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OJ Toad

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Rank User
Species Lakifruit
Location North Cheese Meadows
Join date August 20,2011
Gender Male
Allies MrConcreteDonkey, Mason, Yoshiwaker, Toad85, & More
Likes Steak, Mario, Drawing, Stuff
Dislikes Cucumbers (I HATE JOO)
Aliases OJ, OJ Toad, Orangedude95, Midbus

OJ Toad or originally, Orangedude95 is a member of the Super Mario Wiki and It's Forums . Userpedia, and Fantendo. He is very active at the Super Mario Wiki Forum like Supremo, where he usually posts in the Fan Creations Section. He does not really go on the Wiki that much. Anyways, he is active on Userpedia and Fantendo. He does not go on the Userpedia Forums.

OJ joined the Internet long ago as Greeneyes101. He played a dumb game and in his later years discovered it was lame. He then Changed to Orangedude95 and stayed as that name. He played billions of games until he remembered Mario, his childhood favorite. He found the Mariowiki in 2011 when he searched Create your own Mario Character. He then found the MarioWiki Forums, and made an account there. People first thought he was a dumb newbie then they started to like him. OJ now is a kinda known person of the Mario Wiki and its forums, and Userpedia.