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Mr bones

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Mr bones
Bones tombstone.png
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  1. Super Mario Wiki
  2. Userpedia
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  1. Mariowiki User
  2. Userpedia Patroller
Species Vampire Dry Bones
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  1. 5 August 2009
Gender Male
Likes Video Games, Maths, Pies, Bananas, Wario, cats, dogs, horror books, blood, South Park, Homestuck, My Little Pony, Agatha Christie novels, Dangan Ronpa, Futurama
Dislikes Trolls, cussing, eggplants, racism, storms, strong wind
Moves Dark Bones, Vampire Breath, Bones Rain, and anything related to bones and vampires.
Specialty/Most Active Microgames, Wario Land
Aliases Bones, Captain Bones, Count Bonsula, apocalypseArisen, Gregg, arsenicCatnip, Security Lady, Draconian Dignitary, Marowak
Score Score
  1. 4000+
Age Age
  • Real World: 16
Personal information Real Life Stuff
  • Date of Birth: March 7 1996

“The count is in!”
Count Bonsula, #mwchat

Mr bones, also known as Count Bonsula (often referred to as Bones), is a retired user of The Super Mario Wiki and a patroller of Userpedia. He joined the mariowiki on August 2009.

The Tale of The Count

Ruler of the Undead

A long time ago, Count Bonsula was the ruler of Darkhill, a land solely inhabited by the undead, namely zombies and vampires. During his reign, he had done his best to keep his land safe and peaceful. And failed miserably as mere years after he became leader, a group of rebel zombies led by a professional assassin who moved into town recently attempted to overthrow him. However, the count was immortal, and had no known weaknesses; he had no flesh to be burnt by sunlight or holy water, and he was rather fond of garlic. The only way to kill him was to damage his black heart which was protected by a shell no regular weapon could pierce through. Knowing that continuing his raid would only lead to failure; the assassin gave up and went on a quest to find matter strong enough to destroy the shell and kill Bonsula once and for all. Six years and nine months later, the assassin came back to finish what he started. He challenged Count Bonsula to a duel. The latter agreed without hesitation. After a series of lame one-liners and useless show-off moves, the assassin managed to destroy Bonsula’s shell with his whip forged with the right mineral. He then declared himself the Prince of Darkhill, and killed all its vampires.

Spiritual Journey

Fortunately for the former-leader, his ghost was left in the world of mortals, unable to cross to the afterlife. He witnessed the destruction of his own people and wanted revenge on the bloodthirsty racist prince. But as a ghost, he was slightly more useless than his true form, so he left his homeland in search of a witch doctor that could bring him back to life. After more years of searching, he finally came across a big empire called The MarioWiki, ruled by a peculiar blue dragon. While exploring one of its towns, he came across dinosaur-like creature known as Guilmon.

“Excuse me, mortal. But do you know any shaman or witch doctor who lives around here?”


“Uh…Are you listening?”, he asked again

“Wow. You’re a skeleton ghost with a mustache. Weirdest user ever. But if you seek a pro shaman, I suggest you take a look in Dark Myst. You will come across Anton, the best magic person who ever lived. All glory to Anton. He is the best.”

And thus, the ghost of the deceased count ventured into the depths of Dark Myst in search of Anton the shaman, and found him in one of the darkest, most dangerous places in the universe: #mwchat. Bonsula humbly asked the shaman if he could bring him back to life. Anton agreed, but told him that he would have more weaknesses in his new form than his older one. The count, having no choice, accepted. The shaman witch doctor magic person then grinned and sent the soul of Bonsula into a new body…

Bonsula 1.2

When he woke up, Bonsula found himself in a large desert. He wasn’t a ghost anymore, he had a new body. But he was hungry, and thirsty. Unable to move, he wondered if the witch doctor wasn’t in cahoots with his old nemesis and sent him to that deserted place to die. It was a strange thing to wonder. But he wondered it anyway. After wondering that thing, he noticed a tall silhouette approaching him. And then, just like that, he lost consciousness.

When he came to his senses again, his eyes made contact with those of an absurd purple creature with long blonde hair.

“Absurd? Wow rude. I am a highly skilled and proud ice dragon mage and I want you to treat me as such! Also, my hair is green. Come on.”

“W-Where am I?”

“In my house. You’ve been sleeping for three days. We were starting to think you won’t make it. I’m Edo by the way. Hi.”

“What do you mean “we”?”

“Well, I live here with my sister, but she’s out to get some supplies. It is kind of strange how a Marowak like you was unable to survive in a desert, though. I thought you liked sand and hot environments.”

“Yeah well-Wait? What? A Marowak?”

“Oh. Do you have amnesia or something?”

“Mirror!” Edo immediately gave Bonsula a mirror, which was useless because vampires don’t have reflections. So he had to take the ice dragon’s word for it. Days and days have passed during which the dragon’s sister was more than happy to feed the vampire her blood to accelerate his healing process, and also during which Edo used several healing spells and potions on him. When he was cured, the three of them would often visit various places around the Mariowiki, which allowed Bonsula to meet new people. He began to consider the dragons’ cave as his new home and even got a job as someone’s boat. Additionally, he became Edo’s apprentice; attempting to learn healing spells every day. And failing.

But then everything changed when the fi-

But then everything changed when his old nemesis came back.


In fictions, Mr bones is usually a villain or an anti-hero, and he rarely plays the hero role.

Trolls' Island

Mr bones is the main "hero" of his own comic Trolls Island AUTHOR SELF-PROMOTION HELL YEAH where he finds a letter outside his lair that says a mysterious wand in the middle of Hack-Hack Sea will allow him to rule the world. He stupidly believes this and goes to look for the wand. When he finds it, it turns out instead of giving him the power to rule the world, it summons an island that is apparently inhabited by trolls and destroys his ship. After meeting the users of the MarioWiki, Mr bones makes a deal with them: Assist them to seal the island away and in exchange they would help him to get back home.

A Spammers Revenge

Mr Bones is scheduled to appear in the 3rd episode of A Spammers Revenge as a minor villain. Although he is a minor villain, Mr Bones will play a major part in the story. This is the same idea as Emperor Yoshi, as he will also play a major part, even though he is a minor Villain.

User Soup

SonicMario using Mr bones as a boat.

Mr bones appeared in Episode 59 of User Soup. He was the one who knew where SonicMario's employees are. So SonicMario went to his "evil hideout" which is inside an "evil cardboard box" in the alley next to the drug store on Fruit Street. Mr bones was then forced to help SonicMario find his employees to save his Sunday TV time. SonicMario used Bones as a boat to reach trollsboro. When arrived, Bones told SM that he cannot follow him because if the tolls know that he helped a user, he won't be allowed in Trollsboro again. So SM went to save his employees and promised to Mr bones that he'll get back for him. Unfortunately, SM forgot about him.

The Three Mushketeers

Mr bones appears as the seventh major villain during issue 65 to 69.

Hacked Again

Mr bones is set to appear in the comic Hacked Again as a main hero.

The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo

Mr bones (as Bonsula) appears in Episode 5 of The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo. In the events of the episode, Paper Jorge finds himself tried up in a remote island location. He finds Bonsula, who explains to Jorge that he was responsible for tying him up, acting under 2257's orders. In a reference to User Soup, Jorge forgives Bonsula, and uses him as a surfboard to return to the MarioWiki.


Mr bones



  • Mr bones is one of the very few African users and currently the only user from Algeria.

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