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New Super Mario

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New Super Mario
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Rank Rank
  1. User
  2. Mafia Hosts Guild, Giga Bowser
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Species Human
Gender Male
Allies Zero777, MrConcreteDonkey, Rocker64, Mason, QuizmoManiac, UltraMario3000, Smasher 101, Baby Mario Bloops, Yoshiwaker, Marioguy1, Gamefreak75, SLNO, PyroGuy6, MCSoulja, Yoshidude99, Supremo78, YoshiGo99, Master Koopakid, Toad85 and mostly everyone
Likes Video Games, Nintendo, Mario, Zelda, Pikmin, Fire Emblem, Dogs, Playstation, Super Smash Bros, and Playing Piano.
Age Age
  • Real World: 14
Personal information Real Life Stuff
  • Date of Birth: December 19, 1998.
  • Name: Jacob

New Super Mario is a user on the Super Mario Wiki and Userpedia. He lives somewhere in Cheese Meadows. You can usually find NSM on the forums, where he spends most of his time.


Joining the Wiki

New Super Mario found out about the wiki in 2009. He then mostly just looked at the pages for info, and eleven months after, in June 2010, he joined the wiki with the name New Super Mario.

A Start on the Wiki

When New Super Mario started the wiki he mainly voted on Featured Images, Proposals, and Featured Articles. He also started on his userpage, and tried to become a well-known user.

The 'Shroom

After getting known more so many users knew him, he decided to write for The 'Shroom. He looked at the standards, and saw that he needed a forum account. He got one right away, and sent in a demo to Ralphfan so he could possibly get a job in Fake News. Ralph replied to his message and told NSM he had got the job! He kept the position, for a while, but later resigned. Shortly after he took up a interview position, and then later a review position.


New Super Mario is commonly active on the forum and can be seen on many of the boards as New Super Mario. He's at the forums since August 2010 and has more than 12000 posts in it.


NSM has the power to transform into Pikmin.

NSM's Pikmin transformations


Once NSM discovered the chatroom, he would rarely go on, like once a week, for about 15 minutes. However, after joining the 2011 Awards Committee, he started getting more active in the chatroom, chatting with many of his friends. He also later created his chatroom, #nsmchat.


NSM is a guy who enjoys his life, and tries to make the best out of everything. He's nice most of the time to other users unless someone really gets on his nerves. It is also known, that if NSM has a big problem with somebody, he will always speak his thoughts, no matter how insulting. Overall, NSM is a pretty nice person. Most people that meet NSM, don't have a problem with him, and enjoy chatting with him.


NSM has been playing Mafia for over 2 years, and is in the Mafia Hosts Guild. He has currently hosted 8 mafias, and played in hundreds.


New Sherlock Mario Series

New Super Mario is the main character in the New Sherlock Mario Series. He also writes the books, but hasn't updated it in a long time.
NSM in the New Sherlock Mario Series

Stupid and Random Parodies by NSM

NSM is one of the main characters in each parody in Stupid and Random Parodies by NSM.

A Spammers Revenge

NSM, in Episode 8 of A Spammers Revenge

New Super Mario is appearing in A Spammers Revenge as a villain. He made his first appearance in Episode 7 - The Corruption of MG1 where he is in the audience of Coincollector Live. He then appears in the next episode helping Ultima and Master Lucario save Neptune99, Scarecrow and Blue Koop from the spam attack. He and the gang end up in the Frozen Farc. NSM, being controlled by Willy on Wheels, then attacks and kills past KB. He is then seen jumping off the side of the farce and yelling at the rest of the gang.

The Paper Mario.com-ic

New Super Mario appears in The Paper Mario.com-ic. He is a main hero with his brother, BaseballYoshi24, and a close friend, Krizzy.

Struck by Evil

NSM, in Struck by Evil, ready to begin his adventure

NSM appears in his own comic, Struck by Evil as the main hero, side by side 5 other users. ario gets one of his arms ripped off, but continues to push the horn deeper. Mastermind then blows a hole in NSM's chest, vaporizing the users heart, killing him.

The Three Mushketeers

NSM, in TTM, telling Mason about GalacticPetey

New Super Mario tries to audition to be in The Three Mushketeers in Issue 25 and tells the heroes that GalacticPetey has a Shine Sprite in Issue 28. He also makes a small appearance in Issue 43.

The Legendary Heroes

New Super Mario appears in The Legendary Heroes, by PyroGuy6.

He first appears in Chapter 1 where he secretly listens to Porplemontage's and Pyro's conversation. When Pyro walks off, he decides "it's time to get noticed" and he runs off screaming "IT'S A ME, NEW SUPER MARIO!" He appears again in Chapter 2, finally revealing himself to Pyro in Gloam Valley. Pyro thinks he's a villain, but NSM quickly explains to Pyro and says he'll meet him in the Dark Mountains. Pyro encounters him again in the Dark Mountains. He is almost attacked by Swoopers, but kills them with a hammer. He then notices Pyro is unarmed, so he gives Pyro a bullet launcher. The duo then hear a shout coming from the cave nearby to find trolls attacking a user. NSM manages to gravely injure one, making the other run off. After hearing BMB`s story, they head to 2257 and he warps himself and the gang to the Whoa Zone to rescue BabyLuigiOnFire. They succeed in that, and they find a golden pipe that leads to Wikisboro. NSM then leaves the group along with 2257, leaving the heroes to go up the mountain themselves. He appears again just about when the Void consumes Wikisboro and is sucked in with the others. In the Void, he meets up with Pyro and Porplemontage and they go looking for Smasher 101, BMB, and Krizzy. They find them all, plus MCSoulja. The Void closes, and NSM once again leaves the party.

Good Morning Userpedia

NSM appears in Good Morning Userpedia as the Co-Host of Pyroguy6.

Extinction: Rise of the Mutants

New Telekinesis from Extinction: Rise of the Mutants

NSM first appeared in Chapter 5, his mutant name is New Telekinesis, observing the "dead" body of Zero that Quizmo thought he stunned only to find out later that Zero can block his telepathic powers. Since Zero couldn't verbally talk at the time, he copied NSM's ability in order to communicate to others via telepathy. NSM defended the Sysop Tower from the zombie horde and participated in the assault of the Zero Corps. Tower. When they successfully claimed the tower, Zero released the only alive cryogenic patient and NSM was surprised and happen to the fact that his pet dog, Jake the Facepainted Dog, was still alive; because of this, he questioned Zero is his relatives Home-Dawg and Peanut Butter might be alive, which Zero answered most likely, yes.

Super Wiki Story

NSM appears as minor character in part 19 of Super Wiki Story by GalacticPetey. The main characters saw him flying through the sky from a fight with Mileycyrussoulja. He owns a pokeball with Master Lucario in it. Though Master Lucario isn't so thrilled about it. Despite trying hard, he is slammed into a try starts hallucinating about unicorns. After FunkyK38 defeats MCS, he is helped to his feet but falls to his hands and knees when Master Lucario destroys his pokeball. The chapter ends with he and Master Lucario arguing while walking through the forest.


He makes a brief appearece in Issue 2 alongside a Dewott. They are both taken hostage by Phantom.

Relationships with other Users


One of NSM's closest friends is BMB. They talk on the forums all the time and get along great. They share many interests, including music, Big Brother, and mafia.


Lily and NSM tend to get along great and enjoy talking to each other on the forums.


NSM and Toad85 are great friends. They share many interests and get along great. They became close friends when a discussion about Big Brother 13 came up.


New Super Mario


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