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Member of: -Super Mario Wiki (Autopatrolled, Fake News director, Poll Committee)

-Userpedia (Patroller)
-Chatroom (Operator)
-Super Mario Boards (Wiki Patroller)
-The Xephyr Board (V.I.P.)
-Userpedia Forum (Wiki Patroller)

Species Cyndaquil
Gender Male
Allies Bones, Smasher, RUAI, Edo, 2257, GF75, Crash, Packy, Dippy, Blocky, Turb, Mason, MST3K, Neu, Brock, Neptune, SM347, Stooben, SMB, Tucky and a lot of other people
Likes Music, television, comedy, hot drinks
Dislikes People, Smasher
Moves -Flamethrower Temp poke fire.png

-Eruption Temp poke fire.png
-Double-Edge Temp poke normal.png
-Smokescreen Temp poke normal.png

Aliases MCD, Mr_CD, Mrcd, Not_MCD, Concrete, Sonkey, Codo, McSeedy/Mr Seedy, Donk, Sonk, Donkey, That Stone Ass, Posh Prick

its too hard to keep up with the canonical insult for mcd


MrConcreteDonkey, or MCD, is a former Patroller of the Super Mario Wiki and current Patroller of Userpedia, plus a chatroom Operator. He has also been the director of The 'Shroom's Fake News since October 2011 and former-Vice Chairman of the Poll Committee.


Super Mario Wiki

MCD first found the MarioWiki somewhere around 2007 when looking for information about Super Smash Bros. Melee. He visited semi-regularly as a guest, in particular enjoying looking at other people's userpages. Since he thought there were age restrictions (thankfully), he didn't join until May 2010. Most of his edits when he joined were to his userpage, though eventually he settled into the other parts of the community. He also created a lot of pages for WarioWare: D.I.Y. downloadable microgames, and still does if he's bored or something.

In April 2011, he was promoted to Autopatrol for generally trustworthy edits, and in October of that year he was promoted to Patroller. This happened entirely because WarioWare: D.I.Y. downloadable microgames are very important. Backbone of the Wiki, or something.

Nowadays, MCD doesn't really edit the Wiki as much as he used to, but is still involved in the 'Shroom. On April 20, 2017, he was demoted from Patroller due to inactivity.

Awards Committee

MCD's pretty sure he was approached to join the Awards Committee in 2011, but he declined due to the meetings being too late in his timezone. Nonetheless, this didn't stop him from joining in 2012, and every subsequent year.

MCD also tends to host at least two awards every year, sometimes trying to do something different or unique with his presentations (or, failing that, just copying whatever he did last year). He has also hosted the fourth and fifth Awards Mafia games, the first being co-hosted with Superchao and the second with Superchao and Smasher.

Events on the forum MCD has been involved in include Draw Smasher and Post Tumble.

Poll Committee

In July 2012, MCD joined the Third Poll Committee, and has stayed on the committee through to the sixth (current) incarnation. He was Vice-Chairman of the fifth committee (under Mario4Ever).

Super Mario Boards

MCD joined the Super Mario Boards in August 2010, and has remained active there ever since. He makes most of his posts in the Mindless Junk and Off-subject Discussion boards, though he also posts elsewhere regularly. Also, MCD often plays Mafia games on the forum, having done so since 2010. His first game was Storm Yoshi's Kirby Mafia, and he has since hosted nine games (including both Awards Mafia games). He joined the Mafia Hosts Guild in July 2011.


In August 2010, MCD created an account on Userpedia (and its forums soon after).

MCD served as a Core Staff member for Userpedia's newspaper The Disconnected under Super Luigi! Number one's tenure as Director. He also wrote for the Whaaat? section (which described...uhh, to be honest, I'm not even sure what I was doing with that). However, once MCSoulja left the Interview section, MCD seized the opportunity and took it, interviewing Smasher (for approximately one issue). The newspaper was later discontinued (or 'disconnected', if you prefer).

The 'Shroom

Fake News

MCD first became involved in The 'Shroom when he applied for two Fake News jobs, Fake TV and Fake Characters (alongside DyegoHalliwell IceMario12), to Ralphfan (then-director of the Fake News) in August 2010. His application was accepted and his first sections were published in Issue XLII. He retired from writing Fake Characters in Issue L, and Fake TV in Issue LIX, deciding instead to write different Fake News sections every month or so.

In October 2011, MCD took over from Mr. Edo as the director of the Fake News sub-team, as the latter was taking on the position of Sub-Director at the time. MCD still holds the position of Fake News director today, making him the longest tenured Fake News director. He has also held the same position longer than any other Core Staff member in the newspaper's history.

Should Have Been

MCD later joined the main team, writing the Should Have Been section, in November 2010, detailing features he felt should have been in a Mario game every month, and that game's beta elements (for some reason). In Issue 64 the section moved to the new Critic Corner sub-team. Eventually, MCD branched out into covering non-Mario games as well, the first being VVVVVV, a favourite of his. MCD definitely resigned from writing Should Have Been - somewhere around Issue LXXX - but the point at which he did isn't particularly clear. He still writes it occasionally as a guest section for a special issue, however, most recently in Issue 100.

Interestingly enough, Should Have Been is the only section for which MCD has been recognised for writing elsewhere in the internet (by someone on the Brawl in the Family forum).

Forum Update

In Issue LVI, MCD started writing for the Forum Update section of Pipe Plaza. He eventually resigned in Issue LXXVIII, though he has since returned to writing it in Issue 100.

Other sections

  • MCD wrote a Special Section for Issue L.
  • In Issue 100, MCD also submitted a guest Beta Blockers section to the new Strategy Wing sub-team.


MCD first joined the chatroom around August 2010. Despite being pretty immature when he first joined, he managed to make quite a few friends through chat, including Mr bones and Smasher. He was promoted in #mwchat on September 2011, and has been one ever since. He's also an operator in #userpedia, and a fair few user chatrooms. MCD can still often be found in chat.

MrConcreteDonkey Forum

MCD created his own forum in late 2010. This is significant because it was one of the earliest user forums, if not the earliest... What's that? The Xephyr Board? Nope, never heard of it. He also created a Wiki on Wikia to go alongside the forum, mostly concerning his YouTube videos, though all evidence of the existence of said Wiki has been wiped from the memories of all who may have heard of it.

The MrConcreteDonkey Forum is nowadays mostly inactive, except when MCD remembers about it every couple of months and adds "hilarious" lines to the News feature.

MCD becomes a professional artist



Other Stuff

MCD's generally a nice guy, and people in the community consider him funny. He is often, however, a "posh prick" (in the words of a disgruntled former writer of his). This is because he often likes to play up the fact that he's British, by using a number of stereotypes (e.g. being posh). He used to not like tea, and instead emphasised his preference of coffee (and, occasionally, hot chocolate), though he has since warmed to the beverage (especially tea infusions). <br=clear all>

MCD appears as a standard Cyndaquil (though he's occasionally shown as a Quilava or Typhlosion). He wears a top hat and monocle. His Quilava and Typhlosion forms wear a suit (his Cyndaquil form also does, occasionally). MCD is the Bard of Space, and can sometimes be seen in his God Tier outfit (codpiece included). <br=clear all>

In all of his forms, MCD has the ability to Shapeshift to any of his forms. Cyndaquil Form: MrConcreteDonkey has a wide variety of fire moves, many of which from Pokémon, such as Flamethrower and Eruption.
Concrete Donkey Form: MrConcreteDonkey cannot move around while in Concrete Donkey form, but it's useful for when he is above his enemies. The weapon has the same effect as in the Worms games. He also has high defense when in this form.
Echidna Form: As an echidna, MCD is very strong. He can also dig through any walls and floors, and glide through the air.
Yoshi Form: MCD, as a Yoshi, can swallow his enemies and turn them into eggs, flutter jump, and Ground Pound.
Carroboscis Form: In his Carroboscis form, MCD can see in the dark. Good things they are, carrots.
King Dedede Form: MCDedede sports a very smart suit in this form. He wields a hammer in this form, and can puff up and float around. He also has a teacup as a weapon.
Concrete Man Form: MrConcrete Man can use the Concrete Shot in this form, and shakes the ground when he jumps.

Main Appearances

MCD, Smasher 101 and Neptune99 in Trolls' Island

MrConcreteDonkey is the writer of Corruption, and a main character. He makes a proposal in the the prologue to bring back the MarioWiki State Police, and then joins its middle team himself when the proposal passes in Part 1, alongside three other guys. Early into his time in the force, in Part 3, MCD and his team are shot at by somebody when he is in his car, killing their driver. It then blows up. In Part 5, Gamefreak leaves him in charge while he and all of the higher members go on a very dangerous mission, in case they do not return.

They never return, and in Part 6, this new job appears to be taking its toll on him. He receives a sudden creepy call from Peachycakes and lots of scary, weird supernatural stuff happens, until Zero777 rings him up and tells him there's been a murder. But he has to stay at the police station in Part 7, sending his team out to do the work. Finally, he decided to rejoin his team, making his way to the scene of the crime. When he arrives at the scene, they investigate SiFi's dead body a bit more and then get rid of it in Part 8.

They then get a call from SLNO and are called to N's flat, after passing through a creepy hallway, finding Scorpion999 in a room, who has murdered N.

Trolls' Island (comic)

MrConcreteDonkey appeared in Mr bones's comic Trolls' Island as a minor hero. He is first seen in Chapter 4 Part 6, Part 7 and Part 8 Trolls' Island. He wanted to take a picture of the Blast Forest Monster so he could send it to The 'Shroom, but was attacked. While Mr bones and Time Q were trying to defeat the monster, he took a picture, and the brightness of the flash defeated the monster. Unfortunately, MCD was knocked out too. MCD is carried back by Mr bones, and then wakes up. He then runs off crying when he realises he dropped the picture.

He is shown to have wrote an article in a magazine in Part 11 of Chapter 5, about Chef Kawasaki being attacked by Kirby. He makes a minor appearance in Chapter 6 Part 2, and then appears in Part Three, where he, Smasher 101 and Neptune99 find an abandoned house, break the door down and are confronted by a monster. It sends the three to the "Demon's Past", where they try to find the Demon's heart, with Tabuuownsall132x2.

Crocodile Dippy's Supremely Bored Pokémon HeartGold Let's Play

In Crocodile Dippy's Supremely Bored Pokémon HeartGold Let's Play, MCD appears as Rita's starter Pokémon, with his hat and monocle added to the Cyndaquil sprites by 2257 and Edofenrir.

A Spammers Revenge
MrConcreteDonkey and Fuzzipede27 talking to SonicMario in User Soup

MrConcreteDonkey is set to appear in A Spammers Revenge as a major villain.

New Sherlock Mario

He appears in the New Sherlock Mario Series. He is a main character and takes the role of Watson.

Minor Appearances

User Soup

MrConcreteDonkey appeared in Episode 59 and Episode 63, as well as the finale of User Soup. In Episode 63, he got cheese for Christmas.

Hacked Again

MCD appears in the comic Hacked Again as a villain. He appears in Issue 0, where he, along with another three potential trolls/villains were summoned by Peachycakes to help her complete a plan to destroy the Wiki.

Extinction: Rise of the Mutants
Cannon Whack from Extinction: Rise of the Mutants

MCD appears as a mutant in Extinction: Rise of the Mutants. His mutant name is Cannon Whack, and he first appears in Chapter 5, battling Zero. He later spectates the surgery that was being done on Mason, thinking he dies, but gets proven wrong a few seconds later. He defended the Sysop Tower from the zombie horde and participated in only the last half on the assault of the Zero Corps. Tower. The first half he was with Molly, protecting her as she plants bombs underground. He was used in Zero's plan on conquering the medical floor, which deals with Zero throwing MCD, while in ball form, to a wall and bounce around and knock down anyone. A similar manner was also done during the underground city of Greases raid.

Dragon Problem

MCD made a number of cameos in the comic I heard you have a dragon problem? First he was killed by an errant Bratwurstga sausage flicked at Walkazo by Mr. Edo in the library. He then somehow attended the mayor's party in City Hall, initially propped up by a stick but then falling to the floor after Anton walks away, having never realized he had been talking to a corpse. It then turned out that MCD had fallen onto his Quest Bed and was ressurected as the Cod Tier Bard of Space - only to be felled again by another sausage. This death did not stick either, however, as he was able to revive once more in the final chapter and call for a dance party.

Because he was Smasher, everybody walked away from him.

MrConcreteDonkey, in the story for one of his Mafia games, about Smasher 101.

<MG1> Who are you Not_MCD
<MG1> What's your wiki username?
<Mario_Fan_123> MCD.
<Mario_Fan_123> MrConcreteDonkey.
<Not_MCD> Uuuh
<Not_MCD> Jeff
<Not_MCD> Jeff McJeff
<Mario_Fan_123> *** MrConcreteDonkey is now known as Not_MCD
<Mario_Fan_123> >_>
<Not_MCD> Uuh
<Not_MCD> I know his password
<Not_MCD> It's Jeff
<Mario_Fan_123> SO
<Mario_Fan_123> BAN HIM
<Not_MCD> Uuuh
<Mario_Fan_123> SOCKETPUPPET.
Not_MCD gets electrocuted
<Not_MCD> Ow
<Not_MCD> Didn't somebody teach you it's dangerous to put puppets in sockets?

MrConcreteDonkey, Mario Fan 123 and Marioguy1, #userpedia

Bored_Pizza_Planet uses Pizza Beam Lv2
Raging_Taco_Monster uses Taco throw LV1
Bored_Pizza_Planet uses Great Pizza Death Ray of Balance-Breaking Mega Destruction
Raging_Taco_Monster uses Great Taco Death Ray of Small-Snack Ultra Carnage
<Raging_Taco_Monster> You can't harm me any further!
Raging_Taco_Monster shows Pizza Planet a court order.
<Raging_Taco_Monster> I'm an endangered species!
Raging_Taco_Monster is now known as Endangered_Taco_Monster
<Bored_Pizza_Planet> oh, ok

MrConreteDonkey (taco monster) and Edofenrir (pizza planet), #marioguychat

<Aldo> Ono, he's going directly to the flames of hell
Aldo pushes BMB
<MrConcreteDonkey> The light is the flames of hell
BMB brings Aldo with him.
MrConcreteDonkey stands on the cliff
<MrConcreteDonkey> Hey look
<MrConcreteDonkey> I can see Aldo
<MrConcreteDonkey> HI ALDO
<Aldo> HI MCD

Castle Toad, Baby Mario Bloops and MrConcreteDonkey, #mwchat

<SexyEspeon> !rate Smasher Girls
<SMB{BOT}> There is a 30 percent chance that Smasher and Girls would have a successful relationship!
<MrConcreteDonkey> !rate Smasher men
<SMB{BOT}> There is a 60 percent chance that Smasher and men would have a successful relationship!

MrConcreteDonkey and FireEevee (SexyEspeon), using SMB's bot, about Smasher 101, #wolff

Lol tgat doesnt make noise 8) but fine, close it.
I can inform you that the tgat is a very sensitive animal and gets very sad when people say it doesn't make noise.

Flubber, then MCD on the MarioWiki forums.

  • MCD's username comes from the Concrete Donkey, a weapon from the video game series Worms, which he is a big fan of.
  • He has the same birthday as Aiko, Reversinator and QuizmoManiac.


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SiFi (Geodude)
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Gamefreak75 (Dusknoir) Blood Lucario
Master Lucario
Neurario (Lucario)
Castle Toad (Charizard)
MrConcreteDonkey (Cyndaquil)
SonicMario (Rapidash)
Dr. Javelin (Blastoise)
NEXandGBX (Lilligant)
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Crocodile Dippy (Pikachu)
Pokémon Trainer Red (Pikachu)
Mastablasta (Latios)
Mastablasta (Latios)
GalacticPetey (Tyranitar)
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      "I heard you have a dragon problem?"
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