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Nex 08232016.png
Member of: MarioWiki

Super Mario Boards


Rank Autoconfirmed user (MW)

Autoconfirmed user (UP)

• Standard User ~ Power Star (MB)

Species Lilligant, Mario
Location Kansas
Join date • July 20th 2013 (MW, MB)

• November 2nd 2013 (UP)

Gender Male
Age 16

i come out, i throw honoka all over the ring, and then i start eating bread


NEXandGBX (commonly referred to as Nex, sometimes called Nexy and, uncommonly, GBX) is a male user on the Super Mario Wiki and its related areas.


As a User

Pre-user (2012)

Nex first discovered the wiki in November 2012. He only edited once as an IP, and it wasn't content that was supposed to be on the Wiki in the first place.

Classic (2013-2014)

On July 20th, 2013, Nex returned to the Super Mario Wiki and decided to make an account. Once he heard about The 'Shroom, he made an account on the Super Mario Boards to try and get a spot on the team. While his efforts to join The 'Shroom failed, he found that he liked the community and stayed as a member. He used to post most commonly in the Forum Games board back in 2013, but in 2014 he became more gravitated towards the Mindless Junk and Mafia Boards.

Current (2015-)

While he doesn't post as often as in the past, Nex still checks the Super Mario Boards often and has yet to take any extended break from the site. He has also become a regular on IRC, and can be found on most MarioWiki related channels. He used to write for The 'Shroom's Monthly Inquisition.


Artwork of NEXandGBX in his Mario form.

In his standard form, NEXandGBX is a Lilligant. Despite that, his physical appearance is quite different. His hair and his upper body are black, and he sports a pink dress on his lower body in most cases (though this is hard to notice, as his lower body is also pink). He wears a blue scarf, located at the top of his upper body. A royal blue flower is around the front left corner of his head. NEXandGBX can usually be found wearing a green shirt with "ネ" on it, which simply stands for "Ne". His hair appears much shorter than the rest of his species, but this is simply because Nex wears his hair in buns. Note that while not visible in the artwork, there's a second hair bun behind his flower. Speaking of shorter, NEXandGBX is a little bit smaller than most Lilligant.

In his Mario form, NEXandGBX is simply Mario in his Super Mario Bros. color scheme, with a red hat and shirt, brownish green overalls, boots, and hair, and tan skin and gloves.


As a character, Nex is highly competitive but still tries to be kind and brings justice when it's needed. He often exaggerates things to make things seem better than they really are.

Fiction Appearences

NEXandGBX Adventures

Shy Guy, you're too small.

NEXandGBX to Shy Guy Forever, NEXandGBX Adventures #001 (Pilot / Too Small)

NEXandGBX is the main character of NEXandGBX Adventures, as the title suggests. He appears in almost every issue of it to date.

Nysic's Mail Tales

NEXandGBX appears in the third part, Bloom Mates, alongside Shy Guy Forever. Unlike most characters who appear, he does not actually order anything, rather, Shy Guy orders a Shitposter 3000.

How the Grinch was too lazy to steal Christmas

NEXandGBX, in addition to making the comic, makes appearance as the Grinch, making a plot to steal Christmas away from the residents of New Wikisburg.


NEXandGBX first appears in Issue 11, using one of his forum themes (of Honoka Kosaka from Love Live! School Idol Project) as his ball. In Issue 25, he returns again with a ball based on his usual self. He also makes an appearance in Issue 28.

Impenting Destruction

NEXandGBX is the main character in Impenting Destruction.

In the original version, the introduction takes place in his journal, where he finds a weird note saying "Penitus is next." He meets up with Nyrie to find some proof that it's not a joke.

Mario Boards: The Awakening

NEXandGBX first appears in Issue 1, alongside Shy Guy Forever and Smasher.

An Imperfect Breakfast

NEXandGBX is the main character in An Imperfect Breakfast. He goes on a small quest to find the thief took his jelly and jam.

The Bad Guy Loses

NEXandGBX first appears in Chapter 2. He is portrayed a bragger and commonly lies to make himself look tough.

I heard you have a dragon problem

NEXandGBX makes 2 cameo appearances in "I heard you have a dragon problem?" He first appears in Chapter 47, alongside Tabuu and Shy Guy Forever. He later appears as a spirit in Chapter 49, though how or if he died is unknown.

Future Appearances

CLUE: The Scottish Mario Play

NEXandGBX is set to appear as Vommackduff's Smartass Kid.

Cancelled Appearances

How the Wiki was probably actually made

NEXandGBX was said to appear somewhere in Part 2, but the story was canned before Part 2 started.

Almond Factory

NEXandGBX first appeared in Chapter 6A of Issue 1 as an ally, complementing Smasher on his magic-proof sunglasses.


Nex has also appeared in a few awards comics.

- U1 2015: Nex cameos inside of the cafe.

- U8 2015: Nex cameos in the audience.

- U7 2016: Although Nex doesn't appear himself, he was one of the nominees for the award and was mentioned. Overall, he got 8th place with one vote.

- U4 2016: Nex is one of the characters in this presentation. He was also a nominee for the award, getting 10th place with 1 vote.

- U2 2016: Was the presenter of this award. Nex appears in the intro segment in a staring contest with Shy Guy. After that, he only has one line in the next part and only cameos in the third.

- S8 2016: Nex is one of the writers for The Daily MCD in this comic. He is also shown to be the writer for Pocket Handbook, Guess Whom, and The Stoob Tube (as The NEX Text), though he doesn't write any of these sections normally.

- S6 2016: Again, Nex doesn't appear in person but is one of the nominees. He ended up in 5th place with 3 votes. In the comic, his name is also given a silly hat for not being in 6th place.

- M29 2016: Nex is one of the users who cameos in the #mariowiki building.

- M27 2016: Nex makes an appearance in the Christmas Party.

Appearance Gallery

Stats and Abilities

NEXandGBX is incredibly frail when it comes to combat, but is also quite powerful. He knows a wide variety of Pokemon attacks, such as Petal Dance, Solar Beam, and Hidden Power (Fire). He does not know his ability, as he has mentioned that he still gets confused after using Petal Dance and has no noticeable changes to his status resistance or speed in sunlight.


In his Mario form, NEXandGBX is more balanced than in his regular form, and posesses most of Mario's abilities, including using power ups and being a superb jumper. He is also slightly stronger, but it is assumed this is due to this form not having as many tricks up its sleeve.


Relationships with other users

Shy Guy Forever

NEXandGBX and Shy Guy have a self-sparked rivalry, beginning with NEXandGBX Adventures. The two commonly got into mishaps on the Super Mario Boards while Shy Guy was an active user. He is also the user NEXandGBX is most commonly associated with, as the two often cameo in fictions together, and although Nex makes many appearances on his own, Shy Guy rarely appears unless with Nex.


nex wanna smash

UltraMario, 2015

NEXandGBX and UltraMario first met in 2015 over IRC, and the two became instant friends. Nex commonly teases UltraMario, but never means to offend him. UltraMario commonly invites Nex to play video games or watch videos (usually alongside Zae).


um has an apples dick?

NEXandGBX, 2015

I highly doubt Luigi is piss.

NEXandGBX in his Ask Thread, 2015

I love my rock
I am a geosexual
And being a geosexual

NEXandGBX, 2013

<Icemario>: I bet it's as cowardly as you. ;)
<NEXandGBX>: Piss off, Frosty.

NEXandGBX and Icemario, 2015

* NEXandGBX falls out of his chair

NEXandGBX's typical greeting to Stargazing on #ultramariochat



  • Although his Lilligant form was the first Wikisona NEXandGBX used, his Mario form dates back to 2012, before he became a user.
  • In a previous design, NEXandGBX's usual form wears red contacts, as his eyes are naturally black.
    • His contacts are of the Go-Go brand according to preboot Impenting Destruction.
  • According to An Imperfect Breakfast, he hangs out with Stargazing for breakfast every Saturday morning.
  • Nyrie owes NEXandGBX (fake) rent for his forum signature space. The text in question reads "i eat ass every night".


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