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Rank Bureaucrat and Chatroom Operator
Species Lucario
Join date
Gender Male
Likes Things
Dislikes Other Things
Aliases Neurosis, Nario, Neu, Neyu, The Epic Lucario
Score {{#cscore:Neurario|changes}}
Age 21 (Real Life), 24 (Wiki World)
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Neurario is an Australian Pokémon Bureaucrat on Userpedia who originally came from Steve's other website, Porplemontage Studios. After learning of the Wiki, he visited the chat often, and became a member of the forums. He is considered a Wikimon (like a group of other users) and was considered the savior of Userpedia after Scribblewiki crashed, until he went "insane" and banned himself in June 2009, while threatening to destroy Userpedia.

He returned to Userpedia in August 2010, better coping with his attitude issues, and quickly rose to become a Sysop again. He became a Bureaucrat on the 2nd of January, 2011, following his help upgrading MediaWiki to the latest version, and dealing with the issues that came with it.


"I'm from #mariowiki, just to let you know"

Neurario always liked IRC channels. He tended to idle in Porplemontage's channel (for the Porplemontage Studios site) while talking with his friends in the Homestar Runner Wiki channel. One day while idling, Jorge, Ryo, and Uni joined and chatted briefly, before leaving again. Before Neu (or Psyche as he was then) could notice, they were gone again.

The next day, Jorge came back to advertise the wiki's channel. Psyche promptly joined, and introduced himself. As he had nowhere else to talk to people, he continued to come to the channel, and became hooked. He registered to the wiki some days later.

Happy Days

As he continued to chat with his new friends at the Mario Wiki, he began to trust them more and more. He began to really like this new world he'd stepped into, and one of his fondest memories of the happy chat he knew then was during those times.

From the second to third quarters of 2008, this was when Neu saw the best sides of most users; things were more carefree at the time.

Troubled Times

An influx of trolls toward the end of 2008 and during early January, and February made Neu's life harder and tested his limits. Up to that point he was known as the 'nicest user on the chat' but during these attacks his temper sometimes flared, showing a somewhat ugly side of Neurario's personality. He did however, help when he could, tracking these Trolls and matching them to previous chat goers. Perhaps due to this, he was promoted to Chat Operator on the 16th February, 2009.

During March, he seemed to get angry more often, first noticed when he flamed DarkHero Sonic the Dark in a private query. DHS and RFM usually reference his cusses (censored, of course) in the chat, reminding him that he has changed, possibly for the worse. Some people have made the connection that this sudden change in behavior is due to his getting op privileges; like ChaosNinji, some say. Neu sometimes makes fun of this connection, sometimes calling himself ChaosNeurario while in this mood.

After a particular incident involving two known Chatroom trolls, Liger Zero and AngrySparrow, he said he was "shaking with anger" because of them. This quickly led to an argument with Uniju, over whether the kick was justified, and consequently over Neu should be an op after all. He took a week's hiatus from the site, beginning on May 23.

He came back shortly, on the 26th, feeling much more relaxed after removing himself from the Chatroom and Userpedia communities for those three days. (He did occasionally edit on Userpedia, though.) He did decide to resign from Chat Operator less than a week after, following one of his outbursts of anger. After calming down, he commented that it would do him good to just sit back and relax. However, he came back to Operatorhood the next week, albeit at level 100, deciding he had been a fool to act so rashly.

Maria Thalia, and the Rudnicki Incident

Main article: Maria Thalia 01

During the Maria Hack Incident he did his best to combat attacks on #mariowiki and Userpedia, and helped Stooben reclaim his account here on the wiki. On IRC, both Neu and Stooben Rooben consulted the DarkMyst IRCops about reclaiming his NickServ accounts, however did not come to much help.

During the MarioWiki Forum wipe by Rudnicki, the situation became so dire (at least in the eyes of the users) that he had actually called up Porplemontage twice on his mobile phone. (There was no answer, but he briefly described the situation via voicemail.) Whether or not it was due to this, Porple came onto the chat knowing the situation, and offered to rollback the database to a backup made 24 hours before; and so the situation on the Mario Wiki was defused.

All Shiny and Neu (Adriels - You Are Here)

Around January 2009, some months after the Fall of Scribblewiki, Xpike proposed to Neu what he thought was a hypothetical question; "Would it be possible for you to make a Userpedia domain for us?" The subject was left mostly alone until around February, when all three of Stooben Rooben, Ultima Bahamut (who was then 1337Yoshi) and Xpike approached him again, asking about the domain. Neu had a conversation with his friend in hosting, Adriel, and he, Neu and 1337 set up, uploaded and configured the new server, respectively. He was promoted to Sysop during this move, on February 11 2009.

He was promoted again, to Bureaucrat, on May 14. At first this was 'in case' he need the extra permissions to set up extensions, however the move was made official by Ultima Bahamut when he received a "Wiki Bureaucrat" rank on the Userpedia Forum.

Downfall and Aftermath

On June 13, for reasons unknown, Neurario suddenly turned stone cold to most people, even going to far as to insult them and reject them as "just people on the Internet". He threatened to destroy Userpedia and did not react when many users flamed him. He then banned himself on #userpedia and Userpedia itself. On June 27th or 28th, Neu came on Chat to say goodbye to his friends, and stated he would pop into chat every once in a while, and people could still contact him via email. Later he was un-banned from Userpedia, but has not returned to activity.

He seemed to flirt with his status in June and July, at one point apologizing for his actions, then going back to hating the community based on a Xephyr Board thread about him, in a stunning display of mood swings. However, in August (needs clarification) he finally made a full apology of his ways, which he displayed on his Mario Wiki page, and started appearing in the chatroom again, on and off.

A Tentative Return

In August 2010, Neu was drawn back to Userpedia by way of My Bloody Valentine's "activity drive", and he slowly began to edit, not sure if he was truly back or not. However, in the few days after he came back he announced that he was there to stay. While not as active as in '09, Neu still helped in the construction of generic templates such as the navbar and navbox, making these more accessible to users.

Return to Duty

In the closing days of 2010, he was asked to help upgrade the Wiki along with Super Mario Bros. and Stooben Rooben, and helped set the new version up alongside them. He has also helped resolve some of the issues that have arisen as part of the upgrade. On January 2nd, he was promoted to Bureaucrat by SMB by agreement of all the other 'Crats at the time.


Neu as a Lucario, enjoying his coffee

Neurario, in the Wiki World, was a Lucario with an orange aura, reflecting his fur color. His blue-colored chest fur lacks the chest spike seen on most Lucarios, due to a genetic defect at birth (This hasn't been too troublesome to him; in fact, this is rather beneficial). How he acquired this defect is unknown though, as there were no other signs of abnormality as Neuriolu.

In June 2012 Neu underwent a partial transformation, becoming part-dragon. His personality remains about the same.


Neurario was busy and was working as hard as usual. He loved his job, the pay was decent, the atmosphere was great and most of all, he loved the smell. That was the best thing about his job, along with making customers happy he was just like at home...

"Some Kinda Forum RP", a topic in Neu's old personal forum

To afford his old apartment (and most of his possessions) in New Wikisburg, he works for the local café, where he enjoys serving and meeting some of the users. He considers it his official job, and loves working, writing and discussing there.

He also watches over activity in the Chatroom building in his spare time.

He did once live in a mansion, but after he moved out into his apartment for reasons of cost (as he was constantly keeping an eye on back then) it was left un-used, until a few months later when it was inhabited by some Users escaping a vicious blizzard. (See #mwikihaven for details.)

Before the Wiki

Before contact with the Wiki, Neurario was simply a growing Riolu living in a nondescript forest, fenced off by humanity, only used by them as a landmark to tell drivers on the road nearby that they were close to the city, where he met his friends. His parents took care of him, and when he became a toddler, would occasionally leave him with forest friends to play. This practice continued as Neu's parents used to hunt food for survival, until they were killed after picking on a more dangerous Pokémon.

Neurario PMD.png

When he trained as a Riolu, he learned various melee techniques and some karate skills. In his evolution, he retained some of these skills, but Neurario mostly fights using his Aura abilities, sometimes experimenting with new attacks, like his focused Aura Beam. His other most used attacks include Aura Sight and Aura Sphere.

For a few weeks after his evolution, he was unable to use his Aura, though whether that was due to being unwilling to let himself a living being or for lacking the willpower to summon his Aura is unknown. He was able to gain use of the Aura through one of BowserJrLover's friends, a human version of Bowser Jr., beating him up until he became angry enough to conjure an Aura Sphere. His ability to tap into his Aura grew within the following days, and as he experimented with different styles, he developed some of the attacks you see in this section:

Aura Beam

  • PP: ?
  • Power: ?
  • Accuracy: ?

A focused, fast-moving beam of energy emanating from the Aura Sphere Neu holds in his hand. The beam causes some plasma burn damage to the target, and can occasionally even penetrate through the target. This does drain much more Aura from him than his Aura Sphere however, so he only uses it sparingly.

Healing Aura

  • PP: Dynamic (see details)
  • Power: Dynamic (see details)
  • Accuracy: 100

Neurario lays a paw on the wounded target, 'pouring' his Aura into him/her to replenish blood cells, jump-start brain activity, deal with infections, basically curing the target. The amount of Aura needed to heal the target is directly related to how badly the target is wounded. If the target is deceased, he may decide to relinquish his life, emptying all his aura into the target to revive him or her (unless another Aura-based lifeform can assist him).

He shares this ability with Master Lucario.

WARNING: Neurarian Disease is very dangerous and should be handled with caution. Symptoms of infection include: Excessive cuteness, tendency to love, and obsession with fur. —Neurario, #meep Chatroom

OMG NEU, I got to get away from you, youre going to make everyone bi


The "Neurarian Disease" is an term used for a sudden burst of affection/love for a particular person, or everyone. It was originally 'created' because of a few Users becoming affectionate toward him, and he posted a notice on #meep's Chatroom topic to warn people. Whether the disease is real or just pheromones remains to be determined

The fictional 'disease' spread at some point, and temporarily infected several users, including Grapes, Palkia47 (before meeting Super Luigi! Number one!), Tabuuownsall132x2 (before it lapsed into a love for Neu), and even Werehog, Princess Alyson Koopastool's Non-User 'bodyguard'. It was also recently discovered that more people have been infected with it than previously thought, but the infection has since lessened or disappeared.


(This may include content that has not begun yet.)

If you want to use me in your story, go ahead! Just let me know you're doing it, so I know where my character's being used and your content will appear here. :) (Here's an alternate, PMD-styled sheet if wanted.)

Warning – There are spoilers in this section of the page. They may spoil the comic, story, or game.

In Friday Night Live

Where is that coffee man. He didn't give me coffee...

Comic One

In Episode One, Part Two, he appears as a interviewee, after walking on looking for ParaBob-omb, the "coffee man". (The comic introduced his coffee addiction, as in the Real World he is usually drinking iced coffee.)

During his interview, Neurario detailed his coming to the wiki (described in History) and talked about the inception of the MarioWiki Stats, and the reason it became what it was. However, the interview got cut short as some problems arose concerning the availability of one of the acts.

Are you guys playing some online game or something?"

Neurario and Super-Yoshi in the Star Jorge skit

Neurario made a second appearance in Episode 7, as part of the Star Jorge skit, in which he is 'seen' snuggling with RAP in the chatroom in the midst of the battle, as well as unwittingly hindering them.

He also appeared in Darky Night Live, Issue 3 in a skit "parodying" his flame outbursts at DHS. And suffering a heart attack shortly thereafter.

In The Ultimate Source of Power


Comic Three