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Obey Mario...DESTROY WARIO!!

Member of: 1 Super Mario Wiki

2 Userpedia
3 Wikirby

Rank 1 Autoconfirmed User

2 User

Species Human
Location Mega Mushroom City
Gender Male
Allies MushroomMan3, FireFlower884, MarioMan51, SUPERZ, and many others.
Aliases MM82, MegaMushie82 (by MushroomMan3), Bro (by MushroomMan3) Super Nintendo 64, MK64DASHER, SN64, MK64D, Mega
Age 11

MegaMushroom82 (or Mega) (born 11/02/00) is a User on the Super Mario Wiki. He is a very sensitive user. He sometimes goes on #mwchat to chat and start some adventures. His appearance is a Mario with grey pants. Instead of an "M" on his hat, it has a "MM82" on it. The "MM" and "82" are stacked on top of each other. He built Mega Mushroom City, and became the Mayor. He owns a Mansion there. And he is also a triplet. He is in the middle, MushroomMan3 is the youngest, and FireFlower884 is the oldest. MegaMushroom82 did not join Toad Scouts (Troop 576), however.


Super Mario Wiki

MegaMushroom82 joined the Super Mario Wiki as MK64DASHER. Soon, MK64DASHER decided to change to his long-wanted name, Super Nintendo 64. Then MK64DASHER2 changed to MushroomMan3. Soon, he made his userpage and met more friends, becoming more popular. But SN64 changed to MegaMushroom82 and later got blocked (7/10/12-8/10/12). At first he was blocked for two weeks, but his block was extended for sockpuppeting. He was warned about this and was encouraged to wait out his block, or get permabanned.

MegaMushroom82 waited out his block and soon, he joined another Wiki. However, because of this, he forgot his password on the Super Mario Wiki and created another account (Mega) which resulted in his original account getting blocked permanently.


MegaMushroom82 joined WiKirby as Super Nintendo 64.


MegaMushroom82 joined Userpedia following his brother. He hasn't done much. He created a few pages. His future is soon to come...


He has a user account on Bulbapedia under the username Dittario.


New Super Wiki bros. wii

He will soon be a playable character in this game.

Wiki Kart 7

MegaMushroom82 will create the game Wiki Kart 7 and he will be one of the characters.

The Journey to the Real World

A new comic. He's a main character, and his bros. will be featured.


Transform: He had discovered this power in his early ages. He can transform into anything he wants.
Flamethrower and Flame Wheel: He has this because he can turn into a fire-type Pokèmon.
Hyper Beam: He earned it because he was just learned it.

Dittario Lv.11
Fire Special
Normal Status
Flame Wheel
Fire Physical
Hyper Beam
Normal Special



  • He talks like his counterpart from the Real World.
  • He is also one of the only users to be a triplet.
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