wiki until the sysops banned him for infinite.

Before being banned however, Max2 was quite a popular user amongst the community, being liked by some. Max2 was also once best friends with 3Dejong and during 2007, they would always appear in comics together and they had a great time. Nowadays, he can sometimes be seen in the #fantendo chat from time to time and sometimes his visit attracts a crowd.


Wiki's End

Max2 was a major character in Wiki's End who stayed with 3D while they went on a journey to find a portal to another wiki. In their quest, they entered Wikipedia where Xzelion attacked and drove Max2 so angry that, in the end, he commited suicide by blowing himself up with a bomb.


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