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New Sherlock Mario Book 1: The Case of the Toxic Donut/Chapter 8

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I wondered how the strange man had got the mercury. I also wondered why UltraMario was so suspicious when we arrived at his bank. I also thought about his strange letter I found in his suitcase. I gathered my buddies and went over our to dos for the day:

"OK," I said. "So here's the plan." I stopped to pick up my clipboard and pen. "Fuzzipede will take a more thorough look through UltraMario's suitcase. While he's doing that, the rest of us will be snooping around the UltraMario Bank to find any suspicions. Now lets move, move, move!"

MrConcrete, Zero, and I were assembled back by the back doors of the bank. We were wearing disguises: Me as a geeky nerd, Zero as a black ninja, and MrConcrete was well.... in high heels and girl makeup.
I gave the plan: "OK, so UltraMario is at the front desk as usual. MrConcrete will distract UltraMario by giving off his "womanly charm" and sweetness. Then, that's when Zero and I, pick the lock to UltraMario's office, and investigate around there."

Our plan began. MrConcrete went in the background and fell right away because he couldn't walk in the high heels. UltraMario then came over to help "her" up. That's when me and Zero went behind the front desk and picked the lock to the office, opening it to find a small room with files and a desk with a computer on it. "Let's get to work!" I said.

"Are you alright?!" UltraMario said.
"Uhh, yeah, I think so," MrConcrete said.
They then came face to face. UltraMario blushed.
"So...." he began.

I sorted through the files only to find bank accounts. I then checked the computer to find yet again nothing. Zero was staring at something.
"What you staring at?" I asked. "Something about this wall doesn't seem right," he said.
Not only did it not look right, it was a big metal door that said: CRYOGENIC FREEZER. DO NOT OPEN! "What would you keep in a cryogenic freezer at a bank?" questioned Zero.
"Well, there's one thing," I said.
"What?" he replied.
"Dead bodies."