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Scarecrow von Steuben

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Scarecrow von Steuben
Scarecrow MP9.png
Rank Former Bureaucrat, former Sysop
Species Yoshi
Gender Male
Allies Neptune, Katana, Henrydamoose, TheGreatBlockyBoo, Princess Alyson Koopastool, Stooben Rooben, SnackServ, Crocodile Dippy, Ultima Bahamut, Turboo, Edofenrir, Tabuuownsall132x2
Likes Music, reading, writing
Aliases Murzon, Cobweb

Scarecrow von Steuben is a currently retired Super Mario Wiki and Userpedia bureaucrat. He originally appeared as the Murzon, a metatroll who was obsessed with conspiracy theories about trolls. Xzelion and Murzon had a mutual grudge, and Murzon took out his anger on Xzelion by spamming, which led to his eventual ban. Later he appeared on Fantendo as Cobweb. He also rejoined MarioWiki under the moniker of Scarecrow von Steuben. Becoming an esteemed member of the community, he eventually became a Userpedia Steward and Fantendo Admin. He later retired and admitted his multiple identities. Fortunately for him, nobody cared in the first place.



Murzon first showed up in the wiki just because he was bored. He was originally a legitimate user who was obsessed with Shy Guys. He enjoyed editing articles and doing other things, until he sockpuppeted as the troll Peachycakes II. Blocked by KPH2293, Murzon claimed that his sister Murzim was the one behind the attacks. The IP was unblocked after Murzon stated he would not let his sister on again.
The entire story was fabricated- "Murzim" did not exist.

After being blocked Murzon's obsession with trolls deepened. Unlike most users who considered them a mere annoyance, Murzon regarded trolls as worthy foes and did not hate any of them. However, after being deemed "crazy" and "obsessive" by many users, he became inactive for a few months, during which he was stated to have been working on PhantomHeart.

Later, Murzon returned to MarioWiki under the rename Lord Dice. Xzelion, sysop of the Wiki, soon clashed with Murzon due to Murzon's general pretentious douchebaggery. Murzon wanted Wayoshi to retire, believing him to be the Willy of the wiki, while asking for his motives, while Xzelion, who knew that Wayoshi was only the Willy in chat, told him that Wayoshi should stay, but get over his spammy, wild, tendencies. This led to several arguments about many subjects.

Eventually, after Xzelion became a bureaucrat, Murzon left the wiki.


Murzon then betrayed the wiki founding The Great Liberation Society, a supposed organization of trolls led by Damian Payne that aimed to force Xzelion (who is viewed by the team as the corrupt leader of Userpedia, Fantendo, though it is actually led by Plumber, and MarioWiki, despite no longer being a Bureaucrat on MarioWiki) to retire by spamming; thus "saving" the wikis. The organization's website kept records of all the trolls that have attacked the MarioWiki and included Max2 and Clear Discoherency. After Clear Discoherency reformed, Murzon went on a trolling rampage targeting Xzelion. until he was blocked by Paper Jorge. After the block was over, Murzon blanked his userpage and talk page and left the MarioWiki.

Soon, after Xzelion left MarioWiki, Murzon created sockpuppets such as Munchlax and Fyre on Userpedia and MarioWiki that flamed Xzelion and said that he was happy that he had finally gone, claiming to be the troll Epsilon. He then started spamming pages but Paper Jorge soon stopped him. After this, he spammed the chatroom under the alias of Laptop. Many people mistakenly believed he was Clear Discoherency or BigtheCat. Xzelion later returned to Userpedia and misread his IP, believing him to be CD. However, Murzon later revealed himself to have been the trolls. Murzon was then permanently blocked on Userpedia and MarioWiki.

Murzon later came on the chatroom, stating that he had left the Liberation Society, and gave away multiple information about them to prove he was reformed. However, most remained suspicious about him. Murzon later left a link to "Trollpedia", which was the wiki version of The Great Liberation Society website. However, Murzon apparently took down Trollpedia a few days after giving the link, though the main Liberation Society website it still open.

After this, Murzon became a common user on RapidRocker's New Userpedia. He planned a huge spam attack on Userpedia, and claimed he would create "TEH UNSTOBBABUL LEEGION of TROLLS!" (ha ha! Isn't bad grammar just wacky?!) When InfectedShroom warned the chatroom about the attacks, many users, such as InfectedShroom and ChaosNinji, became spies over at the New Userpedia and pretended they were trolls. They learned of the time and date of Murzon's supposed attack, and blocked his sockpuppet, Snorlax, before it could do any damage. Murzon returned again as KLUBBA, a sockpuppet made only to tell YellowYoshi398 of a forum PM involving his departure from the Great Liberation Society and information about the organization. No one believed him (shocker!). He later joined the wiki as Scarecrow von Steuben, and joined Fantendo as Cobweb.



Cobweb came to Fantendo in early March. He was an active Fantendo user, starting the popular Neverworld series. He also made the 1,000th article there (along with Groden; it's disputed which one really made the 1,000th article).

Though Plumber trusted him initially, he began to remind Fantendo's founder of Murzon. Unlike his friend Xzelion, Plumber regarded Murzon as a "mostly harmless wannabe." Plumber's opinions are reflected in the sprites he created for Cobweb: a purple shy guy with a black mask on, a palette swap of Murzon. Cobweb also made a parody site of Fantendo, Something Else Entirely and was one of the three founders of Usertendo. After inspecting the parody sites, Plumber thought it safe enough to promote Cobweb, along with Shroobario. After Henrydamoose was promoted as well, the three new sysops formed the Sysop Squad.

If Henrydamoose was Good Cop and Shroobario was Bad Cop, Cobweb was certainly the Worst Cop. He became strict and a bit of a grammar nazi after assuming power, similar to his former foe Xzelion. This led to him getting into multiple fights with newer users who don't use punctuation. Cobweb became increasingly distracted and less interested in Fantendo and retired. Cobweb later returned, and joined Henry and JesseRoo in a new incarnation of the Sysop Squad.


The exact date of the first appearance of the Scarecrow account is unknown. However, he quickly began making friends and wrote the extremely well-received webcomic Wiki Crisis. He was a loyal member of the wiki, and became close friends with 1337Yoshi.

After Userpedia moved back to Wikia from Referata, he still visited both Referata Userpedia and Wikia Userpedia, until he finally abandoned Referata entirely and stayed at Wikia. However, he went to Adriels along with the rest of Userpedia when userpedia.adriels.com was created.
Scarecrow was promoted to patroller and then to sysop on Userpedia. He gained a reputation of being strict and harsh. He supported the controversial banning of Uniju, and stopped several attempts to make the wiki more humorous. He was criticized by some users for this, as he began to become increasingly disillusioned with the wiki.

Scarecrow found himself becoming disgusted with both the wiki and the Unijuists, believing that both sides were hypocrites. He eventually began a very strange friendship with Black Hole Sun, which led to Scarecrow becoming active on the Xephyr Boards. He began to understand why the chaotic style of Xephyr was preferred to the more official tone of Userpedia, and became less strict on the subject of humorous articles.
When Neurario revealed his hatred for the wiki, Scarecrow confronted Neu about it. However, Neurario brushed him off. The enraged Scarecrow began taunting him, and the two briefly argued. Scarecrow later found out from KingAbra, to his confusion, that Neurario did not hate him. Scarecrow spoke to Uniju in query, saying that Uniju had been right about Neu and the wiki. Scarecrow then became involved in both mainstream wiki society and the Unijuist society which dominated the Xephyr boards.

Scarecrow resolved to make Userpedia a better place, so that users like BHS would no longer hate it, and worked so hard that he was soon promoted to Bureaucrat. Despite his initial optimism, he failed miserably at this and became depressed. This confusion and anger increased when he found two of his friends, S-Y and Toto, cyberbullying Hyper Guy. Once more disillusioned, Scarecrow focused his energies on music rather than user fanon. His disinterest in Userpedia increased when he returned to Xephyr after a long hiatus and realized that Userpedia really was becoming worse and worse, and would likely not get better. This combined frustration reached a peak when he spoke to Tabuuownsall132x2 in query and intentionally over-dramatized his frustration, pretending to be tempted to NukeDPL Userpedia to get rid of all the horrible articles and start anew. Tabuu 'succeeded' in talking SvS out of it. SvS had done this so that he would 'go out with a bang' instead of just fading away, similar to WarioLoaf. He left that night, after speaking to some of his closest friends on the wiki and bidding them farewell.
Predictably, he was back within the week.


Shortly after banning Jorge once more, Steuben promoted MG1 to Steward and retired. He said he was 'exploring the Internet for a new website, possibly a Radiohead fan forum.' In reality, he had risen in rank and was enjoying a position as Bureaucrat on Fantendo under the Cobweb label.

After months in retirement, Scarecrow finally began developing his own ideas instead of basing them off of people whom he was scared of. After struggling with his desire to return to Userpedia and tell off the users he had been too scared of to confront previously, he had a conversation with Tabuu in chat (as Cobweb) in which he partially revealed his identity. Tired of lying, he told the entire chat later that night. To his immense relief, this revelation was greeted mostly with indifference, rather than with anger.
He has left Userpedia for good, and has become steadily more inactive on Fantendo. He still frequents Marioboards and Xephyr.

During a visit to #ultramariochat, he found that a user known as 'cow' or 'mib_something' had been impersonating him for some time. It is advised in the future that the reader take someone claiming to be SvS with a grain of salt.


Rush Wiki (Murzon)

In Rush Wiki, Murzon appears in the Rush Hour 5 segment, being portrayed as gay. In Rush Hour 5, Carter (Super-Yoshi) and Lee (Paper Jorge) are investigating a case where a mysterious troll has brought drugs onto a Chuckola Fruit Factory. Carter and Lee both learn that during the time the drugs were found, spam was also found near the factory, caused by Murzon. After learning this, both travel to a gay bar where Murzon finds them. After attempting to convince Carter and Lee he is innocent, Carter takes out a bazooka and blasts him and his henchmen through a wall. Carter and Lee then punch Murzon in the head, although their boss finds out and gets them both in trouble for hitting an user who had already been dealt with for spamming and did not deserve this punishment.

Mariowiki Island (Murzim)

In Mariowiki Island, Murzim is found as a boss in world 4-8; Murzim's Shy Guy Camp. She attacks with her trademark ice beams and by summoning her Shy Guy minions. You must hit her with three eggs to make her flee to a giant Shy Guy robot she owns. Knock it down into the lava with eggs and ground pound on it to break it, and she'll turn into Peachycakes II. She attacks with spam, much like Peachycakes herself, but after 5 more hits with eggs she'll be defeated.

1 Wiki Millenia (Scarecrow)

Scarecrow von Steuben appeared in 1 Wiki Millenia as a major hero, alongside Kingbowser99, being frozen, and waking up one millennium into the future. He joins KB and Time Q on a very small quest.

A Spammers Revenge (Scarecrow)

Scarecrow von Steuben appears in Neptune99's A Spammers Revenge as a major protagonist alongside Ultima Bahamut, Neptune99, Fuzzipede27 and Mario Fan 123. He is normally seen with Neptune99, at the guild, doing his job. He then gets rescued by Ultima, New Super Mario and Master Lucario, transporting them to the Frozen Farc, where SvS and Neptune see their frozen selves from the Comic 1 Wiki Millenia. NSM then rebels by a transmitter sent off by Willy on Wheels, shooting and killing the Frozen KB.

A Spammers Revenge (Munchlax)

Munchlax, one of Murzon's sockpuppets, appears in ASR as a major villain. He is first seen at Willy on Wheels' headquarters. He then appears with Willy on Wheels on his Ship, attacking New Wikisberg, then flying off to Nega Land to consult with Emperor Yoshi.

The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo (Scarecrow)

Scarecrow makes a short cameo at the end of Episode 5 of The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo. Here, Scarecrow is shown working at a bar, and has to tell SonicMario and Paper Jorge that the bar is closing and he is forcing them to leave.


  • His spam of Xzelion's page as Munchlax was the inspiration for HyperToad to sockpuppet as RazorMeow. What a legacy, huh?
  • Murzon as Munchlax makes a brief cameo inside the Spam Vault in Wiki Crisis #2.
  • According to Wikia's list of most active users, he was the most active on the Wikia Userpedia.


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